Can I Personalize Items Of My Mapview

I have a mapview with itemizedoverlay, like in the example of mapview in androids developers guide

I have my own icon on the items, but also i want to personalize them, adding some text, not only the icon. But i mean text visible on the map, not when i press on the item. Can i do it? How?

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Setup A Listener On Mapview To Detect Droid Mapview Panned / Zoomed

I'm creating an android app that searches for items based on the visible area of the mapview. Is there a way to set up a listener on my mapview to detect when a map has been panned or zoomed?

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Personalize Ringtones And Set Up Speed Dial

Ok so i have my new droid and well im a bit over whelmed, ive looked thru several post and cant seem to find out how to or if you can personalize ringtones and set up speed dial, any one know were or how i can do this ?

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Multiple Overlay Items

I seem to be having a problem with using itemizedoverlay and overalyitems in it.

I can get the first overlayitem to appear on the map but not any items after that.

Code sample is on:

Quick overview here:


Samples of how it's used:


The first marker shows up on the map but if i add any more they don't show up? Is there a problem with the populate() method? I tried calling it manually after adding all markers but it still didn't help.

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Animation For All The Items In A List

I have a listview which uses a custom .xml for showing each item.

Fine, in this xml i have a checkbox (with visibility set gone) and a textview with a text. What i want is have an animation which moves the text to the right and shows the checkbox. I have the animation working fine for one item, but if i want to start it for all the items the problem comes.

I've tried with a loop over all the items but the animations start at different times (so visually is weird). Also, i've tried with an animationset, but it moves the entire listview to the right instead the textview (i can't launch the animationset from a single item because only moves that item then).

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Listview Which Presents A Table Of Items

I have a listview which presents a table of items. The table is supposed to look like:

But if i scroll around a bit, i sometimes see:

Now this only seems to happen when i run the program on an actual device (motorola droid with android 2. 2). I have never seen this happen on the emulator.

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Listview Not Checking Items On1.5

I'm developing an app for android in eclipse. Currently i target api level 3, but i was mistakenly testing on an android 1. 6 emulator (api level 4). On 1. 6 it worked fine, but on 1. 5 my listview with choice_mode_single does not select items when they are clicked on.

Here's my listview xml:


Here's the xml for the items in the listview:


I created a custom arraylist adapter to let me customize getview.

Here's the code for domainarrayadapter:


All of this code works fine compiled against api level 3 and run on an android 1. 6 emulator. However, run against a 1. 5 emulator, items in the listview do not check when clicked on.

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How To Customize The List Items In Alertdialog

I want to show multiple lines with different text styles for each item in a list using alertdialog, but can't fine any example.

Does anyone know how to customize the items of an alertdialog? Or do i really have to create an activity with a listview for this?

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Spinner Not Displaying List Items

I think i am going crazy right now. I am trying to create a spinner populated by a datatable but for some reason the dropdown list items text is not being displayed. I have looked all over and have seen other posts with people having this same problem.


The spinner gets created just fine and is populated with 4 items but whenever i click on the spinner i see 4 items with no text and just radiobuttons. If i select any of them i am getting the correct selected item value but there is just no data displayed.

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Moving Window Of Items In Listview

I am trying to update the listview with periodic updates taken from an http response. Now, i am thinking that because this is very specific to my application, i can get away by using a background thread and then updating the listview using the magic ui thread. The last time i tried this, i had to remove the entire adapter of the listview and then fill it up again so it worked. But this time, what i am trying to do is a more "smooth" scrolling listview. Something like a scrolling ticker. Is there a different approach to achieve this?

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Ui Design For Removing Items From A List

This may sound a little strange, but i'm making a game for the android phone, but i don't own one myself. I'm in a bit of a loss in designing my ui and need some suggestions from anroid phone owners. The general idea is to have a screen where a user can start a board from the beginning or load a previous save game. I'm trying to minimize the ui and would like to give the user to remove any unwanted level or save game from the same selection.

Here is what the ui looks like.

Play level
| Level 1 |
| Level 2 |
| Level 3 |
Saved game
| Save 1 |
| Save 2 |
| Save 3 |

So in terms of a vertical linear layout, there is a textview, listview, textview, listview. The user can touch/click the desired level/save_game to play. But i want to give them the option to delete any old saved game from this same screen. On my palm pre, i would just flick them to the side. This gesture doesn't seem to be available here. So my question is, how does other andoid apps do this?

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Make List Items Unfocusable

The default behavior of a list when one of it's items is touched is for that item to gain focus while it is being touched. I need a way to make the list items unfocusable , so that when they are being touched, nothing should happen.

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Disabling And Greying Out List Items

I have a list view. In that list view, i have to grey out and disable some items, and enable the rest list items with seperate color. How to do this?

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Overlapping Textview Items In Relativelayout In 2.2 - No Problem In 1.6

I have a problem with a relativelayout containing two textviews and a imageview, that i use for displaying items in a listview. The items are correctly displayed on android 1. 6, but on android 2. 2 the textviews are overlapping.

Here is an image that shows the correct and incorrect behavior side-by-side:

And here is the source code of my relativelayout:


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Disable Some Items In Listview In Alert Dialog

I want to disable some items in listview which is in the alertdialog.

How may i do it?

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Motorola Droid - How To Scroll Without Opening Items

Is there something i am missing about scrolling? Whenever i scroll through the calls log (and other lists too but that one comes up the most) it is constantly opening names that i touch when all i want to do is scroll down the list to find a number. How do i scroll on the droid without constantly opening entries on the list and having to use the back button to resume the scroll? This also affects scrolling speed because if i put my finger down to scroll slowly and not just flick while barely touching the screen, it immediately opens that name and as others have pointed out occassionaly dials it too.

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Add A Textview Below A Mapview

I followed hello views, google map view and now i want to add a textview under below the mapview. I have only changed the layout file main.xml and placed the mapview and the textview in a vertical linearlayout. My eclipse is set to build this automatically, but when i run the application in the emulator, i can only see the mapview.

How can i add a textview below a mapview?

Here is my layout main.xml code.

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Display A Mapview With A Subacivity

I have a main activity. Its main.xml generates a view that holds a slider, which on click, revels some area for content. In this area i want to display a map. So i need a second activity. I am able to call the sub activity but i want it to be displayed in the area of the slider of the main.xml, however the map has its own mapview.xml. Any ideas?

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Htc Incredible - Delete Items On Their Pdf Viewer

Does anyone know how to delete items on their pdf viewer? I want to delete articles i have downloaded. But i'm not sure how to do it. Can anyone help?

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Collapse (find Ids For) All Parent Items In Expandablelistview

I need a clue how to collapse (or find ids for) all parent items in expandablelistview.

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Google Maps Missing Some Labs Items / Fix It

After updating google maps within the last 24hrs, i seem to be missing the google labs feature that darkens the map when the buzz layer is active. Has anybody else had this happen?

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How To Delete Items Out Of Notification Bar? - Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

How to delete items out of your notification bar. For instance i downloaded sykvi, and i have a few security scanning apps. Such as "lookout" and avast, they are always in my notification bar and the power saving mode icon, i would like to remove these icons from the bar but still have the services running, how do i do this task, if this can be done?

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Removing Paths/points From Mapview

I have drawn something like this: http://i43.

How to remove the paths and points?

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Onclicklistener For A Mapview Never Called / Am I Missing Something

I have setup a onclicklistener for a mapview and find that it's never called. I have set clickable to be true but it's still not working. Am i missing something or is the onclicklistener not supported on a mapview?

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Get Image Of Map Displayed In Mapview

Is there any way to get the image of the map displayed in mapview?

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Disable Mapview When It Not Supported By Device

I've an application with multiple activities. One activity is a mapactivity. Can i disable mapactivity when it is not supported by the device and let the user install the application and get remaining activities or should i develop two versions of the application (one with mapactivity and another without it)?

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Implement Something On A Mapview That Acts Much Like Zoomer

I'd like to implement something on a mapview that acts much like zoomer - slides in whenever you touch the map, then fades after a bit of inactivity. Mapview is closed-source, sigh. I'm sure i can figure it out, but if anyone else already has, i'd love to have some code to look at.

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Disappearing Mapview Zoom Controls

Since mapview. Getzoomcontrols() is deprecated in api level 5, how do we keep the &*(#$(! Zoom controls from disappearing (when it wasn't deprecated you could add the zoom controls to a zoomcontrols view. To no avail, they still require a user touch and disappear after a few seconds. Fyi i'm in satellite mode if that matters.

Its a big problem. Need a way to know whether user is touching the screen because they want to zoom or because they want to say drop a pin on that spot. With disappearing zoom controls you cannot achieve this.

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Mapview On Top Part Of Screen

Does anyone know how to put mapview on the top part of the screen? The map always occupies the whole screen and squeezes out the views below. It works if the other views are on the top part of the screen and the mapview is at the bottom part.

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Displaying Multiple Locations On Mapview

Ok, time to ask, i've searched, tried things suggested, and have spent a day on this to no avail. Any suggestions gratefully received. I am using the mapview tutorial as a base and i can only get one marker/ location to show up - the one in mexico, another off of cape cod, but not both! (I checked the data on the locationlist array and it is there with different lat/lons as ints)

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