Htc Hero - Messaging Become Very Slow / Speed This Up

Have a small issue regarding messaging. Mine has become really slow now. Even after i rooted to froydvillain1. 3. There are around 5000 messages and the problem is i want to keep them all because of some of the priceless conversations i've had. Any idea how to speed this up? New memory card? Install a kernel? Update rom? Apps?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Messaging Slow After 2.1 Upgrade / Make It Fast

I used mybackup trial version to backup text messages, call logs, apps, etc and then upgraded to 2. 1. After the upgrade my text message app takes a good 10-30 seconds to enter into. I can still see them fine and quickly in the status bar and the widget, but the app takes forever to load now, even if it's already running and i'm just switching people. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Draw Fullscreen Alpha-image Too Slow / Speed Things Up

What i'm trying to achieve is quite simple: i want to draw a fullscreen image (rgb_565). On top of it, i'd like to draw a fullscreen image with an alpha channel. My problem is that i get terrible performance, around 30 fps. Is there any way to speed things up? I use a htc hero, shouldn't the hardware be capable of faster rendering? (Without opengl).

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Email Gmail Speed Slow On Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

Why does it take 15-30 seconds for me to get my gmail either through the included email app or the added gmail app? Everything else on this phone is blazing fast but email has been the one sore spot. Sometimes it won't even pull the latest email. I've looked at the settings but seem to be missing something obvious.

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Samsung Moment - Phone Too Slow For Google Voice / Increase Its Speed

Can anyone use google voice on their moment? When i get an incoming call, it takes so long for the call to come through that by the time i try to press 1 to accept the call, its going to voicemail.

I've tried it several times and its physically impossible to answer the phone, listen to who's calling, get the number pad to come up (after waiting for the screen to wake up) and press 1 before it sends the caller to voicemail.

I really like this phone, but its lag is wearing on me (and i'm running one of joeykrim's speedy kernals). I hope it speeds up with the upgrade to 2. 1. If not i might have to switch to a blackberry (blasphemy! ) Until sprint comes out with a faster android phone.

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Htc Hero Messaging Problem

I have a htc hero and i have been problems with the messaging. The messages are out of sequence and sometimes are delayed. I will send a message out at 7:40 (as it is timestamped on my phone) and i receive a reply to a question i asked saying it was sent at 7:38. Also, sometimes i do not receive it for 5 minutes and it still shows as being sent prior to mine. How do i fix it or does anyone have the same problem?

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Htc Hero - Phone Seems Really Slow And Laggy Since I Put 8gb Class 6 Sd Card In It / Fix It

Just brought an 8gb class 6 sd card and my hero seems to be really slow and laggy since i put it in

How can this be ?

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What Speed Are You Guys Getting On 3g Using Htc Nexus One ?

What kind of speed are you guys getting on 3g, for those of you who do not have any 3g issues? My 3g connection is good here in dallas. Currently deep inside a hospital building with 3g speeds of 678/143. Tethering i got 981/352.

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Htc Desire - Speed Of Wifi Connection In Mbyte

Does the desire have a strong connection to wifi ?

What is the speed of wifi connection in mbyte ?

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Htc Eris - Speed Up Angry Bird On Phone

How can i speed up angry bird on my htc eris

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Htc Text Messaging Problem

So i had the hero for a whole day and then installed the handcent sms according to some rave reviews on here etc. That seemed to mess up messaging good and proper. So i removed it. Then things picked up and i was receiving messages, albeit out of sync with the phone. So eventually - yesterday, 2 weeks after getting the handset, and speaking to orange uk, i performed a factory reset, and this seemed, repeat seemed to get all the messages through.

Good stuff. So this morning, with full reception, a friend of mine (well my ex who is a beatch) sends me a message at 9. 17 and i received at 11. 50 am. Orange say they dont know what to do really, and i am about to smash the damn thing to shreds as texting is the thing i do most on it. Give me some advice as to what to do. Im at my wits end with what seems to be an excellent handset other than this.

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Htc Desire Suddenly Became Slow

I've been using the phone for about 2-3 month or so, installed apps and everything was fine. About a week ago the phone started to get slow, apps began to stuck and crush. I have 2 sms apps, and 2 mail apps. Most of the time, the main trouble is with sms, mail and contacts (people). Is there a log i can see?

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Htc Incredible - Get Free Text Messaging With Droids

My buddy has the first droid phone and he showed me his plan on verizon. He gets unlimited text and doesn't pay anything? I am kinda confused. Is there something im missing here? Is there a way to get free txt msgs without buying the stupid plan?

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Htc Nexus One Slow Response On Unlock Screen

I just started having this problem, but it is very intermittent. It started happening after the 'pinch to zoom' update was released.

Whenever the phone is connected to another bluetooth device (in these cases, lenovo t500, and eclipse avn76d navigation), the unlock screen will occasionally have an extremely slow response.

If i put my finger on one of the 9 password 'dots', it will take a second or so to respond. Once i move my finger to the 2nd dot, it will not respond (haptic feedback on) unless i swirl my finger around it for a while- and so on til i complete my unlock code.

After it is unlocked, the phone will respond very slowly (5+ seconds to swipe from screen to screen). I've even restarted it and it happened immediately after (held the home key, and only phone and settings were shown). I've turned off the bluetooth connection (via the laptop/navigation system) and the phone would still respond slowly until it is restarted.

It is not consistent, but i was wondering if anyone else has this issue (or similar).

For reference:

Wifi: off
Bluetooth: on (when connected w/ a device, will not occur if bt is on w/o a connection)
Gps: on
Network: t-mobile 3g
Microsd: one that came with the n1

Any help would be appreciated. It's not the end of the world, but it gets annoying when you're trying to look through the phonebook to dial a call in the car.

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Htc Evo 4g - Texting Slow Since Froyo / Fix It

My texting says please wait while i switch to and off of a contact. So talking to multiple people at once takes about 3 minutes to switch between chats. None of my keys are precise. I try to hard hold e to hit 3 and it bring up speech to text. I hit t and it hits n. Already calibrated it. Froyo junked everything.

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Htc Evo 4g - Internet Is Super Slow When Have Full 3g Service

I received my htc evo 4g in the mail approximately two weeks ago. Up until last night things were working great aside from the terrible battery life, but that's to be expected. Anyway all of a sudden the internet is super slow when i have full 3g service, mobile internet, wi-fi etc. Anything google related refuses to load. Certain websites (other than google) load, however it is extremely slow. Also, there is what appears to be the 'accounts & sync' icon on the tool bar when the internet is operating. This icon has never appeared there up until today. I have no idea what to do. I tried calling sprint, they placed me on hold for 20 minutes only to hang up on me. Please help, i am not a technology expert and i have no idea what is going on.

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Htc Desire - Good Instant Messaging Service To Work On Both Phone And A Blackberry

Does anyone know of a good instant messaging service that will work on both a htc desire and a blackberry? This week i finally upgraded from a bb 8900 to a desire. My girlfriend still has a bb though and while we used to use bb's im which was great, that obviously isn't an option now. Any suggestions?

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Htc Droid Eris - Delete Google Voice / Can't Remove Number 1 From Speed Dial / Fix It

I got google voice and want to get rid of it. I unistalled the app on my phone and deactivated on on line. However, my # 1 speed dial is stuck with the google voice mail number instead of *86 for verizon's voice mail number. I can edit/delete any speed dial i want except for #1. Anyone know how i can fix this?

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Full Bars Connection Slow / Increase It

Since yesterday my connection on 4g is holy crap slow. Ran a speed test, local server. I'm getting 108kbps down, and 70kbps up.

I've ran it several times, and it's always in that ball park, with the upload varying the most by a couple hundred. I've rebooted several times, with no success. Any suggestions?

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Htc Evo 4g - Stock Ringtones Way Too Fast / Setting To Slow Down How Often It Repeats

Is there some setting to slow down how often a ringtone repeats? Like, their frequency is way too fast. I've tried all the stock ringtones, and even imported my old blackberry ringtone but the problem persists.

Hmm, that sounds kind of convoluted. If a ringtone is [ta da], the problem i'm having is that it's [tadatadatadada] instead of [ta da] [ta da]

I'm not sure if that helps at all. But do any of you have any idea how to fix this?

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How To Speed Up Restlet When Using Odata

I am attempting to use restlet for android to query an odata data source. However, i am not impressed with its performance in both the emulator as well on a real device. I have the requests made in a wrapper asynctask to make the ui responsive but it still takes over 1 minute to finally return the objects.

I get plenty of these in the logcat window: 10-04 18:20:41. 667: debug/dalvikvm(278): gc freed 7872 objects / 523928 bytes in 279ms

What can i do to speed up the queries?

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What Are Your Speed Vs Accuracy Settings

For you swype users out there what are your speed vs accuracy settings? What does this actually do? Does it affect when you tap out a word at all?

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Is There Speed / Software Difference Between Mytouch And G1

So i been using an iphone 2g for a while, and because of the good reviews android is getting i would like to change it. Im a t-mobile customer. Which phone would you guys recommend? Is there speed/software difference between the mytouch and the g1?

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Looking For Video Player Increase Playback Speed

Love my droid x. I like do copy videos to my phone and watch / listen while working. However i would like to be able to playback at an increased rate. On my old htc smartphone i used tcpmp (which is now called coreplayer) to play videos and i could increase the playback speed to 1. 5x or 2. 0x or whatever. They audio sounded like chipmunk, but as long as i could understand what they were saying i didn't mind.
Does anyone know for sure if a video playback application with this feature exists for the droid x?

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Personalize Ringtones And Set Up Speed Dial

Ok so i have my new droid and well im a bit over whelmed, ive looked thru several post and cant seem to find out how to or if you can personalize ringtones and set up speed dial, any one know were or how i can do this ?

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Calculate Average Speed From Gps Coordinates

I have here a device which can give me gps coordinates. The time intervall i can define. I want to use it to calculate the average speed during driving or travelling by car. Actually i used a orthodrome formula to calculate the distance between two points and then divided it by the given time intervall. By the implemenation i followed this term(http://de. Unfortunately i could only find a german link, but i think the formula should be understandable in any language ;)

Unfortunately, using this formula and a time interval of 1 second gives very unprecise results. The speed while walking is between 1 km/h and 20km/h.

So i wonder if there is a general reference on how to implement distance calculation between two gps coordinates (i found something similar on so) and particulary, which is the best time interval to update the gps coordinates.

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Tutorial On How To Boost 3g Speed To 1mbps ? - Lg Esteem

Warning: don't blame me if your phone dies. Apparently the samsung admire guys figured out how you can boost your 3g speeds: using qpst, you change your "mobile ip behavior" to "simple ip" and it just works. People are saying that they are getting up to around 1mbps on metro's 3g network which is pretty good actually.

How to boost 3g in stock 2. 3. 4. I can't do it because qpst won't recognize my phone. I think it's the dlls or something so i'll try on my netbook tomorrow. I spent like 2hours trying to get it to work but failed, and must sleep now. I hope someone else takes a crack at it. I won't be able to try again until tomorrow evening. I'm wondering if it'll boost 4g speeds as well? Go to forum to read full post.

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Can A High Class Sd Card Speed Up Your Phone?

Can a high class sd card speed up your phone? Well the question in the title box is the only one i have for now.

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Contacts Only Showing In Messaging

My contacts are only showing in my messaging but not under people. When i go to create a new message it has all my contacts but not when i go into my "people" app. Im guessing my messaging app is finding them on my phone somewhere but my people app isn't.

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Htc Hero - Hero Takes Another 2 Awards

Hero takes another 2 awards - smartphone essentials magazine smartphone of the year and also consumer smartphone of the year
Htc hero named as smartphone of the year | smartphone daily

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