Lg Ally - Get Outlook Calendar To Sync To Phone

I am trying to get my outlook calendar to sync to my phone. I cannot figure out how to work it and the email for my outlook is a whole different story. It says "application email ( Email) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again" every time i try to open and email.

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Issue: Cannot Sync Outlook Calendar With Kies Since 2.3.6 On Galaxy S2

Has anyone else had problems with kies since 2. 3. 6? I just got the phone update cause my phone is so new, and i just tried to sync my outlook calendar, which worked before, and no luck. Syncing my contacts worked fine. Help!

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Htc Magic - Exchange Activesync - Wirelessly Sync Emails Contacts Tasks And Calendar Entries With Outlook

I have the rogers branded version of the magic and i was thinking about setting up a hosted exchange account. Can anyone comment on how well or how poorly exchange accounts work with the magic? I just want to be able to easily and wirelessly sync my emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar entries with outlook.

I have been using many different nokia phones over the last couple of years and i really liked that i could just enter the server details and within a few minutes of starting a new phone i could have all of my pim info loaded. Is there an option to only sync every 15min, or 30 min if i am trying to save battery life?

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Sync Galaxy S Phone With Outlook

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to sync my phone with my outlook accounts please.

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Outlook Sync Calendars

I am looking for a solution that will sync my calendars at work with personal calendars. My problem is that my company's it policies are, to put it mildly, overbearing. So any solution that involves installing a program on my desktop to sync my work calendar (outlook) with my personal calendar (google) is not a solution at all. Does anyone know of an app that will sync the two from my phone or is it really impossible?

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Motorola Droid - Schedule Appears On Google Calendar Will Not Sync To Phone / What's Wrong

I have been using google calendar with my droid without any issues until i added my favorite big ten basketball schedule. The schedule appears on my google calendar but it will not sync to the droid. Has anyone else tried that and tell me what went wrong.

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Motorola Droid - Sync Tasks With Google Calendar

Is there any way to sync tasks with the google calendar? I know you can use companion link to sync tasks from outlook into the calendar on google & droid, but what about tasks from google to droid?

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Google Calendar Sync Problem On Samsung Galaxy S

Google calendar is not syncing properly on my galaxy s. I sync several calendars, but only one is showing up. The calendar for my personal google account does not sync, even though the email syncs properly and it is in the list of calendars that are supposed to be synced and is checked. It seems that this problem started when i updated from android 2. 1 to 2. 3. Any ideas?

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Motorola Droid X - Make Jorte Sync With Google Calendar After Installing Tranquility

Anyone know how to make jorte sync with google calendar after installing tranquility. The default calendar is ugly. Just wondering.

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Reading Email On Phone Doesn't Mark It As Read In Outlook

I've finally got active sync working for exchange, after a few issues. It's working great, but when i read an email on the phone it doesn't mark it as read in outlook. My nokia used to do this. Any ideas?

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Lg Ally - How To Root Phone

Root my lg ally.

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Lg Ally - Shattered Screen - How To Wipe Phone

I dropped my lg ally two nights ago and shattered the screen. I already went and got a new phone, the incredible. However now i am faced with a dilemma. I want to sell the ally on ebay as is with the broken screen, so someone may be able to fix it and use it. The phone still works fine as far as i can tell. The touchscreen does still work but only if i want to get bits of broken glass embedded in my skin. However i need to wipe all my personal settings and information from the phone. How can i do this without being able to actually access anything from the touch screen? Alternatively, does anyone know where i could order a new screen for it?

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Phone Notification That Sd Card Is Removed While It Is Not - Lg Ally

I rooted and am running velocity 1. 2 for a couple months. The past few weeks i will look at my phone and have a notification that my sd card is removed. I shut off the phone and remove the card and reinsert it and everything is ok for awhile. Also the phone will shut off on its own now and then. Any ideas? Also, how do i stay rooted and go back to stock rom? I had someone root and flash for me and don't know what i am doing when it comes to doing this.

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Lg Ally - Phone Keyboard Texting My Buttons Take Me Somewhere Else / Solution For It

After sometime, when i'm texting my buttons take me somewhere else. Like i'm typing "you" and the "y" takes me to youtube. How do i resolve this problem.

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Lg Ally - Flash Velocity 3 On To Phone But Its Rebooting / Fix It

I have an ally its rooted and oc'd. I was trying to flash velocity 3 on to my phone. Did everyting and went to reboot. Now its stuck on the verizon screen. So is there anything i can do to fix it?

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Lg Ally - Can't Access Menus Or Even Shut Phone Down Without Battery Pull

I am running the new velocity rom on my ally. Whenever i go to settings and hit my accounts and sync button, my phone reboots. Is this something know with velocity or unique to my phone?

One other question, i have twice gotten a force close bootloop with launcherpro plus where i can't access menus or even shut phone down without a battery pull. If i hit the force close button, it pops up again before i can do anything else. Anyone know how to fix this without restoring everything?

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Samsung Moment - Free Best Calendar App For Phone

I have the moment and love the phone but i really do not like the default calendar app that comes with it. I am wondering what is the best app to download from the market? I live on a budget so i am looking for a free one. Any suggestions?

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Anyway For Phone To Sync With Itunes

Im getting my nexus one very soon and abandoning my iphone 3g. One nifty feature i found that the iphone has is that when you press the power and home button at the same time a snapshot is taken of what is currently on the screen and saved into my photos. Is there anyway that an android phone can do this?Is there also anyway for an android phone to sync with itunes? Any app?

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Calendar App Cannot Run In Phone / Debug Java Apps Without Any Ide

The calendar app cannot run in my phone. I want to debug it. How to debug it without any ide? How to set a breakpoint?

The calendar app cannot be compiled in eclipse because a lot of classes are missing in android sdk. So i cannot use eclipse to debug it.

The method i used before is to write a lot of logs and watch it in logcat. But the productivity is low .

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Use Existing Google Calendar Without Having To Transfer Lot Into Gmail One Created On Phone

I love my htc magic, but struggle with the calendar app. I had already created a google calendar before i bought my magic, but can find no way of adding this calendar so i can view/edit it. I can only seem to add and remove the gmail one i created when first starting up the phone.

Any ideas how i do this - all i want to do is use my existing google calendar (which i login to using my yahoo mail account address) without having to transfer the lot into the gmail one i created on the phone.

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How To Sync Phone Contacts To Google?

While using the android os for a couple of months, i found one thing that seems to not working very great with my htc hero. I have imported my contacts from my addressbook (mac) to google mail. From there i set up a sync with my hero. So all contacts are copied/synced nicely to my hero.

But in time i also added new contacts in my phone, however they appear only to be in the phone memory and will not be synced to google mail. When i add a contact my hero only give me the option to store in in the phone- or sim-memory and it does not sync it to google mail/contacts. So in my contacts list you see behind a lot of names google and a few contacts (i personally added) names phone.

How can i add the functionality to store my 'internal' contacts to google mail automatically? Because i like the way to keep it in sync so i always have a backup of my contacts and also to assign e-mail adresses to my contacts.

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Free Phone To Pc Sync Tool

Is there anyone can recommend me a free android software of android phone as i just got a new phone. I really need it to manage my photos , music, videos , contacts, message, calendar and so on. This software should allows the android phone to connect with pc wirelessly via wifi.

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File Sync App For Phone

I have a few ms-word and ms-excel files which i regularly update and copy to my hero. Is there any file sync apps which can do the sync for me with a couple of clicks (meaning, i don't have to manually copy and transfer the files)?

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App That Allows To Sync Up Computer To Phone

I'm looking for an app that allows me to sync up my computer to phone so i can pull files from comp to phone or send files from phone to computer any suggestions. Will pay. I own the moto droid

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Free Wireless Phone Pc Sync Tool

Recently, i found a marvelous application, android manager wi fi, i think it is the best one among all of applications in the market. You can try and free download from here.


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Motorola Droid - Sync Program For Phone

Does anyone have this program?

Keep your life in sync with the missing sync for android from mark/space

If so, is it any good?

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Motorola Droid X - Get Phone To Sync With My Itunes

How to get droid x to sync with my itunes? Or any other way to get my music on this amazing phone.

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Htc Hero - Sync This Phone With Windows7

Can anyone tell me how the *** do i sync this phone with windows7

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Htc Evo 4g - Sync Phone Withmediamonkey

I'm moving away from itunes and decided to go with mediamonkey. This may be a newb question but how do i sync my evo with mm? I also have some music already on my evo from doubletwist.

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Desire - No Way To Htc Sync Phone With Defrost Rom / Get It

Cant seem to find a way to htc sync my phone with the defrost rom is there a way? Googeled and cant find answer anywhere, cant find it in search either. Any 1 know a solution?

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