Samsung Galaxy S - Can I Watch Online Videos

I've heard that the galaxy s doesn't have flash support so you can't watch videos online until flash 10 is added with froyo 2. 2 at the end of the year. Is this true? Does the galaxy s really have no way of watching videos online?

Also, if you can watch videos online (or will be able to with froyo) does the tv out allow you to stream high quality video onto a tv? For example using bbc iplayer, can you send to a tv? My netbook has a 1. 6ghz processor and is choppy, so i was wondering (if doubtful) if the galaxy s could do this.

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Motorola Droid X - How To Watch Free Online Movies

How i do to whatch free online movies on my droid x it any app for that o no yet can someone can give me any optcion please

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Motorola Droid - Watch Music Videos On Phone

Ive been trying to find some music videos on youtube but i cant. I even looked them up on my laptop and e-mailed a link to myself and opened it up from my phone and it said "cannot play on mobile" so i was wondering if their is another site or app i could use to watch music videos. Also another completely random off the wall question i have, which i apologize for putting here but its been driving me crazy. Is android 2. 2 out for the motodroid yet? Ive been seeing things where it seems its out for other phones and im wondering if its out for the motodroid yet? And if it isn't, how will i know when it is?

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Htc Evo 4g - Wife Can't Watch Videos On Facebook / Fix It

Asks what she wants to use to complete the action, flikie movie viewer or streaming media player. Neither work. Says sorry, this video cannot be played.

Does she need a different player from the market? She's running unrooted 2. 2

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Media - Play Online Videos From Phone

I need help on playing online videos from my droid x. I recently got a droid x and i am totally new to smart phone. So can someone specifically teach me how to play online videos from phone. (Just like youtube)

I have no problem watching youtube since youtube is already installed in droid x, but like veoh, and other clips from other video sites that i cannot watch.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Watch Divx Files Straight From Net Like Youtube

Any 1 can confirm this i tried watch divx file from internet seems not work anyone no how u can watch divx files straight from the net like youtube is this even possible? It galaxys btw thanks god speed

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Samsung Galaxy S - Got Some Nice Videos - Why Can't I View Them On My Computer

Alright have had the phone since august, and i really like it!
The camera is outstanding and addicting that i record every single thing.

My only problem is that i can't view my video on my computer. Whenever i transfer the videos from my phone to my computer, i can't view them! It just shows the windows music player i can hear the sound but can't view the video

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Issue: Uploading Videos To Youtube Have Black Bars - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have a few videos that i've uploaded to youtube. If you notice, there are black bars on both the left and right side. I've looked up other videos on youtube that were uploaded from the sgsii and they don't have the bars. Any suggestions?

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Samsung I7500 - Codecs To Play Galaxy's .3gp Videos In Vlc

Which codecs do i need to play galaxy's . 3gp videos in vlc?

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Samsung Epic 4g - What Format Does Movie Have To Be In Order To Watch

Just got a free download of fast dvd ripper, so i was curious what format does a movie have to be in order to watch it on the epic? More importantly, how do i go about getting on the epic?Note: link to free dvd ripper pro. Fast dvd ripper, fast video converter, psp, iphone video converter, ipod video converter

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Where To Copy Videos On Sd Card From Laptop Using Galaxy Ace?

Where to copy videos on sd card for samsung galaxy ace? I have a samsung galaxy ace and i would like to copy over some video files to the sd card from my laptop but i cant see a video folder. Do i need to create a video folder or is it a movie folder?

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Htc Incredible - Play Videos Without Conversion On Phone / Software Program To Find Videos On Sd Card

1. Videos in which formats will play without conversion on the incredible?

2. Which software programs play these videos?

3. I have an sd card. Where on the card do i store videos so that the software program can find them?

4. How do i get the software program to find the videos on the sd card?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Watching Youtube Videos

On a few occasions i have been having trouble with watching youtu be videos. Here is a video that actually demonstrates what happened to me on occation:

*Skip to 10:30*

Youtube - samsung epic 4g software review

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Samsung Fascinate - When Try To Look At Other Videos They Don't Play

I am new to this site and androids in general and i just got a fascinate youtube videos work fine but when i try to look at other videos they don't play. Any ideas why?

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Samsung Fascinate - Any Way To Make Youtube Default To Play Videos In High Quality

Just joined the forums, thought i'd say hey and ask a few questions. I tried going to the vzw community forums. That was useless. My wife and i both got fascinate's last month and there's a few thing i'm trying to figure out:

-A week or two ago i downloaded a system update and it worked fine, with her phone though every time i try to download the same update it gives me a "server unavailable" error message. I've tried it several times over several days. My phone just says "no update available. "

-Is there any way to make youtube default to play videos in high quality? Every time i go to watch a youtube video it defaults to normal quality and i can't find a setting to change it. Can this be done?

-My phone has 5-20 second "freezes" when opening various aps (anything from the browser to a game), even when it's the only thing running. Is this just the nature of android/2. 1 or should this not be happening?

-When i first got my phone i had an interesting issue: my 3g connection stopped working (in the middle of birmingham, al) and my clock up top froze at a certain time. If i locked the phone and hit the unlock button the correct time showed on the bottom clock. A restart fixed this. Has this happened to anyone else? Any idea what caused it? A talk with the verizon rep said to open the back and pull the battery out while the phone was running for a "hard reset. " It's not happened since.

-Finally, it seems like my battery isn't lasting as long as it "should. " I look at my usage and it says my display is sucking up 71% of my battery. But i have my brightness set to the next to lowest setting and just a picture background.

I'm sure it looks like alot of complaints but overall both my wife and i are extremely pleased with our phones, despite the few annoyances.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Force Videos To Pick Up Thumbnail - To Change View In Gallery To List

I've put a bunch of videos on my phone for my daughter (gotta keep toddlers happy when they're waiting!) But the thumbnails for all but one in the gallery are blank. Is there any way to force them to pick up a thumbnail or to change the view in gallery to a list?

I know i can just make a shortcut to the folder the videos are in for her, but the ocd in me just hates those blank thumbnails in the gallery.

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Connecting A G1 To A Tv To Watch Movie

So is there any way of connecting a g1 to a tv? Say i have a movie on my g1 and want to watch it on a tv. I usually do this with my laptop, plug the tv to the s-video and the movie plays on the tv. Can the same thing be done with the g1?

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Motorola Xoom - Will I Be Able To Watch All Movies From Itunes ?

I'm probably about to ask a question that i already know the answer to.

If i spend some of my hard-earned on a motorola xoom, will i be able to use it to watch all the movies, tv series etc. That i've got on itunes? I'm guessing "no" will be the answer, given all the hassle with drm-ed items, but hope springs eternal.

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Motorola Droid X - How To Watch Sunday Night Football

I am wondering how i can watch sunday night football on my droidx. This past thursday, cbs aired the vikings vs saints game live on their site but i could not get silverlight installed to watch it. I was hoping someone could give me instructions on how to install silverlight (or another program that will let me watch the games on sunday nights) because i looked for about 2 hours with no luck.

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Motorola Droid - What Site Can Watch Nhl Game

Does anyone have any idea what site i can watch the nhl game tonight. Also the world cup games this weekend. Im running 2. 2

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Htc Droid Eris - March Madness - How To Watch It On Phone

Anyone know how? won't play on phone.

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Motorola Droid - Unable To Watch Video On Phone / Sort It?

Everytime i try and watch a video on my moto droid i get the msg. "Cannot play video. Sorry, this video cannot be played". Anyone
Else having this issue?

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Motorola Droid - Since Update - Watch Video From Browser Doesn't Start Playing

Whenever i try to watch a video from the browser i click on it and it doesn't start playing.

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Motorola Droid - Can't Watch Message When Downloaded A Video / Delete It And Get Media To Work Again

When i first got the droid, i was thrilled that i was able to download a few videos from a video relay services (vrs) and view the videos on my droid. The purpose of those videos are the messages that hearing people called and leave their message through the relay services (similar to voice mail that hearing people get). Now the problem is that each time i downloaded a video and want to watch the message. The media's pop up said "sorry, this video cannot be played" or something like that. I went to the gallery to see if there are any videos in there. There were three videos (two were from vrs and one that i used my droid to video my dog). All three were deleted. But each time i download the vrs messages, one or more of these deleted videos reappeared!  How do i completely delete those videos that i already deleted many times?  And how do i get the media to work again? 

I kept the droid mainly because of its ability to download the video message and play them. I hope that motorola will get this video issues fixed up soon. I am not going to give up. But if motorola want to attract deaf people to get droid, then they would need to get the video problems fixed.

Btw, i convinced friend who is also deaf to get droid and she bought it today.

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Unistall Base Apps Like Skype And Amazon Mp3 / Application To Watch - Download Movies

I have a couple of questions concerning the new droid 2. Does anyone know how to unistall base apps like skype and amazon mp3? They run in the background constantly and suck battery life and it will not let you unistall when you go to settings.
Second does anyone know of any good apps that let you watch and download movies?
Third do iphone apps cross over?

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Samsung Galaxy S - I9000 No Mobile Ap Setting & Samsung App Store

I just bought my sgs i9000 in france a few days back. It's locked to sfr here. I tried searching the forums for an answer to these but had no luck.

I noticed 2 things:
1. There is no "mobile ap settings" under wireless and network settings. I installed appbrain and i can see the "mobile ap settings" under the installed apps. But i can't run them. Is there any way to enable this? I would love to use my fone as a wireless hotspot.

2. No samsung app store is installed with the phone. Is there any way to do this? I want to install the asphalt 5 game.

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Music Online App

I don't know if anyone used the music online before. It's awesome app for music downloading on your android phone. But it seems google has took it off from market. I found its website And you can still download it from there. Or click here to download.

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Get Online User To Gmail Chat

I am developing gmail chat application in android. Anybody know how can we get the online user?
I would login from my gmail id. I want to show the my friends who is online from chat list.

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Want To Buy Tangram Pro Online / Way To Get

I want to buy tangram pro, but in india there is no paid application available in market . Is there any way to buy it online?

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Is There List Online Somewhere Of All Apps That Are Currently Out At Moment

Basicly i just got myself a contract galaxy s with 02 and i'm waiting for delivery, i chose this phone because of the bad rep the iphone 4 has gotten but the one thing that was edging me towards the iphone was the amount of app's that it can have. Is there a list online somewhere of all the apps that are currently out at the moment?

And also the iphone has an app for a virtual mpc5000 which is a drum machine you press certain buttons and whatever sound you have allocated will be played in real time, does the andriod have this app or anything like it?

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