Design Custom Border For Imageview Used In Gallery

How to design custom border for the imageview used in gallery?

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Removing Imageview Border

I have a vertically oriented linearlayout that has a child linearlayout that includes a textview, an edittext, and a button, and a child imageview.

So something like:


And the problem i am experiencing is that the seperation between the linearlayout and the imageview (displaying a .png as a background with android:background="@drawable/sun") is displaying a visible crease in between them. I have the linearlayout using the same background color as the .png so that it looks like they flow together, but the crease ruins that aspect.

Edit: here's a screenshot!

Do you see the thin line under the submit button?

Here is the xml:


How can i fix this? (My sun and cloud have rough edges, any quick fixes with gimp?)

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Specify A Border Color For An Imageview When It Focus

In android, how can i specify a border color for an image view when it has focus? e.g. How to put an orange border around an image view when it has focus?

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Remove Custom Button Border

I used this selector code for my custom button (simple.xml) code.

But on my imagebutton i don't know how to remove border. I want to show only my images not to show border around button.

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Custom Checkable Imageview

I trying to create an imageview with 3 states - default, pressed, and checked. I've extended imageview, implemented the checkable interface, and created a selector drawable file with entries for the three states. But i'm confused about just how it all is supposed to work. I've got the default and pressed states working as desired but the checked state isn't appearing when i think it should. Is there an example of a custom checkable imageview somewhere?

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Custom Buttons - How To Get Border/edge/frame When Read The Background From Xml

Using android shapes in xml i have defined a gradient which i use as the background for a button. This all works nice, but there's no edge surrounding the button. I would like it to look similar to the normal android button but i need more flexibility to control the color and look.

The shape is defined as follows:


I would expect the border to be set in the xml. Why doesn't "stroke" fix it? Stroke doesn't seem to do anything. I checked the android developer spec, but couldn't find the answer there:

I have also looked through all the properties of the android button, but as expected there's no such parameter, probably since it's built into the normal android button. Btw, i checked image-button properties too. I know there's the alternative to make an image with proper edges and use an imagebutton, but there really should be a way to fix this pro grammatically.

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Imageview Selection In Custom Listview

I have developed a custom listview with following pattern

Name |-| age  | my tiny image  | email | -|

Now i want to know after clicking on my tiny image some function should be called. How to attach listener to this image which is part of custom listview row.

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View Overlap - Created A Custom View As Gallery Item

I had created a custom view as gallery item. My custom view contains an image view and a textview. I want textview to be below of imageview but it overlaps.



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Ui Design For Removing Items From A List

This may sound a little strange, but i'm making a game for the android phone, but i don't own one myself. I'm in a bit of a loss in designing my ui and need some suggestions from anroid phone owners. The general idea is to have a screen where a user can start a board from the beginning or load a previous save game. I'm trying to minimize the ui and would like to give the user to remove any unwanted level or save game from the same selection.

Here is what the ui looks like.

Play level
| Level 1 |
| Level 2 |
| Level 3 |
Saved game
| Save 1 |
| Save 2 |
| Save 3 |

So in terms of a vertical linear layout, there is a textview, listview, textview, listview. The user can touch/click the desired level/save_game to play. But i want to give them the option to delete any old saved game from this same screen. On my palm pre, i would just flick them to the side. This gesture doesn't seem to be available here. So my question is, how does other andoid apps do this?

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Motorola Xoom - Poor Industrial Design

The xoom is a very fast tablet but is beset with a lack of applications. The most irritating thing is the design of the tablet and accessories. Motorola choose to put the ports on the bottom of the xoom. That means that if you get the motorola portfolio case, you can't charge the device or connect it to a pc. Ok, you can insert the xoom upside down into the case but some android applications, will show up upside down.

The dock doesn't allow a connection to the pc while the xoom is connected to the dock even though the dock has a dummy usb connector to register the xoom with the dock so that power pogo pins will align correctly. Is there a wired ethernet adapter in the event you are at a hotel that doesn't support wi-fi in your room (like many of the disney vacation club facilities)? Ok, you can use the broadband setup (which is slow (rev. A) and expensive) or the future lte support (which is expensive). I thought motorola was supposed to be a hardware company.

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Active Project Attempting To Improve The Gui Design Process

I'm not looking for a mock up tool, i'm looking for a reasonable gui design tool for the final product in the style of apple's interface builder. Droid draw is buggy, out of date and inaccurate in my experience. Using the eclipse plug in to do a complex layout makes going to the dentist seem fun. I'd even settle for hand-coding css pixel coordinates over the current model.

Is the solution found here: http://andrdev. the best, or have one of you ninjas found something else? If there is an actively developed project that isn't ready for show yet, i'd like to know that as well.

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How To Set A Border Around An Image

Preferably, i'd like a somewhat fancy bevel . I'd like the picture to have some depth on it. So it doesn't look so plain and old-fashion.

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Gridview Image Border

I am using gridview for display group of image from xml using xml parsing now i want to display the border around each image in gridview. All image should display outline border on image in gridview . How to set boder for each image in gridview.

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How To Display Border Lines For Tablelayout

Android developer guide mention "tablelayout containers do not display border lines for their rows, columns, or cells. " But we have a requirement to display the border on ui, there is no attribute to enable the border in tablelayout.

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Set Different Color Of Border Of Rectangle Using Stroke

How about, if just to get top border or left border using stroke. Is it possible to set different width for different borders

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Htc Desire - Unlevel Screen - Border

The other day i was reading a few stories via the bbc news app and i thought the text appeared to be "slanting" from right to left. I'm not referring to the letters theirself, but more the direction the text was heading in.

I put it down to my eyes being tired or the angle i was holding the phone at.

However, i've since expected the phone very closely (a little too closely perhaps!) And it seems that the right hand side of the black "border" surrounding the screen is slightly thicker than the left hand side. This could obviously give the impression of slanting text at times in the direction i experienced.

I suppose i should note that the above is all extremely minimal and hardly noticeable. I just wanted to know if anybody else had noticed this.

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Htc Hero - White Border Around Album Art?

I'm not sure if this a mp3 or hero issue, but some of my album art has a white border around it in the music app.

I've checked the actual art and it has no border, and i've tried resizing it to 300x300, 400x400 and 500x500 with no luck. The art on other albums is fine though. I'm using a freeware mp3 tagging tool to tag the art.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Way To Change Blue Border

You know the blue status bar that is normally white on most android phones, is there anyway to change its colors? Would be nice to have it in black.

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Custom Views In Listview - Custom View Be Made To Fill The Entire Width Of The List View

This app is building custom views for elements of a list view. How can the custom view be made to fill the entire width of the list view?

This xml for the elements view is inflated from this:


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Cannot Get Drawable To Appear In Imageview I Created / What To Do

I am writing an app which will create drawable shapes and add them to other drawables. (Think tetris pieces onto a tetris board. ) As a test, i want to have a particular shape appear when my activity is loaded, but i cannot get a drawable to appear in the imageview i created.could anyone explain why the following code isn't working?

Activity code.

Note: i have been able to make static resources from the 'drawable' folder appear in this imageview, just not drawables i have created in the code.

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Imageview Layout - Startactivityforresult

I have a imageview layout where one image need to be displayed on user selection.

If i click on image, it start a new activity for image selection and display that image on the previous activity image layout.

Activity 1:  


Activity 2:


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Make A Imageview At Right Of Linearlayout

In the linearlayout, i need to put the image at right. I have tried a lot of method, none of them works. Can someone point out what is wrong? Code.

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Bitmapdrawable Gravity Ignored In Imageview

I have created a bitmapdrawable and have set the gravity to clip vertically and to position at the bottom. Then i have added this to the imageview object, but the clipping is ignored and instead is being scaled instead. What am i doing wrong? I have even tried to set a small rectangle of 50x50 as the bound for the bitmapdrawable and the imageview still displays the whole image scaled. All i want to do is be able to have the image gravity set and clipped. Any help would be appreciated.

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Imageview Button Interface

I've got an imageview inside a layout and i intercept onclick events. But when i press on it, there's no visual feedback - e.g.color changing until release. Essentially some button pressed feedback.

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Unable To Change Width Of An Imageview / Why It Does Not

This looks too simple, but i can't figure out why it does not.

I have an imageview inside a relative layout code.

In the code, i would like to change it's width: (in response to the change of a seekbar) here's the code.

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Can't Animate Imageview / Fix It

I'm having problems when trying to animate an imageview. It is a simple alpha animation.code.

And i load it on the ondraw() from a class that inherits from relativelayout:

Animation anim = animationutils. Loadanimation(ctx, r. Anim. Appear); apolloview. Startanimation(anim);

The image shows but in only displays the first step of the animation (the first frame).

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Dynamic Create A Imageview On Widget

I want to dynamic create imageview on a widget. How can i do this?

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Setting Margins For Imageview Using Code

I want to set margin for an imageview through code. I coudnt find any method for that xml attribute is android:layout_marginleft. What is the java method ? Setpadding() does not work in my case.

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Getting Images From Intents To Be Showed Correctly In Imageview

I'm developing an app, and i want the user to be able to get an image either from their gallery or to use the camera to get the image. The intents are working fine, but im having trouble showing the pictures in my imageview, if the image is comming from the camera intent, the image is cropped and only shown a portion of it, when the image comes from the gallery intent the image is shown fine.

Here's the xml layout for the imageview:


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Make Imageview Fill Vertically Within Relativelayout

I put an imageview and a textview within a relativelayout that is used as list items, and want the imageview to grow vertically with the line number of textview. The drawable of the imageview is a png picture of vertical bar.

With the following layout, thought it looks fine in the layout view in eclipse, the imageview does not fill the height of the relativeview at runtime. Instead, it alway keeps the original picture's height.code.

Why does it not work as i expect(or as shown in eclipse layout view)?

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