Default Throbber Animation - Froyo 2.2

I'm looking for the location of the android froyo (2. 2) default throbber animation resource. (In the progress dialog displayed as a animated wheel spinning).

What is the type of animation? (Gif, png, avi?) How to get it as a separate file (or images) to be able to adjust.

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Prevent Default Animation - Right To Left

I wanna disable the automatic slide in from right to left animation/transition. All new intents/activities in my app are supposed to have no animation. How can this be achieved?

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Custom Boot Animation

I'm sharing this very cool boot animation. First of all, i didn't make the graphic. I found the original animated gif on a free mobile wallpaper website. Then, i asked mudknot2005 from xda to make a boot animation with it. He kindly made it for me and even added a cool entrance scene.

From there, i added extra frames to slow down the bouncing motion that was too quick. Then, i added "loading. " To make it more appealing and appropriate for the booting process. *Animation is quicker than what you see here. When i made it into gif to post here, my software didn't allow me to make it quicker than this. It also depends on your phone's processing speed, i think.

I'm really loving this one. If you don't have a dropbox account, you could help me gain extra storage by creating your own 2gb free account by following this link: http://db. Tt/77uk7ga

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Animation/dragging Of An Object

I have a custom view (extends view) that is going to be a game board. What i'd like to do now is create an object (well, a bunch of them, but i can start with one) at a specific location on the board and then have the user be able to move it around by dragging it. I have the board view down, but am at a loss on how to code up the "pieces. "

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Translation Animation In Code

I was able to get the animation to work on the emulator - however my problem is that it animates for a second, but then then goes back to its original posistion right after it finishes animating. How can i stop this for happening.

This is how i animate my objects:


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Animation For All The Items In A List

I have a listview which uses a custom .xml for showing each item.

Fine, in this xml i have a checkbox (with visibility set gone) and a textview with a text. What i want is have an animation which moves the text to the right and shows the checkbox. I have the animation working fine for one item, but if i want to start it for all the items the problem comes.

I've tried with a loop over all the items but the animations start at different times (so visually is weird). Also, i've tried with an animationset, but it moves the entire listview to the right instead the textview (i can't launch the animationset from a single item because only moves that item then).

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Display A Simple Animation

How can i display a simple animation?

Let's say there is a button on the screen with margin left of 200, and margin top of 200.
I need to set the margin left, and top of this button to 0 and show a simple animation.

So basically a simple animation on a button from position 200, 200 to position 0, 0

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1.6 - How To Display Gif Animation On Webview

I have problem when display gif animation in webview, anyone can recommend solution for this problem.

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Sound Animation Not Consistent When I Put / Why Is That

In my application i'm playing a 1 second sound clip when the user clicks on a button. After that a mall thread sleep then i have assigned a small animation to the particular button. (500ms duration). Animation works fine without sound. But when i put sound the animation is not consistent.

Why is that? Code.

Do i need to start sound on a different thread? Is there anything to concern regarding this?

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Touching An Object In A Tweened Animation

I'm having trouble porting a simple game i developed for the iphone over to android. The game has an animated ball which moves from point a to point b. The user must touch the ball before it reaches point b
Or lose the game. This was easy to implement on the iphone using core animation since i could locate the current position of the ball by accessing its animation layer. In android, i attempted to recreate the game using tweened animation and represented the ball as a drawable. My issue is that i can't determine if the user is touching the spot because the drawable apparently bounds do not update as the ball visually moves - making the program think the ball is always in its original position. While searching these forums i saw an android team dev.confirm that you can't get the current location in a tweened animation but offered no solution for a workaround. Can i accomplish this on the android using my current approach? If not, what approach should i use?

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Car Animation Rotating Wheels

I am working in an app that shows different cars and the user needs to choose one. When you press on next the car moves out of the screen and the new one comes in.

My resources are:

Car's body
Car's wheel

(I need them to be separated because when the car moves i need to rotate the wheels)

I wanted to avoid absolutelayout so my carview extends 'relativelayout.

Here's the code:


Basically what i am doing is placing the body of the car and then using padding to place the wheels where they should be.

After reading this android developer's thread i notice that rotateanimation rotates the whole view including the padding making the wheels to do some strange movement.

Can you think of a better way to place the wheels imageview instead of using padding?

Another issue i have is that in a certain point i want the wheels to stop moving, but the method cancel() in animation is since: api level 8 and i need this to work on 1. 5. How should i stop the rotation?

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Alpha Animation Not Retaining State

I have a simple animation:


When this animation finishes, the alpha value jumps from 0. 90 to 1. 0. Why is this?

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Stop Animation (cancel() Does Not Work)

I need to stop running translate animation on touch event. When i use . Cancel() method of animation, it does not affects, so animation goes till the end anyway.

Is there any tips on how to cancel the running animation?

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How To Show Loading Image Or Animation

I have a search box and a web view in my activity. I also have a search button which when someone clicks opens a the url in the webview below the search box. Everything is working fine except that it remains blank while the page loads. I want to show a loading message with a spinning icon/animation while the page loads. [Similar to one in the market app].

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Animation Support Different Resolution Rate

I use animation translate in my application, my mobile phone resolution rate is 320*280, but in the 480*800 resolution rate don't support. I want ask i should how to do ?

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Can I Set Glsurface View(animation) As My Backgroud

I'm developing a media player application in android. I've an animation(open gl surface view) which should run in background to my activity when song is being played. Like the animation which we see when we are playing windows media player.
How can i achieve the above scenario?

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Pause Executing Code Until Animation Finishes

I have method code.

My animation has duration = 400, how can i pause everything except animation after calling shadow. Startanimation(animation); ?

I asking because, as you can see - animation is set for button click action, which kills current activity, so animation isn't shown completely.

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Kinds Of Animation Techniques In Droid / Codes For That

What are kinds of animation techniques in android?

Can u tell me the example codes, tutorials for that?

Note: tween and frame animation in the documentation is not enough.

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Black Areas During Alpha Animation On Transparent Pngs

I am currently at the verge of releasing a game for android. While creating menu view animations, for which i use imageviews in absolutelayout and while changing screen, i have used a custom alpha animation (i tried built in fadeout also) when i startanimation on the imageview, instead of reducing alpha property, it shows a black area, in the areas where transparency is between 0 to 100. Of course it does fade out but it shows a black area in the semi transparent areas of the png while fading away. It looks soo bad. Does it have something to do with display mode ? Should i set 32 bpp mode explicitly ?

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Changing Rotation Animation On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I noticed the 180' degrees rotation animation is much more smooth and fast compared to the 90' one. Is there a way to replace the 90' degrees rotation with the 180'? I'm currently running aokp b31 with franco kernel.

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Motorola Droid - Change Boot Animation , File / Directory Still

So i am trying to change my boot animation still and for some reason i have no access to change the file or directory. Any idea how i can change this? Im rooted running kangerade 5. 0. 9 with p3 1. 25ghz kernel.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Keeps Restarting And Wont Load Pass Animation

My hero battery died so i charged it and tried to boot it back up, but when i try and boot it back up it keeps restarting and wont load pass the sprint animation . It just keeps rebooting itself.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Htc Hd2 Weather Widget (with Clock And Animation) On Phone

I would like to get the htc hd2 weather widget (with clock and animation) on my xperia x10.

How is this possible? I've been on the net for the past 2 hours but cannot seem to find anything.

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How To Get Default Screen To Go Away

I have recently installed lock 2. 0, the full version. When i press the "end" button to bring the phone out of standby mode, the default lock screen still comes up with the "drag down" unlock. After that is unlocked is when the "lock 2. 0" lock comes up. Any ideas how to get the default screen to go away? This wasn't an issue with the free edition on lock 2. 0.

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What Is Default Password

I installed the 'advanced lock(free)' app from the market and by mistake ticked 'use password' n did not enter a password. Now it is asking for a password after sliding n i do not know the password. My phone is locked. Please help. What is the default password? What should i do now? Waiting for a reply asap.

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Animation On A View Doesn't 'stick' In Reality / Way To Do

I'm using a translateanimation to slide a viewgroup in and out of screen. However after the animation slides the view out, the transparent view is still 'clickable' in the same place. I used setfillafter to true thinking that the animation would 'stick' but i can't seem to get the view out of my 'face'.

Any way to do this without setting up an animation completion handler and then hide the view explicitly?

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Froyo On The Motorola Droid

Pictures emerged a short while ago of froyo runni98ng on the motorola droid. We already received confirmation from motorola that the droid would indeed receive the update to android 2. 2 but none of thought it would come this soon. Ok, this is by no means an official update running on this droid, in fact it may not be froyo at all.

It?S possible that 2. 2 have been ported to the droid but in all likelihood this is made from the sdk image. Or, could just be some a complete hoax. Those of us that are familiar with modding could easily replicate the information on the picture above with a few build. Pro edits. And for some reason there are no pictures of the updated home screen on this droid.

Another thing that kills this hoax is the linpack score posted by droid-life. I?Ve seen over clocked droid?S output those same exact numbers. Those of us with froyo and a little bit of knowledge about how linpack scores works know that the droid would output numbers double of what?S depicted in that screenshot. Hopefully this is an extremely early froyo on the droid and it gets leaked soon but for now this is nothing more than hoax until something solid surfaces.

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Froyo On Motorola Droid

I hate it that there are too many phones called the droid. Here are a few experiences that i would like to share after the froyo update happened on my droid.

The swype keyboard stopped working. Luckily someone on this forum posted a link for me which allowed me to get it back to working status.

An app i used called "fun puns" has now hung up several times, sometimes causing the phone to hang up. I suspect something in my phone has been affected. I plan to uninstall the app.

Two of my browsers skyfire & dolphin have developed a strange quirk. When i click a button, the touch screen seems to highlight the click a few pixels above the button. Not right on it. This is something i can live with for a button, but for a drop down list, it makes things confusing.

I had to uninstall task manager. This app has given me a great deal of trouble. It started to kill processes while i was using them. This process was not in its autolist.

On a positive side, my linpack score jumped up from 4 to 8. 1. I understand this is not a great score, but remember my motorola droid is completely at the mercy of verizon. I have not modded it in any fashion.

The phone has started to hang more often. This is an experience i can live without. Once the phone hangs, i have to slide open the back panel and then take out the battery. Once i put everything back in, it will start.

I wonder if upgrading was a mistake.

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Froyo Update Questions

I did the froyo update over the weekend, via kies, and there was things that i noticed and/or had questions on.

1) any way to change the default save location for photos and video recordings? I noticed, when i went from a g1 (1. 6) to vibrant (2. 1), that the photos and video were now separated into different folders. After up updated to froyo, the camera and videos are now in one folder again. Was this intentional or oversight? Rather annoying.

2) before, it was possible to shut off gps location when taking photos. This option appears to be missing now?

3) why was all of my icons and widgets reset? I never had a problem with the g1 when i updated the firmware, but after i updated to froyo with kies, every thing was reset back to default. Is there something that i can download to prevent this from happening again with the next firmware? Or, should i just not use kies ever again?

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How To Revert After Updated To Froyo 2.2 ?

I had no choice to update to froyo 2. 2 and it just sux. It slowed down my phone big time how do i revert back to original operating system? Please help. Cant afford another phone

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