Nexus - 3g Speed Dropped From .73mbps To .47mbps After Install A Custom Rom / Fix It

I've noticed that after i install a custom rom, my 3g speed dropped from . 73 mbps to . 47mbps. I know it's not that big of a difference, but i just wanna know if this is in fact confirmed.

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Htc Droid Eris - Install Custom Rom

I have been trying for weeks to install a custom rom on my droid eris. I have tried thee unlocker but it didnt work.

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What Speed Are You Guys Getting On 3g Using Htc Nexus One ?

What kind of speed are you guys getting on 3g, for those of you who do not have any 3g issues? My 3g connection is good here in dallas. Currently deep inside a hospital building with 3g speeds of 678/143. Tethering i got 981/352.

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Htc Incredible - Phone Dropped Calls / Fix It

I new to verizon so i'm not as familiar with their network. I've been using the incredible since thursday and have dropped several calls. I don't use the phone for voice calls a lot but i have dropped five calls so far. I called vzw yesterday and they had me change a setting which required the phone to reboot. My son has a samsung phone and hasn't dropped any calls yet in the same areas that i have. Has anyone had a similar issue?

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Htc Droid - Eris Calls Being Dropped / What To Fix It

So this has happened a few times when my wife and i have been talking on the phone together (we both have the eris, both 2. 1) and one of us will hear a very faint beep followed by silence. When i take the phone away from my face the security pattern screen appears and there's no notification that i had even been talking on the phone a couple seconds previous. This has happened at least twice recently while my wife and i have been on the phone, again when i was talking to my real estate agent (he has an iphone), and another time while on the phone with my dad who was on a verizon wireless phone. I don't know what to do or if this can even be fixed. My wife says the same thing happens to her on occasion when she's talking to other people.

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Htc Droid Eris - Phone Dropped In Toilettouch /screen Wont Work - Fix It

A couple months ago i dropped my droid eris in the toilet. I turned it back on for the first time in weeks and my touch screen wont work. Is there any hope in fixing it?

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Motorola Droid X - How To Install Custom Theme For Lpp

Perhaps i'm missing something, but at this site [theme|mod] 10. 20. 10 signals23 launcherpro 0. 8. 1. 1 widgets - xda-developers - there's a great theme for lpp i'd like to use.

First post looks like i just download something, then the tutorial looks like i'm entering code via an apk tool?

Can someone tell me the easiest way to use the modded themes in the link with lpp?

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Htc Eris - Do Need Custom Rom

My eris has the official verizon 2. 1 installed by an ota update. All i want is to be able to run apps that require root access. Do i need to do anything more than apply the root file ( and reboot? Do i really need to flash a custom rom if i don't want any different os functionality? Basically, i'm looking for the most bare-bones root process that will let me run apps that require root, but leave my os as virgin as possible.

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Htc Hero - Best Phone Rom / How To Install It

I am going to flash a custom rom on my phone but i dont know which one to choose and how to install it my phone is the htc hero

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Samsung Captivate - Rom To Install For Use On Phone

Rooted. Now what rom should i install?

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Install Hero Rom On Htc Tattoo

Recently i have just purchased htc tattoo, i used to have iphone but after i lost it (happens often) my decision lied somewhere in more affordable and new market. I used to jailbreak iphones, but in android im a total noob, please help me with a few questions.

1. I was assured by the htc salesman that android on hero and tattoo is the same, yet i did find differences, small example why htc clock does not flip like calendar as it does on hero? Is there anyway to make animate it? (In settings animation is switched on).

2. Is it possible to install hero rom on it and should i?

3. What can i possibly do interesting with the phone by which i mean modify it on a software basis.

4. How to set ringtones?

5. And finally wth is wrong with the battery life? I just called like 3 times in a day and used wifi about 5 minutes, (usually i switch off edge and wifi) and my battery dies in less than a day, that is absurd?

6. Anyone had glitches with gps? 90% of the cases i cant catch a signal even in a moving car? Does it depend on anything?

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Motorola Cliq - Create A Custom Rom

So i have a motorola dext, as i am in the uk, however it might as well be a brick as i cant really use it yet, because the first thing i have to do is signup to but it is not yet active and i cant progress further. So my question is will any once create a custom rom, like htc sense for this phone?

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Htc Eris - Need Best Custom Rom For Phone

Ive been using tainted vanilla v1. 4 for a while and i love it but i was thinking about trying another one out and was wondering everyones opinion on which is the best. And if you could give me a link for me to check it out.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Most Popular Custom Rom

Samsung galaxy s should be arriving tomorrow (o2 - ireland) - looks like they haven't released froyo yet, anyway - have never modded, rooted or anything and wondering what advise people have for the most popular roms? Im looking for more rather than less, with live wallpaper, nice effects etc - quite like the look of axura - is this good?

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Htc Desire - How To Put A Custom Rom

I want to put a custom rom but don't no how to do it

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Rom Manager - Install Buglessbeast Then Make A Backup

I install buglessbeast then make a backup of it. I then installed some kernels to overclock my phone. The kernels i tried caused my phone to restart so i restored my first backup of buglessbeast. Wouldn't it need to, or be better to, do a full wipe like it did before i installed buglessbeast?

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Htc Eris - Install Setcpu On Plainjane Rom

I have been combing the forums; both this one and the xda forum and i still have no idea how to install setcpu using adb.

I have successfully rooted my htc eris and i am running on the plainjane rom.

I have installed both setcpu 2. 0 and 2. 01 but after that i can not find any instructions on how to load the program. Can anyone direct me towards the right thread or let me know in this topic?

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Htc Droid Eris - "signal Faded" - Calls Dropped On This Phone / Fix It

Has anyone else had a problem with this occurring and your calls being dropped on this phone? It started out on only my wife's eris and now it's happened to me once the last 2 days. We live in a big city so i know lack of reception isn't an issue. Verizon had us do a hard reset on her phone and it didn't change anything. Now were contemplating having them send us 2 new phones since we're still in our 30 day window. Anyone out there had success in fixing this issue and/or experienced the same problem?

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Motorola Droid - What's Considered The Best Custom Rom

I saw the youtube where smoked glass rom was featured is that considered the best?

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Htc Desire - Deleting Apps From Custom Rom

Im pretty sure i read on here the other day that you can delete unwanted from the zip file, but can't for the life of me remember what thread it was in. Anyone able to expand on this? As in can it be done with all apps, and do you literally just navigate into the zip file and delete what you don't want prior to putting it on the phone?Also seperate topic, if im running leedroid 2. 2a can i just flash 2. 2b or do i need to wipe?

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Motorola Droid X - Can I Install A New Rom Over Deodexed Revolution Theme

Or do i need to do something else first?

Will this reset my phone to the factory state? Will i have to reload everything?

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Htc Hero - Won't Have Backup / Will Be Able To Install Another Rom

I'm following this tutorial: installing custom roms - villainrom wiki. If i skip to step two, because the previous steps don't work, i know i won't have a backup, but will the install still work? Will i be able to install another rom if all goes wrong?

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Htc Eris - Most Reliable / Newest Custom Rom For Phone

I'm going to root and just wondering what is the most reliable/newest custom rom out there i should use?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Flashing To Custom Rom - Hard Reset

I've had windows mobile forever prior to getting my hero. I've read all over trying to find this answer and i thought i found it at one point but it was a little while ago and i wasn't ready to root and flash and so forth.

My question is: when you install a custom rom on an android phone, does it hard reset your phone, or in other words does it wipe everything so you have to start over installing apps and such? I thought i read that it did not wipe everything but just want to be clear before i jump in.

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Htc Evo 4g - Put Back Fmradio App After Custom Rom

I've rooted my evo and have been playing with different roms. I've found one that i like but need to add a couple of the removed stock apps. I've done the adb push with no errors but how do i actually get the apps to appear on my phone? Tryng to get the fm radio, htc news and the htc live wallpapers back on.

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Motorola Droid X - Can't Add Numbers To Speed Dial After Froyo 2.2 / Fix It

Can't add contacts phone numbers to speed dial now. After installing froyo. Either from pressing the number down, or going through the menu. Can some other people try, so we can see if this is a common issue?

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Htc Droid Eris - Can I Get Apps2sd , Livewallpapers And Overclocking Without Custom Rom After Rooting

If i rooted my eris would i be able to get apps2sd, livewallpapers and overclocking without a custom rom?

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What Apps Do I Install On My New Samsung Galaxy Nexus ?

I already got help here with my first post, so here goes number 2. I ordered a new unlocked gangland nexus. It is replacing my iphone 4. I found out i had to swap out the sim card and i should be up and running. Ok, what do i do next? This is my first droid phone. I have read how to export my contacts to gmail and that will transfer them over to my new phone. I don't want my calender entries, i hope i can do that directly form outlook.

So what do i install? I know the standards apps, but what else should i do to my phone. Root it? I already know that i have to make sure that it has something with a bunch of letters in it to make sure i get updates. Is there a tutorial or a great post that someone can steer me too.

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Htc Droid Eris - Delete Google Voice / Can't Remove Number 1 From Speed Dial / Fix It

I got google voice and want to get rid of it. I unistalled the app on my phone and deactivated on on line. However, my # 1 speed dial is stuck with the google voice mail number instead of *86 for verizon's voice mail number. I can edit/delete any speed dial i want except for #1. Anyone know how i can fix this?

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Non Market Apps Install Problem On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I am new galaxy nexus user though i am not new to the android os as i using an acer e130 android 2. 1. Now, my dad bought this unit in saudi arabia, and i have received it hours ago here in the philippines. Immediately after i got the unit, i downloaded some non-market apps and tried to transfer these to my unit via usb. At first, a message popped out in the screen, didn't mind it and then clicked 'transfer anyway'. Transfer success. I then disconnected the usb from the unit and opened settings > storage > misc. I tried clicking the files but nothing happens. I had also clicked the 'allow non-market apps to be installed', but still can't install it!

Did anyone experience this?

My galaxy nexus is an android 4. 0. 2.

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