Screen Rotation Lag - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I seem to be getting lag when switching from portfolio to landscape. It can take a full second or longer to change the layout. I have been experiencing this since i got the phone out of the box a few days ago. I was also experiencing big delays when typing in landscape till i turned off the auto correct. My gn is now rooted with original rom. Any suggestions?

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Changing Rotation Animation On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I noticed the 180' degrees rotation animation is much more smooth and fast compared to the 90' one. Is there a way to replace the 90' degrees rotation with the 180'? I'm currently running aokp b31 with franco kernel.

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Washed Out Screen On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

My beautiful galaxy nexus decided not to update the baseband; the 4g connection would frequently drop and my phone would restart 8-10 times a day. Read about someone in a similar boat who called vzw and they told him it was defective and sent him a new one. So i called and they sent me a new certified pre-owned, that actually has the updated radios pre-installed.

Now the problem: when i place the cert. Pre-owned next to my original g-nexus, the replacement has a washed out screen in comparison, and frankly the hd looks like doodoo. What gives? Either i have to have a beautiful screen with poor reception, or great reception with a *** screen?

P. S replacement was from vzw not assurion.

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Suggestions / Experience With Screen Protectors - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I've always used invisible shields for all of my devices; however on the nexus, i've been having some issues. Being that the phone is all screen with no outside bevel, i continually have issues with the protector being pushed up. I'm on my third and now looking at a fourth!

The biggest problem i had at first was using a case. The edges of the case push the protector up, so i got rid of the case because of this. Since then though, just regular usage (storing in my pocket), i have issues with the corners of the screen coming up. I just put my third one on a week ago and just now, the corner came up because i had something in my pocket that pushed it up. So i'm curious, has anyone had better success with other products? I'm a huge fan of zagg; however i'm open for suggestions.

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Battery Gives Only 2 Hours Of Screen Time - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I have a gnex running on aokp build 32 with 3. 0. 28 imoseyon kernel and my battery is burning to 0% like a mofo. I had only 2 hours of screen time! I check the battery on settings and saw that android system is taking up the most percentage and that my phone is always awake even if its turned off. Any of you guys got a solution to this?

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Seidio Screen Guard / Protector For Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Got an email from seidio this morning about these. They seem to be a new product.

Find the highest level of clarity and a reduction in fingerprints with our newest screen protector. This ultimate screen guard is the clearest of its kind and will eliminate the annoyance of wiping your phone after each use. Due to its quality and durability, our screen protector does not scratch or tear easily and our customers find themselves replacing their device before purchasing another screen protector.

- Resists marks and smudges with advanced technology that reduces the appearance of fingerprints

- High definition (hd) quality ensures that optical clarity is maintained

- Retains your touch screen's sensitivity

- Covers the front face of your device, including the screen and the proximity sensor with cut-outs for the home button, speaker and camera

- Good surface hardness with a 3h hardness rating and only 0. 1 mm thin

- Made from high grade japanese film

- Static cling allows for easy installation without the hassle of adhesives

- Keep one as a back up or share with a friend

Certainly sounds interesting although i'm a little put off by the way they made the cutout for the speaker, sensor, camera. Also the email newsletter has a typo in it and if you read the description, the galaxy doesn't have a home button. I have had seidio protectors in the past and they weren't bad at all. If you intent to try these, let us know how you like them.

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Character On Keyboard Burnt Into Screen - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Has anyone else had any problems with screen burn? For the last week each letter / character on the stock keyboard has burnt into the screen and is visible throughout browsing, apps, games and video. I'm just wondering if this would be covered by manufacturers warranty and how i would go about reporting it! Not a massive issue but a little bit annoying.

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Phone Closes All Apps That Were Open, When Screen Goes To Sleep - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I just noticed that when the screen goes to sleep the phone closes all apps that were open. For example, i was playing angry birds and stopped to talk to someone. After 30 seconds or whatever the screen went to sleep and when i woke it i was back at my home screen. When i went back to the app it had to start from scratch. It does this all of the time, now that i am paying attention. Is this normal? I assume a battery saving thing?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Ota Vibrant Update - Undo Lag Fix Before Updating

Many of us galaxy s owners have had issues with lag concerning the galaxy s line of phones. There is a lag fix called voodoo lag fix and some others. While they tend to make the phone much snappier, some reports on the official t-mobile vibrant forums and over at xda developer forums indicate that the lag fix can stop your update dead in it's tracks.

Some samsung vibrant owners are stating that when they update to the new build eclair. Uvji6, after the phone reboots to complete installation, the device wont boot past the black vibrant splash screen. Many of the folks reporting this issue still had their phones flashed with one of the lag fixes mentioned above.

My advise would be to undo the lag fix before updating to ensure that your vibrant comes back up without issues after the update. Besides i'm sure we don't want samsung pulling the update in belief that it is bricking our phones. That would make us have to wait longer.

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Ui Thread During A Screen Rotation

Am i correct in assuming that any callbacks of the asynctask that are run on the ui thread (e.g. Onpostexecute) are 'queued' during a screen rotation? Example: 1. An asynctask is executed 2. A screen rotation is initiated 3a. Asynctask's doinbackground() finishes, or 3b. Asynctask's publishprogress() is called before the rotation is done - now what happens here? Is it 4. Screen rotation is completed before the 'pending' asynctask. Onpostexecute/onprogressupdate is run?

I assumed so, since looking at ddms, it seems like the rotation does not create a new ui thread, in which case any calls to the ui must be stalled while the ui thread is busy completing the rotation, right? It would be great if this was true, since it would save me from having to do a bunch of synchronization work for posting back from asynctasks (i am keeping the tasks running during a rotation) - at least so i think.

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Screen Rotation Resets Activity

I have a main menu, when i click a button it launches an activity for a second class. The second class starts with displaying a listview. Upon clicking an item in the listview, it loads a layout called layout1 (for example), which contains some textboxes. At this point, if the screen is rotated, it reverts back to the listview and everything entered in the textboxes of layout1 is lost.

How can i make it so that when the screen is rotated, it stays on layout1 and doesn't revert back to the listview display?

Does each screen have to be a separate class? For example, a class for the main menu, a class for the listview, and a class for layout1?

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Listview Losing Text On Phone Rotation / Save Active Screen View

I was wondering how to save the active screen view when the phone is rotated. Right now i have a listview that contains a bunch of entries when i rotate the phone everything on the screen gets replaced to its original state.

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Issue: Calendar Reminder Do Not Wake Up The Screen On Galaxy Nexus

I've noticed on my gn that calendar reminders do not wake my screen up (nor do i get a pulsating led light). Instead they only vibrate and play the notification sound. When i wake the screen i see the calendar icon in the top-left as usual. I have pop-up notifications checked in my calendar settings. Is this normal functionality or is something amiss?

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Htc One X Vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I am in denmark / europe. So no g4 network for phones yet (bahhh), but free choice of carrier. I have had the htc desire since it came out, and my boss just asked me to buy him a new smartphone and to get one for myself. I am one happy camper. I use my smartphone mainly for e-mails, browsing, camera, team viewer, gps navigation, guitar tuner and listening to pod casts. I don't watch videos much on my desire. I am considering the htc one x or the the samsung galaxy nexus

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Htc One Vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Has anyone here had their hands on both? I saw a review on the verge got the htc one. It looked pretty cool. I had the evo a while back and it was a good little phone. The nexus has been good as well, but is it going to be better than the htc one? They aren't in the us yet, so uk guys?

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Will Not Charge Unless Its Off

I walked into my room to find my 18 mo old daughter with the tip of the mini usb charger that came with my sgn in her mouth. I quickly grabbed it, inspected it, and dried it off and nothing seemed to be wrong. She also had my sgn but i don't think anything was wrong with that either. But now my sgn will not charge unless it's off. If i power it on and insert the mini usb. Nothing. I even plugged the charger into my old og droid and it started charging right up. But when i hook it up to my sgn. Nothing. Unless it's off of course. ***? Also, nothing happens when i try to hook it up to my computer. And nothing happens when i use a different mini usb/charger. But it's not the mini usb since it started charging my og droid but not my sgn.


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When Update 4.0.3 Will Come In Uk For Samsung Galaxy Nexus ?

Anyone know when we are going to see this update? I heard that it fixes the horrid contact photo's by adding facebook integration?

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Nfc Tags - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I had read somewhere on this thread that someone was planning on getting nfc tags and programming them so they could use their gnex with them. One example this user provided was to create like an alarm tag so that at night before going to bed he could touch his phone to the tag and an alarm was automatically set.

How doable is all of this? And if i wanted to do this and play with nfc tags to use with my phone, how could i? Is there some sort of documentation people can point me to so that i could learn how to program tags? Is there hardware i need? Where can i purchase this hardware- and the tags for that matter? I think this would be something cool to try out, and play with. Maybe even show off to friends (insert iconic my android is better than your iphone because. Statement).

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Bluetooth Bug - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I have been experiencing a 100% repeatable bug affecting the bluetooth on my galaxy nexus. First a little background: i connect my gn to my car's bluetooth for hands-free, and i also connect it to the tunelink adapter for bluetooth audio playback because my car doesn't support it. Both devices only register as having the only profile they're capable of: the tunelink knows it can only do "media audio" and the car knows it can only do "phone audio. "

Now the problem: the problem is, when both devices are connected to the gn, every single phone call i make is a garbled mess. Ever since i got the tunelink, i've hand to initiate calls and then switch them to handset or speaker mode, and that's not a good thing when you have to drive in d. C. Every once and a while with their handsfree laws.

If i'm in the middle of one of these garbled calls and i unplug the tunelink and wait for the bluetooth connection to drop, the call clears up immediately. But this just isn't a suitable solution to the problem, and repeated stress on my car's power outlets isn't a good thing.

Does anyone have a solution? I can't get rid of the tunelink. It's by far the best product i've used for this purpose, and i listen to podcasts in my car all day every day (i do a lot of driving). Apparently 4. 0. 3 was going to have some bluetooth fixes, but i'll have to wait for a future update (and for verizon) before i see any of those, and who knows if they'll address this specific issue? This is so frustrating. I finally found a great product, and now i can't use it.

Oh, and i contacted tunelink, and they saw no problems on their end (naturally - not sure whether to believe them on that one). They said to wait for a bug fix.

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Bluetooth Headphones - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I work as a shipper/receiver and i'm allowed to listen to music at work. I primarly listen to tune in pro radio or google music. I'm not a big audiophile so i'm not concerned with sound that much, i just need to find a solution because i've gone through a lot of wired headphones at work as im constantly in and out of a forklift and ripping my phones outta the jack or my ears. I usually keep my phone in my pocket.

Does anyone have any experience with these guys? I've narrowed it down to four choices however i want to be sure they'll work with the phone in my pocket all day. Specifically does anyone have any reviews on either the sports and or freedoms i'm leaning towards these , other options appear to be motorola s10hd or lg sbh 700, any opinion appreciated!

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Cannot Connect To Wifi On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Sat in business class lounge and can't connect to wifi using my new galaxy nexus but can connect using my old iphone 4 "peed off". On the nexus it says "saved secured with wpa but it won't connect can someone help me here i want to use my new phone?

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Notification Light - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I know this has probably been widely discussed on the forums, and i have heard of the light flow app. Was wondering when the gnex's notification light goes off. I've tried calling myself and the light goes off, a bit pointless though with the full screen lighting up already. There are no settings on it, the thing is i want to enable notifications like missed calls, text messages, notifications from twitter/facebook. And without the fuss of installing a third party app.

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Apps That Are Not Compatible With Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Though it might be a good idea to have a thread of apps not yet compatible with the galaxy nexus. So far i got hbo go and flash. Adobe did come out and say they will update flash to be compatible with ics. Any word on hbo go?

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Cannot Encrypt Device - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I just restored to stock 4. 0. 2 and locked my phone (it was repaired and sent back unlocked). I'm going through the regular setup routine and when i try to encrypt the phone, it just reboots and nothing happens. I go to the encryption settings, select "encrypt this phone" and then enter my pin. I confirm again once it sees that i'm plugged in and have enough battery, but then the reboot happens and i'm back to the home screen. Anyone seen this? I'm on gsm. I had no issues encrypting on 4. 0. 1.

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Text To A Group - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Anyone figure out how to send a text to a group? I can't figure it out. Hoping it's possible, because i need to do it multiple times a week for my job.

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What Apps Do I Install On My New Samsung Galaxy Nexus ?

I already got help here with my first post, so here goes number 2. I ordered a new unlocked gangland nexus. It is replacing my iphone 4. I found out i had to swap out the sim card and i should be up and running. Ok, what do i do next? This is my first droid phone. I have read how to export my contacts to gmail and that will transfer them over to my new phone. I don't want my calender entries, i hope i can do that directly form outlook.

So what do i install? I know the standards apps, but what else should i do to my phone. Root it? I already know that i have to make sure that it has something with a bunch of letters in it to make sure i get updates. Is there a tutorial or a great post that someone can steer me too.

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Need A Better Tethering App For Samsung Galaxy Nexus

For a long time i used barnacle and have been more than happy with it, however, since i got the gnex, it doesn't work. So, i have been using wifi tether with some success. The problem that i have is that it seems to drop my connection every so often. When this happens, i have to stop tethering and restart it. This is very annoying. So, is there something else out there? Please let me know.

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Upadate To 4.04 Ota Arrived - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Just updated to 4. 04 - uk o2 customer with standard google unbranded build.

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What To Do To Increase Battery Life On Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Wow, the quick battery life is taking me all the way back to my palm tungsten e days. One session with a multi-media function can take massive amounts of battery life. Is there some tricks i can do, or a third party battery? Because as it stands, i can only use it to make calls, if i want it to last more than a couple hours. I got a tablet and gaming portables too so its not a big deal, but man, the battery life is the same or worse than the ol' palm tungsten e.

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Spb Shell 3d Or A Different Launcher - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Has anyone used spb shell 3d? Is it any good? Do you like it? Would you recommend something else and why? Rooted or non-rooted?

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