Htc Incredible - Get Itunes To Recognize Dinc Just Like Ipod?

Does anyone know if there is a way to get itunes to recognize the dinc, just like a ipod? I know i can go through all of my mp3's and drag/drop but i have everything in itunes and it would be a lot easier to just do it from there.

I just got my 16gb sd in the mail today so i'm trying to figure out the best way to manage my music and movies with the dinc.

Open to any app/program suggestions or other tips.

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Htc Incredible - Dinc System Crash

Driving with gps and announcement gps lost. After i arrive at destination, my phone appears to have crashed. Most applications come up with a force close message. Turned on and off. Removed battery. Removed and reloaded some apps, dolphin works after reload. Is there any thing beside reloading and/or doing a reset? Anyone else experience this problem. Not rooted. Running 2. 2. My phone book is nonexistent. Seems that htc original apps load without the force message.

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Htc Incredible - Does Dinc Only Use 3g As It Accesses New Data

Does the dinc only use 3g as it accesses new data? I rarely see a 3g signal on my phone and i live in memphis not far from verizon. Ive been with verizon for 4 years and have consistently received great signals on my other phones. But with the inc. I'll only notice i'm on 3g as i'm surfing the web or app market. When a new page loads, 3g lights up and signal increases, and after the page loads 3g signal is gone. Is this how the device is supposed to perform?

Ps: i realize signal strength is a reported issue with this device. So far i get speedy performance without dropped calls etc. I just wasn't sure if the 3g signal activity on my device is actually the phone conserving 3g connectivity.

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Motorola Droid X - Can't Get Itunes (agent) To Recognize

My new x came in last night. How do i check to see what version of software came with it or are you pretty sure no froyo yet? Also i can not get my itunes (agent) to reconize. I am a newphite comming from a bb storm.

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Htc Incredible - Set Gmail Invites To Be Private By Default On Dinc

Is there a way to set gmail invites to be private by default? Google help says that if your calendar is set to private (mine is) then all invites will be private too. That is not the case though - when my husband receives an invite in outlook and he has to manually change it to private. So short of using my pc for all invites (where i can manually set them to private each time) is there a way to do this on the dinc?

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Htc Desire - Possible To Use Iphone / Ipod Headset With A Mic On Phone

As much as i love my desire, i hate the crap headset that comes with it.

Is it possible to use iphone/ipod headset with a mic on the desire. And not just to listen but also to talk.

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Using Phone Like An Ipod

I am a college student and im looking for an android phone to use like an ipod (no service, just email/facebook/youtube by wifi) i found some nice phones on ebay at a reasonable price but after doing some reasearch, i found out that activating the phone and the gmail thing is hard/impossible without a data plan. Xd

Im not looking for a data plan or anything, only to use lika a pda or ipod. I asked the seller of the devour, and he said that i should be able to use wifi without activating but i want to make sure.

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Htc Desire - Couldn't Play Itunes Protected Stuff ?

Well i synced using salling on a deauthorised itunes account and all my itunes purchases and i mean all of them are perfectly playable on my desire. Music and video. Is this right or have i hit upon a bug?

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Htc Evo 4g - Titanium To Recognize Backup?

I just updated to froyo, but i made several titanium backups prior. When i created a back up in the past, i would copy and paste the titaniumbackup folder from the sdcard to my desktop.

After updating to froyo, i went to reload all my data, but titanium failed to recognize the backup after i cut and paste it from my desktop to my sdcard.

I'm not so much worried about the apps as i am about the sms and what not. How can i get titanium to recognize the backup?

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Eclipse (windows) Cannot Recognize Htc Evo / Fix It

I have been developing on the htc hero for a while now, and just got another testing phone: the evo. However, when i plug it in, nothing that i can do will get the system to recognize the evo as something worthy of testing on.

I got the usb drivers. I went to the device manager to tell the system where the drivers are, and to associate them with the evo. But even though i give it the exact folder, windows keeps telling me that no compatible drivers were found. The hero works fine with these drivers, and there are not any updates available for them. I am able to access the sd card when i put the phone in the right mode. Debugging mode is definitely turned on.

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Windows Unable To Recognize Htc Evo Device / What To Fix It

Android phone: htc sprint evo 4g connected to pc by usb cable pc os :win xp last update of android sdk : very recent (today). Up to date updates

On command line if i type adb devices: adb devices it shows "list of devices empty".

Did the following resolutions but nothing worked.

Cleared the windows registers under devices/controls cleared driver from system32

Tried to reinstall the driver again, it shows the following message on the screen "cannot install the hardware because wizard cannot find the necessary software"

I specified the windows usb driver directory manually. It shows the same message again.

Checked the contents of the usb directory. I can see one. Inf file and two . Cat files

So, please suggest me what to do to fix this. I have spent my whole day and frustrated.

Why simple things are so complex on android.

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Htc Evo 4g - Desktop Application Installer Does Not Recognize As Connected

What mode do i need to be in? I assumed it would be as a mounted drive. The "next" button for installing an apk file is just dimmed out. This is on the window that launches if you open an .apk file from your desktop. It's called "application installer. " Is this working for everybody else?

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Htc Desire - Phone Won't Recognize Sd Card At All

I'm having trouble with my desire after a couple of days of being rooted. My phone won't recognize my sd card at all, i can't access it to format it from anywhere (phone, pc, mac). I have searched a bit and eventually found this thread on xda [dev] usb-brick fix - restore usb function on your bricked desire - xda-developers the things is, i'm a noob, and i'm stuck on the first step

I can boot into recovery, but when i select fastboot i can't see where to type in any commands on the phone or the computer. Anyone know how to fix this?Anyone know how to manage to type in any of the commands on that xda thread?Sry if it's a stupid question, but i'm stressing out that i can't fix it. Maybe i'm not usb bricked? The computer recognizes the phone is plugged in, just can't access/mount/recognize the sd card on the phone or computer?

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Samsung Captivate - Skip Songs With Volume Button Like On Ipod

I would like to use my captivate as my mp3 player at the gym, but i need to be able to easily skip songs like i can on my ipod with the press of a button.

Is there any app out there that allows the volume button (or other button on the phone) to skip a song when music is playing? Something that you could do by touch and not have to dig the phone out of your pocket.

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Games - Get App Like Tap Revenge For Iphone / Ipod Touch

Do you know if there is an app like tap tap revenge for the iphone/ ipod touch? Or something like guitar hero.
I can't look on the market store yet as my hero hasn't arrived yet!

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Won't Recognize New 16gb Sdcard / Fix For It

I bought a new sdcard (adata 16gb class 6 microsd) i formatted it fat32, exactly like the original 8gb card and copied all the data from the original sd card onto it. The phone won't recognize the new card at all. My computer recognizes it just fine, but when i put it in the phone, the phone does not see it at all. I've searched for an answer for two days. Any suggestions?

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Htc Desire - Music Player Fails To Recognize Id3 Tags After Froyo / What To Do

Just got the froyo update, the media player fails to recognize the id3 tags and says as unknown title unknown songs, also the whole music collection have the same album art.

I ran all my songs through mp3tag on the pc, and all the id3 tags and album arts are embedded and are correct.

I even tried to remove and put the songs back in. Also cleared media storage numerous number of times, restarts also haven't helped.

What can i do?

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Htc Desire - Phone Doesn't Recognize Headset When I Plug It In / Fix It

My desire doesn't recognize the headset when i plug it in. Ie the little symbol doesn't appear in the bar and nothing will play through the earbuds.

Anyone else had this problem or is it time to take it back to carphone warehouse?

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Htc Droid Eris - Windows 7 Does Not Recognize Phone When Plug Into Usb Port / Solve It?

Just got a new computer with windows 7. It does not recognize the eris when i plug into the usb port and there is no usb icon at the top of the eris homepage.

Everything worked fine with xp.

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Anyway For Phone To Sync With Itunes

Im getting my nexus one very soon and abandoning my iphone 3g. One nifty feature i found that the iphone has is that when you press the power and home button at the same time a snapshot is taken of what is currently on the screen and saved into my photos. Is there anyway that an android phone can do this?Is there also anyway for an android phone to sync with itunes? Any app?

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Htc Evo 4g - Device Cannot Recognize Name 'lilly'

I am having 2 issues with my voice dialer.

1. My device cannot recognize the name "lilly" i have tried changing the contact name to. Lili, lily & lilian. Still does not find the contact. And the contact does have a last name associated with it, but still finds nothing close. Any suggestions on this one?

2. When the dialer does find someone that has multiple numbers. It does not always choose the default or primary number or offer a way to select the appropriate number.

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App That Allows To Control Itunes From Phone

Is there an app that allows me to control my itunes from my phone. A lot like the remote droid. But one that lets me control my itunes from my phone.

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Motorola Droid X - How To Sync With Itunes

Ok so i just got both my droid x and macbook pro, and i had a couple questions hopefully you guys can answer:how do i sync with itunes?Is it possible to share contacts with address book? Via bluetooth or otherwise?(I tried doing it with bluetooth, like the two were paired and connected and i 'shared name cards' on the phone and tried to send them but it didn't work. )Are there any cool things i can do with the phone and the mac? I know this is a little vague but i'm curious!

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Motorola Droid X - Get Phone To Sync With My Itunes

How to get droid x to sync with my itunes? Or any other way to get my music on this amazing phone.

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Motorola Xoom - Will I Be Able To Watch All Movies From Itunes ?

I'm probably about to ask a question that i already know the answer to.

If i spend some of my hard-earned on a motorola xoom, will i be able to use it to watch all the movies, tv series etc. That i've got on itunes? I'm guessing "no" will be the answer, given all the hassle with drm-ed items, but hope springs eternal.

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Switching From Iphone To Droid - How To Sync With Itunes ?

Switching from iphone to droid. What do i need to know and how can i sync with itunes?

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Samsung Captivate - How To Transfer Itunes Songs To Phone

How do i transfer itunes songs to my captivate

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Htc Incredible - Possible Incredible Facebook Contact Solution

There are many topics on the subject but i couldn't find where this option was as many of us with an incredible know, the facebook integration is cool but annoying in that it throws every facebook friend with a listed phone number within your dialer screen and other key contact locations. So here's a possible solution if someone can help me. On my friend's motorola droid, his facebook app has an option that will only sync facebook contacts with known phone contacts. It's listed under menu>settings>other settings (the incredible shows only 'helpful hints' under this same menu item, although it's version number is higher). This is awesome in that it gets rid of the zillions of people you don't want showing up in your dialer.

So, can you replace the incredible's facebook app with the moto droid's? I have it downloaded but can't install it since i can't remove the stock facebook apps that came on the incredible. Is it possible to use the moto droid facebook app instead?I didn't have much time on his droid so if i'm mistaken on any point then so be it. Just hoping for options.

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Motorola Droid - Download 50-75 Songs From Itunes - Bring Them Into Phone

I have never owned a smartphone before and am loving my droid. I have about 50-75 songs that i downloaded from itunes and i want to bring them into the droid. Is this possible? Is so how can i do this.

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Apad - Cannot Recognize The Device

To get this out of the way: it's a 7" apad with webcam and a red light when charging. It came with android 1. 7. A few things i need to sort but am ripping my hair out trying to do myself:

1.connect to the pc. My ipod cable fit perfectly in the bottom then into my pc via usb but then my pc (vista) says that it cannot recognize the device. Do i need to download drivers or do anything in particular? Links to drivers much appreciated.

2. Upgrade from 1. 7 to 2. 1/2. 2 is something i really want to do, looking about some say it's hard/impossible but others say there is a way. Even if it's a longshot, anyway to upgrade would be great as i want to install flashplayer which is apparently only for android 2. 2.

3. Install flashplayer. But this needs android 2. 2 i think.

4. Downloading apps from the android market is not working. They all get stalled right at the start without downloading anything at all. Why?

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