Samsung Galaxy Error Message - Does Not Support Music File Type

Samsung galaxy not supporting any type of music files. Any ring tone i use or game or youtube even and videos saved on my phone all are giving me of an error message that it does not support the files. What do i do?

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Motorola Droid X - Music Player Won't Play Song / 'sorry Player Does Not Support This Type Of File'

All of a sudden my music player won't play my song and says "sorry the player does not support this type of file". I have my itunes using tunesync and it has been working fine and this popped up today. I am running froyo, not rooted and it was working fine after the froyo update so i don't think it is that.

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Htc Incredible - Wav File Player - Player Does Not Support This Type Of Audio File

Every time someone leaves me a voicemail on my home phone number, voip home phone voice mail box sends me the voicemail as a . Wav file attachment. When i try to play this . Wav file the phone refuses, saying "sorry, the player does not support this type of audio file".

So, i take it the . Wav files cannot be played on android phones. Has anyone found a workable and simple workaround to this yet?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Keep Getting File Authentication Error Message When Run Root Program / What To Do

I am having trouble with rooting my epic. I keep getting file authentication error message. When i run the one click root program do i run it off the windows desktop? Do i need to download anything to my phone? Sorry for the noob questions.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Getting Error Message While Connecting To Airtel Gprs

I bought it like 2 days ago. Until yesterday night the internet settings were working fine. Even until today morning they were fine. But while i tried to use it in the afternoon, i am getting the error "can't connect to internet, please check your network settings". While it was getting connected with the same settings earlier. I tried to set them to default, even checked the wi-fi & phone settings from the internet. They just seem fine, just coudn't figure out the problem and not even sure whether its a phone problem or settings problem.

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"low On Space" Error Message On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I have about 500 mb free space left on my phone, and i get a message in the notification bar that you storage is getting low. Nothing is wring with that. What is wrong, that as soon as that message appears, from that point it doesn't even lets me to upgrade any of my apps, even though it would only take like 5mb of space to do so. It feels like that google is not letting me use the last 500-800 mb of my storage, which would be quite cheating. I mean rather let me use it up till i have 0 mb left and say that my phone has only 15 gb storage, not 16. Anybody knows how can i solve this?

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Samsung Vibrant - Error Message When Tethering Device On Kies

I have a samsung vibrant and when i use programs like samsung kies and begin to tether the device an error message pops up saying the modem on my device is out of order is this a programming issue or is my device out of order. When tethering begins it disconnects the device and pops up with the os error message then when i disconnect the phone i dont have internet any more, right now im using easytether pro to connect to the internet but even now i have limited internet usage since its running really slow and even that will disconnect the internet from my phone if i use it to long.

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Keyboard Only Type Numbers - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I have just installed the ics polish version, i normally use 3x4 keyboard and i have noticed now it will only type numbers?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Difference Between Different Type Of Cases (gel, Hard Back) / Which One Best

If anyone search on ebay for cases of samsung galaxy s i9000 many results come up and there is a wide variety of different type of cases. Gel, hard back etc. I was wondering whats the difference between them, which one is suited for which purpose and which are most effective?

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How To Type Sms Text Without Keypad Tone On Samsung Galaxy Ace ?

How to type sms without the tone/vibration? How can i compose sms in silent? I have turned off the keypad tone. But when i am composing sms, the tone still sound and vibrate too. Please let me know how shall i turn the tone off and also the vibrate when composing sms.

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Push Email Support For Personal Domains - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I need to check a few of my email accounts daily, and so push email is important to me. I used to be a strict bb user, until i made the switch over to apple this past summer, confused about the fact that iphones don't support push email for all types of email accounts. I have a few personal accounts that i have to keep a track of which are tied to websites i own - so they're not your common hotmail/gmail/yahoo account. My iphone that i've been using for the last six months hasn't given me the support i need and while it is still a pretty good phone i'm thinking about making the switch to android after playing with my buddy's gnex today. I love the bigger screen, i like the ui, it just seems like a solid device.

What i want to know is will the galaxy nexus be able to support push email for these kinds of email accounts? I set up his hotmail account on his phone today, set it to push and sent him sent some test emails. It worked perfectly. That's already a step up from the iphone, since hotmail doesn't even push on that. But does anyone have any knowledge on whether your personal hosted email accounts will be supported with push?

Edit: i'm aware i can forward those email accounts to like a hotmail or gmail account, but i'd really like to avoid that all together. Also, anyone know the maximum number of email accounts that can be configured on the gnex?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Message Kies - Device Version Cant Be Update

Well before try to do this reg hack try get 2. 2 use say latest version now get different message saying "this device version cant be update" instead saying having latest version when updates come out i could update right if new updates come out or got change reg setting back thanks for tip help?

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Fail To Install The Mtp Driver Error On Samsung Galaxy S2

Yesterday i flashed the xwlp8 firmware onto my galaxy sii. I factory reset the phone before and after the flash. Now samsung kies will not pick up my phone via usb. It fail to install the mtp driver (?). I have uninstalled kies 3 times, uninstalled my phone in device manager and even rolled back my version of kies. Is there anything else i can do? I really need to restore my phone from the backup i made. It has some important photos in it.

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Mapservicesamsung Has Stopped Error After Ics Upgrade - Samsung Galaxy S2

When deleting multiple texts, a notification called "mapservicesamsung has stopped" error appears from time to time. Has anyone encountered this after ics? It has no major effect on the phone but it's a hassle when you want to delete multiple messages fast.

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Samsung Vs Google Music Player - Galaxy S2 (at&t)

What music player is everyone using? After starting with the samsung music player, i eventually switched over to the google music play. Having your music in the cloud, or gaining access to your entire library without having to sacrifice memory is strong point for gm. However, the ui cannot be accessed from the lockout screen. A huge fail in my opinion. I am back to the samsung player for now, for that exact reason. I need quick access to my player and this one provides the fastest. Just curious what others have experienced between the two.

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1 Text Message To Read Notification - Ics Issue - Samsung Galaxy S2

Just moved over from the easy life of blackberry to android (not even been a week yet) and all was going well till i upgraded to ics. I have a gt-l9100 running 4. 0. 3 the issue is, i receive a new text message, i read and reply to it yet i still see '1' in a circle over the message icon at the bottom of the screen. I went in to the messaging section in applications and cleared the cache and that just created more issues (all sms failed to send from then on), i rebooted the device and the icon was gone and i was able to send sms again. I did try to search for a solution, but with no luck.

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Sms Converting To Mms For Group Sending Message - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have noticed on my vodafone uk bill that when i send an sms (small and large) to multiple people on my contact list, it goes out and arrives to them as an mms. This is not because the message in long. It happens when i send a message to many people (7 for example) despite the message having only 50 characters. I know about issues with the s2 regarding long messages, but to penalize sending multiple short messages just seems daft and a very basic design fault. Can anyone please help me, because yes, i do have more than 7 friends in one group, and i do like inviting them in one text without having to pay 15p each for the privilege!

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Issue: Multiple Recipients Text Message - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

On my droid 3 (gingerbread 2. 3) my incoming and outgoing texts were easy to tell if it was sent to multiple recipients. If it was sent to three people, when i went to my list of text messages, i could open the newly received text and see who it was sent to. And if i replied to it, it would reply to all by default. I liked this.

I just received a multiple-recipient message from my friend, but i had no idea it was also sent to my other friend too, without going to the "message details" from the settings menu. And when i reply to the one who sent it, it doesn't go to all.

Is there a way to fix this to tell who it was sent to, and to reply to all? Phone is galaxy nexus with ice cream sandwich 4. 0. 2.

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Issue: Website Error: 403 Forbidden Using Samsung Galaxy Nexus

On certain websites i get the 403 forbidden error on my samsung galaxy nexus. I know the sites work. I am able to access them on my samsung galaxy note and samsung galaxy s ii. Any ideas on why i am getting the error on the nexus and how i can fix it?

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Mhtml .mht File Format Support

In opera browser or internet explorer i can save a whole web page (all the images, text, javascript) into one zip-like file called a mhtml. On windows it has the . Mht file extension and even if my internet is tuned off i can wonderfully view that saved mhtml in the browser with full content as if i was viewing it with my connection on. Does android os support this format natively/out the box?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Phone Support Music Through Bluetooth

Does the hero support music through bluetooth

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Phone Vibrate Problem With Text Message After Ics Update - Samsung Galaxy S2

I just updated to ics (vodafone) 2 days ago, i for 1 liked that when i had my loud profile for messages/calls that it would vibrate when some 1 texts me but after this update i cant get it to vibrate when i receive a text. Can any 1 help?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Powerpoint With Flash File

I have a samsung galaxy s . I have loaded a powerpoint 2007 (. Pptx) file with flash animation embedded to that. However it doesn't show the flash file when i open the . Pptx on my mobile. I have the latest version of flash player installed. I can view the flash based websites without any issues. Any idea how to fix this?

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Droid Mediascanner Not Support .wav Music Files / Make It To Work

Does the android mediascanner not support . Wav music files? I have some . Mp3 and some . Wav in my sd only the . Mp3 files are shown in the default music player. Then i tried uri musicuri = mediastore. Audio. Media. External_content_uri; the cursor returned also does not contain . Wav files. So does mediascanner not support . Wav files? I want to make a music player that can play . Wav files thanks.

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Move / Save Message To Draft - Software Apps And Widgets List - Samsung Galaxy S2

Searched all guides and posts but unable to find these things.

1. How to save msg to draft or say move msgs to important or etc. Before this i was using nokia n 73 me in which i loved pencil button work like cursor used for cut paste etc. But not so good in android.

2. What is green icon with book and call sign near green button which is used to call, both u can c at no. Dialing or in phone keypad.

3. App and widget u guys use, as m new to sii so need all best app and widgets list.

4. Also i also hacked my nokia n73 for downloading softwares without keys which worked very well in same i need to hack or say root sii? And where from i will get full softwares.

I don't remember questions i need to ask because m just started exploring it, so plz guys help me and reply to my questions thank u.

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Pictures - Support Jpg Png And Gif File Formate

I have some questions about ap-"pictures". support jpg, png and gif file formate. Can "pictures" show *. Gif file? I put some gif file in /sdcard, but those files do not in the list.

2. "Pictures" will auto list still images(jpg , png) in /sdcard, can it show still image from internet? If yes, how?

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Samsung Galaxy S2 - Music Player App Issue - Songs Are All Trying To Play At Once

I use my s2 as my main music player, especially when working out. Since downloading the firmware update, when listening to music, other songs have started launching at the same time. I use an app usually for listening & downloading my music, & it's the music player originally installed which randomly launches. I have tried using this player instead but when i do it will play 10 seconds of a song then shuffle to the next one. It's annoying when you are mid workout & 3 or 4 songs are all trying to play at once. I don't really want to delete my music app (mp3 ringtone) & can't disable the built in music player, anyone got any ideas please.

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Music Stops Playing When Phone Screen Goes Idle / Off - Samsung Galaxy S2

When i plug my speakers into my phone and put on an app and the phone screen goes off, the music stops playing 2-3 minutes later. This happens in apps i've downloaded from the market. The apps are tunein radio, spotify, and 8 tracks. Is there a setting i have to change to keep them playing because they play fine as long as the screen is on. It works fine when i use a music player and play songs already on my phone, so could it be an issue with streaming or connectivity?

One more problem, my battery life seems to be a little short. I check the battery usage and the little chart and there are huge chunks of time when it is awake and the screen is off. And when i check to see what apps are taking the battery life, 90% of the time the android os takes about 60%-70% of the battery life. Is that bad?

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Issue: Extremely Slow Music Transfer On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I plugged the phone into my windows 7 laptop, the laptop recognized it, found the drivers, and i can access the memory from my computer. However, when i go to drag and drop my files to the phone, i first get a warning that the device may not recognize the file (click on ignore) and then the transfer starts but it's obnoxiously slow. For around 7 gigs that took 10 minutes transferring from the sd card on my incredible, i was given an estimate of 4+ hours on the nexus. Is there any way around this? Google music just isn't an option.

Edit: tried switching from mtp to ptp and that reduced the time to around an hour. Still seems like it shouldn't take that long.

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Eclipse Launcher Is Giving An Error Message

I'm trying to set up my machine to do some android development, but i'm running into a couple of issues when installing everything i need. Here's some info about my set up:

I'm running windows 7 64 bit
I have the java jdk 1. 6. 0_22 version installed
I downloaded eclipse galileo 3. 5 r2 for java developers

My first issue is that because the android sdk doesn't work with eclipse 3. 6 yet i had to download 3. 5 instead. I can see a 64 bit java developers version on the main download page, but i can only see the 32 bit for galileo:

However the classic edition does have a windows 64 bit option. The android sdk documentation recommends using the java development edition, so i decided to give the 32 bit java version a try. Unfortunately the eclipse launcher gives me an error about the jvm terminated with exit code -1.

I tried searching for solutions, but didn't come up with anything useful. Should i go ahead and use the classic version of eclipse or try to get the 32 bit version to work? Is there a 64 bit version of galileo for java developers available somewhere? I think my computer set up is fairly common so i feel like i'm running into these issues because i misunderstood the set up process.

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