New User Questions: Just Switched To Triumph From Optimus V

I switched to triumph from optimus v, it had my triumph sitting on my desk for few hours until i made up my mind because after reading all the reviews i had some doubts about this phone and i was contemplating to sell it while itís still in box and sealed.

I understand that you couldnít compare optimus to triumph, they are different phones, but for those who are in the same situation i was before, if you can switch to triumph, you wont regret it, it is a lot faster and you will have a lot more storage, i donít have any of the issues i read all over the internet, gps works just find, maybe it take few more seconds for it to lock and be ready, also one of the things i read and i was concerned about it was that some people were saying that triumph is flimsy, but it is not, it is more delicate, there is a huge difference between being flimsy and delicate, granted optimus looks or feels more sturdy, but i can tell the triumphís structure is nice and by no means looks cheap at all, but you will have to me more careful with it.

If you run few apps, perhaps optimus will do, but if you use a little bit more, then triumph is for you, lately my optimus was acting very slow and freezed up many times, due to increase of the apps that i downloaded.

Now, i have few questions, i could find everything i need in this forum:

1-to use aftermarket rom, do i have to root my phone?

2-the stock text application is not like my optimus, very similar though, but the dictionary doesnít work, what other application do you recommend for this purpose?

3-what application do you recommend as gallery? Or to keep my pictures in there?

4-as i mentioned i am not expert so what is this gingerbread, jailbreak, or android 2. 2 or 2. 3. I know my phone has 2. 2, is there any way i can upgrade this?

5-and the last, all i want from the internet browser is to be fast, i donítí really care or need all the features, which one is the fastest?

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Why Switched Iphone To Android Article

Why i switched from iphone to android - pcworld. Thought it was interesting! Very true. I was a die hard apple fan and blackberry fan. The technology is old and slow now.

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Podcast App That Supports Position Resume When Tracks Are Switched

I have found that most of the podcast apps out there let me resume the position of a podcast when i exit and enter the program but i am running into a problem in that if i switch between podcasts it starts over when i return to one i have already started. Is there a podcast app out thee that will let me listen to part of one podcast, switch to another, listen to part of that, and then if i switch back to the first it will resume from the point i left off, not from the start?I have tried listen but that resets each time i switch between tracks.

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Htc Hero - Wifi Switched On Network Error Is Displayed Wifi Is Shown As Connected

Cannot conect to the market if i have wifi switched on network error is displayed wifi is shown as connected? Tryed in different hotspots.

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Was Motorola Triumph Actually Rebranded ?

I remember reading when the triumph was first announced that a lot of people were saying it was a re-branded huawei device. Has anyone managed to actually confirm that that's true? Obviously the code is similar since our roms and kernels are similar. Just wondering if maybe that could explain some of the qc issues we've had. I think i remember reading huawei kinda has issues in that area.

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How Much Would You Pay For The Motorola Triumph?

How much would you pay for the triumph? If you were buying it online, considering the bugs.

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Motorola Triumph Vs. Warp, Which One You Would Keep?

I have the triumph and the warp, i'm experiencing problems with both. I need advice and opinions on which one you'd keep in my shoes.


- Extreme extreme light leakage phone pretty much unusable due to its reception issues and my area.

- Constant reboots mainly when using camera.

Things i like over the warp are: vm warranty ( i can't replace phone until the 24th or later it was purchased on ebay nib), pic quality, and speakers on phone.


- Constant rebooting

- Freezing and it goes haywire while using phone when charging

- No warranty like vm

The warp seems to be faster and i have much better reception in my home. I was thinking of purchasing a warranty/ insurance through bb. I've heard horror stories about this though. Any help, advice, or opinions are greatly appreciated. Imo the triumph is more user friendly to me, but more problematic. I like the triumph better but it's raising my blood pressure more than the warp.

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New Motorola Triumph Won't Turn On Out Of The Box

It won't charge or turn on at all fresh out of the box. I ordered it off of ebay so replacing it will be such a hassle. I was wondering what i should try before going through the trouble. Should i charge it through the computer or the wall charger? And for how long should i let it charge before deciding whether or not it works? Should i try jumpstarting it with a stripped usb cable? Any insight at all would be greatly appreciated.

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Computer Does Not Find Device Motorola Triumph

I am trying to connect my mt to my computer to transfer files for the first time since i have rooted it to cm7 (the first build from march, not the latest). I press turn on usb storage, and it prepares sd card, but when i go into my computer there is no sign of it at all. The phone it self shows the usb storage in use screen. But i cannot find it on my computer. I would just use my micro to sd adapter but i don't have it here at work. Anyone know of something that i could be missing?

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Wifi Error Message On Motorola Triumph

So i just got the motorola triumph 3 days ago, and i love everything about it except for one issue. I get intermittent ability to enable wifi. It works sometimes, but not others. Restarting the phone does not help one bit. I've installed clockworkmod recovery, and i've wiped both cache and dalvik, but to no avail (it still starts and stops when it wants to). One thing i noticed was that locking the screen seems to turn wifi off and switch to 3g.

As a side note, i have googled the crap out of this issue. I haven't been able to find anything on it, so i figure i can ask you all here for help. I can sudo (haven't dropped symlinks to make it "true root" yet), but if i need to tweak with the /system partition, i need the proper mount command (haven't found that either). A million thanks to anyone who can help! Right now i want to keep this as stock as possible while removing the bloatware and fixing the wifi if possible. Perhaps cm7 when every issue is squelched, but for now stock.

Edit: i forgot to mention that when i try to enable wifi, it sits there waiting for the radio itself to turn on, and then dropping to the message "error". Not issues connecting to a network (that's always worked just fine).

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Unlocking Vm Restrictions On Bt Profile For Motorola Triumph

Just purchased a mot triumph for use with vm prepaid plan. But found it would not connect to either my bt-enabled car stereo or pc. (My old mot phone is able to pair/connect just fine but it's old). So when i called vm android tech support, they confirmed that vm restricts bt to the headset profile (hsp?) Due to "copyright restrictions" which seems ridiculous. What could solve this problem? Rooting? Upgrading to later version of android? I'm about to try to return it if necessary. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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App Stuck Behind Menu Button - Motorola Triumph

See the menu button? Behind it is an app. Im able to replace the app that is behind the menu button, but i cant move it. So i tried replacing it with an app, then deleting that app. No good. I tried deleting cache. No good. Any ideas? This really sucks. Oh and i also tried changing themes. Still no good.

Screen shot: https://dl-web.

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Terrible Poor Signal Coverage With Motorola Triumph

It seems i never get more than 2 of the 4 bars on my mt. I normally get 0-1/4 in my school 1/4 in my house, 2/4 outside and around town, sometimes 3/4 if im lucky. Never gotten 4/4 with virgin mobile. In the coverage map you can see im in the dark green but you would think i would be in ail coverage

Is this normal to not ever get full coverage even when virgin mobile says that in my aera it should be at its best. Anyone that can help or give advice on how to get better signal strength would be greatly appreciated.

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Motorola Triumph - Touch Response Slow And Bluetooth Problem

It seems like the phone is running slow for some reason. I have to wait a few seconds before i it responds to touches. Any fix or ideas on this? Also the bluetooth doesn't get detected after the phone has been on a little. For instance my car has bt and it will only see the triumph afters its first been started. Same with the bt on my office phone. I have to shut the phone down and restart it for the bt to be found. Any ideas why this is happening? I see people talking about rooting the phone to help with issues. I don't really know what that is but if it would help i would look into it. Where do find out how to root something?

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Motorola Triumph - Phone Does Not Ring Or Play A Short Tone

When my phone rings it does not play the tone sometimes and others it just plays a very short tone. It is on stock rom and rooted. Does anyone know how i can get it to ring properly?

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Motorola Triumph - Prepaid Network That Supports Unlocked Phones

I just wanted to start a thread to get some ideas and perspective on the triumph. I have noticed that people are leaving virgin mobile and the triumph. Where are they going? What service? What phone? I do love my triumph but with iffey battery and a so so screen quality my eyes are looking elsewhere. My question is this, is there a prepaid network that supports unlocked phones? What is the purpose of an unlocked phone?

I want to find a good quality phone on a prepaid network. I like my screen size. What phones are people getting? What network? Unlocked phones work on certain networks? Thanks guys, i love my triumph but the dated technology has to change.

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Issue: Broke Lcd Screen, Need Replacement - Motorola Triumph

I'm looking for a spare lcd screen (not the touch screen) for my mt because i accidentally stepped on it in the dark and now 98% of my screen displays black/glitchy. My local cell phone repair shop's technician told me they don't issue spare lcd screens for the mt yet because it's that new of a phone. Apparently my only option is to buy a whole new phone, which i am trying to avoid at all costs.

Where can i find a replacement lcd screen? I'm willing to buy a broken mt, provided i can make certain the screen is still functioning, and then install that screen onto my own mt.

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Camera Won't Open, Will Rotting With New Rom Will Fix That? - Motorola Triumph

My camera recently crapped out, it won't open anymore and always force closes right away. I have been thinking of rooting with a new rom. Will rooting fix the camera issue or should i first investigate a replacement unit?

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Issue: Phone Automatically Deletes All Text Messages - Motorola Triumph

This is the 3rd time it has happened to me, first time i had about 5000 texts that i lost, 2nd time was a little more and this time was only 1500. I have no idea what causing this. The first two times it was on the stock rom, and there was a huge lag of opening my app that i use for texting. This time today i have cm7 and there was absolutely no difference in opening the app then any other time. I don't see how it can be the number of messages because before i flashed and went to cm7 i had over 10000 texts in my inbox. Has anyone else had this problem, or know what could be causing this?

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Text Message Memory Full / Low On Space Notification - Motorola Triumph

My phone continues to give me text message memory full and low on space (phone storage) notifications. The only apps i'm running are google docs, facebook, gingerbread keyboard, juice defender, maps, market, google music, weather channel, twitter, and youtube. I have angry birds on my sd card. I have 27mb free on my internal phone storage and 1. 55 gb free on my sd card. I also deleted all the messages in my messaging inbox. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Lg Optimus V Phone Overclocking

So i put cyanogen mod into my lg optimus v. It is rooted and all i ave some questions

1. I have over-clocked it using setcpu. I went from 600 mhz to 806 mhz. Thats the highest it stays stable on. Is it okay that i am overclocking? Will it damage my phone? I have set profiles so it underclocks when idle.

2. Whats the best way to make the battery last longer?

3. Can i make this any faster? Will getting a fast sd card help?

4. What is a good music app, where i can make a playlist of all my songs? Not a radio like pandors or anything. A app where i can listen to music online and make a playlist and all listen it online not from my card.

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Lg Optimus S Issue With Contacts

I am having a problem within my contacts. I use gmail/google for everything sync-able. Any ways, recently i went from the palm treo pro to the lg optimus s and synced everything w/o problems, however, recently i noticed an issue. One of my contacts is the mother of another one of my contacts. They both have same last name, but different first. Yet, they combine the two contacts together. This has caused me to call the other when thinking i am dialing the opposite. I cannot get them to separate within the phone. On gmail they're listed and appear as separate contacts, so it' gotta be in the phone. Does anyone know what's causing this or how to correct?

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Lg Optimus V - Is Rooting Easier Now ?

I used to have a g1 but i just upgraded to a lg optimus v, is rooting easy now? Cause i hate having these pre-installed apps that take up memory on my phone.

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Skype For Lg Optimus Gt540

I've tried to get skype on my phone but apparently it's not available. The skype site does however state that they are adding new models all the time so i was wondering: a) does anyone know if they are in fact adding new models to their available list, if so how often and are they planning on adding my model (lg optimus gt540). B) is there anywhere where you can see what they are currently working on? Like a work in progress list or future plans?

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Lg Optimus - Cannot Move Icon

I accidentally moved an icon app (hangman) on top of my text icon on the bottom of my screen and can't move it. I uninstalled the app, but it only removed the original, not the shortcut, which is now over my text icon (which won't work now).

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Psx4droid Working With Lg Optimus S

How well does psx4droid work on the lg optimus s? Has any one tried psx4droid on the lg optimus s on sprint? I'm thinking because it only has a 600 mhz processor and no graphics acceleration that it probably won't run it very well, but just wanted to see if anyone had tried it.

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Lg Optimus V Randomly Shuts Off

In the 8 months that i've had this phone it has shut off randomly 3 times (fully charged, not that many programs were running to make it crash, etc. ). The only way to turn it on again is to take the battery out, put it back in and turn on the phone. I haven't abused it really (it has kamikazed itself to the floor on occasion). Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything that can be done to prevent it?

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Lg Optimus Pad V900 Tablet

Well last month we seen lg optimus pad v900 android tablet at mwc 2011 and it's world's first 3d camera featured tablet which is something new for tablet users and from wide range of tablets lg optimus pad v900 android tablet is different with unique features.

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Samsung Intercept Or Lg Optimus V On Virgin

Virgin mobile usa offers great deals on prepaid plans. It also offers choice of two great android phones - samsung intercept and lg optimus v. A lot of customers need information to make choice between two of those phones. Here is some comparison between samsung intercept and lg optimus v android phones.

It all depends on what you need in your smart phone. If you are cost concious - then pick up lg optimus v (usd 150) vs samsung intercept (usd 200-250) if you like physical keyboard and use phone for heavy e-mailing/text - then pick up samsung intercept (slideout physical keyboard) vs lg optimus v (only on screen software keyboard). If one wants more ram - then pick up samsung intercept vs lg optimus v. If you like better screen resolution, better colors - then pick up lg optimus v ( 320 x 480 screen 16 mln colors) vs samsung intercept ( 240 x 400 screen and 65 k colors).

If you like real glass touch screen - then pick up samsung intercept vs lg optimus v (fibre glass touch screen). If you like separate cpu, gpu, data processor - then pick up lg optimus v (dual core processor msm7627 - 600mhz applications processor and 400 mhz modem processor for data transfers, a floating point unit and a 320mhz application dsp, and a real dedicated gpu to perform 3d accelerations and video encoding/decoding ) vs samsung intercept (800 mhz cpu - chipset: samsung (s3c6410) + qualcomm (qsc6075)) go to forums to read more.

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Lg Optimus V - Battery Draining So Fast

I have started to experience horrible battery drain on my optimus v about a month ago. I know some people easily make it through the day with charge but i cant get more than 7 hours out of my battery. I can literally just stand there and watch my percentage go down. I have been going through almost every forum possible and tried almost everything.

Airplane mode toggle upon boot, *#*#4636#*#* cdma only cdma auto trick, battery drain then charge to full and wipe battery stats
Battery calibration
Delete all unnecessary apps
Turn off data
Turn off sync
Delete bloatware
Turn off wifi, gps and bluetooth, install juice defender, install bumblebee rom which comes with tws bug fix
New battery

This is stressing me out.could it be the firmware vm670zv4 bug. For people who have baseband vm670zv5 do you experience battery issues? Is there no fix? If there is no fix then i might have to buy a different phone or possibly move on to a different carrier.

Posted On: February 8th 2012 . View Related Posts . . View 23 Replies .