Htc Sense Music Apk

I saw the htc sense music player that's on the phones by default and wanted to try it on my nexus one. Is there any download for the apk file or a way to get it on the nexus one?

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Htc Incredible - Rewind And Fast Forward With Phone's Sense Music App

How do you rewind and fast forward with htc's sense music app? You would think that holding down either button would do it but it doesn't. I know you can click the scroll bar but it gets annoying when i want to skip say 10 seconds. Any ideas anyone?

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Htc Evo 4g - Music Player - Stream Music And Listen To Mp3s

I find it odd that htc doesn't publish battery time when using the evo as a music player, but apple does for their iphone. I use my evo to stream music and listen to mp3s a lot. So here is my observation from today.

Wifi on
Listening through last. Fm app
Headphone plugged in
Got a call in between, and a few text messages, looked at the screen a few times (who can resist the screen? )

Started listening non stop from 1:20pm
Battery at 92%

At 3:40pm
Battery is at 76%

16% drop for 2 hours and 20 minutes of non stop music listening with wifi on seems pretty damn good to me.

I'll updated my final percentage when i actually stop listening (i listen to music as i program. Watching tv is too distracting )

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Htc Sense Stopped Unexpectedly

I have recently been getting this message

"The application htc sense (process com. Htc. Cs) has stopped unexpectedly"

I have seen plenty of posts around the net relating to com. Htc. Launcher but few mentioning . Cs.
I have a desire hd running 2. 2. 1 software 1. 72. 405. 3
This is happening everytime i unlock the phone and when i run alot of apps.
I have found that if i disable htc sense sync then it doesnt happen.
I have uninstalled all apps that have been installed recently but still no fix.

I like htc sence and would prefer to keep sync active, so if anybody could help i would very much appreciate it.

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Stretchable Scrollview - Like Htc Sense Ui

Have you seen stretchable scrolls in htc sense? When you scroll up to last and still try to scroll it, it scratches and goes back to original state. How to achieve this effect?

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Is Launcher App Better Than Htc Sense

I was wanting to know what everyone was thinking about the following apps
1. Swype (didn't see it on the market but thought i saw something about it being open for beta)
2. Adw. Launcher. Heard about it from android central
3. Pdanet tendering

I have an htc incredible. They worth playing around with? Is swype any good? Is that launcher app better than htc sense?

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Htc Droid Eris - Should Htc Forget About Sense To Get Updates Out Faster

With all the launcher options available, should htc make their launcher "sense" optional and available from the market?

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Htc Incredible - Skyrainder 2.52 Sense Vs Vanilla

So im sure a lot of you who regularly browse the all things root thread have seen my name pop up quite frequently the past few days, and im sure all my noobish questions are getting annoying, and i apologize if i have become a nuisance. I have another question tho ha. Is there a noticeable difference between the two roms mentioned? Obviously the ui but i am talking more about speed, stability etc.

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Htc Desire - Get Decent Rom With Sense Ui

Just about to to root my desire - i wonder if anyone could tell a decent rom with that still has sense ui (i like it!)

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Evo 4g - Htc Sense Corrupted / Get It Running Again

Not sure how i did it, but somehow uninstalling task manager that i had put on my evo bricked the htc sense startup. On reboot, i was getting a looping "cannot start htc. Sense. " Type message. Had to do a factory reset to get it running again, beware the task killers.

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Can't Show Samplesyncadapter On Htc Sense / Why Is This

I've tried the code from And it worked well with my samsung i-9000 but on the htc desire of my collegue the syncadapter didn't even show.

What am i missing?

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Htc Incredible - Vanilla Unlocker On Skyraider 3.3 Sense

I've found the thread on changing the unlock screen via adb shell. Unfortunatley there are no screen shots of the differences.

I was able to switch to the rotary unlocker. But i'd be even happier if there was a reasonable way for me to get the horizontal slide unlocker.

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Sprint Htc Hero - How To Turn Sense Ui Back On

So the other day i turned off my sense by going into setting, applications, then selecting htc sense, then i hit clear defaults. Then i hit the home button it asked and i hit the set as default and selected home. Mom i don't know how to turn sense back on

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Htc Incredible - Sense Camera On A Vanilla Rom

Is this possible? To be more specific, is there a way to port the camera/video cam from uncommon sense over to miui and have it work correctly?

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Htc Evo 4g - Turn Sense Back On Through Another Method

I turned sense off using the "force stop" and "clear defaults" instructions. I just wanted to get a "sense" of the phone without it but did not think ahead to how one can turn sense back on. Just got off the phone with htc support who said to look for "home" as a running application in manage applications - which wasn't there. Has anyone had any success turning sense back on through another method?
Happy to mess around with stock android and all but not happy that i can't undo this (so far). Thanks in advance.

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Htc Desire - Switch Back To Sense Ui From Launcherpro Plus

I was wondering if someone could tell me how to briefly switch back to the sense ui from launcherpro plus. I read on here that my battery could be dying faster if i still had sense widgets running so i wanted to switch back & clear everything but don't know how.

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Htc Droid Eris - Sense Ui How Long To Load

Are you guys having a long loading time from switching scenes or turn on or off. It seems after the update i always get sense ui force closed.

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Hero - Htc Sense Stopped Unexpectadly / Get It To Work?

I've recently got rid of chompsms and gone for handcentsms

On first impressions i was impressped with handcent and although theres no major differences i prefer it to chomp.

However, it seems everytime i get a text and the box appears on my homescreen with whos text me and the message, htc sense keeps closing and i get the error "sorry! The application htc sense (process com. Htc. Launcher) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again later. "

Now, i've only had this problem the last few days since installing handcent, but a restart seems to fix it for a short while.

Also the whole phone has seemed really really laggy at times, again, turning off and on fixes this for a while, while killing applications with taskiller makes no effect, but a day or so later it just gets so laggy again and it never used to!?

Anyone else had similar problems? I'm running the latest modaco rom

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Evo 4g - Htc Sense Is Blank After Phone Reset / What To Do

***? Every one of my himepages are blank. Tried resetting it again and i get the same thing. Now i have to manually set up each of my homepages! Plus i have noticed none of my paswords are saved on my websites. Plus my gps keeps cutting out all the time! I hate to say it but that new iphone keeps sounding better by the day!

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Htc Evo 4g - Homescreen Redraws On Sense Or Launcherpro

I did everything possible to get rid of this, including a hard reset. I was pretty resigned to it being a fact of life because what i suspected was that the zillion of widgets i have all over my homescreens were causing memory issues. Well, i found the solution for my evo: auto memory manager, available on the market. I set it to aggressive. Have not had one redraw since using it. Its not an auto task killer like atk. You set the memory levels (does have presets built in) and it clears low priority apps when that level is reached, which is far superior to an auto task killer

Now the only question is whether this will get moved to the app forum, but i hope not. This seems to be affecting evo owners in particular a lot

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Htc Evo 4g - No Option To Go Back To Phone Sense Theme / Way To Do

I downloaded panda home and a theme. I applied the theme and made it my default. Now i want to go back to the htc sense theme but cant find the option. I am running 2. 2.

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Htc Hero - Get Rid Of Sense And Just Have Plain Old Android As It Comes From Google

I'm going to root my phone over the next few days, but ideally, i would like to get rid of sense and just have plain old android as it comes from google. Is this possible, and if so, are their any drawbacks?

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Htc Droid Eris - Can't Get Sense Back / Solution For It

I switched from sense to home using these directions.

Menu>settings>applications>manage applications
Scroll down to sense and select it then select clear defaults
Hit the home key and a pop up will appear. Check the box to do this action by default and then select home. Repeat this process (only swap home and sense) to go back to sense

But when i went back to switch it back to sense. The defaults are grayed out?

Any ideas how to get back to sense?

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Htc Eris - Teeter Apk File

I like teeter and i kinda miss not having it on gridlocks vanilla droid, could someone attach the apk file so i can add it to the rom please?

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Htc Hero - Executing Instantroot.apk

Trying to root my hero for the first time. I am downloading the file, extracting it to instantroot.apk, which i then copy to the root folder of the phones sdcard.

When i try to execute it, using astro, and choose "open app manager", it says "could not open /sdcard/instantroot.apk as a apk file". What am i doing wrong? Is it maybe the unzipping that causes it?

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Htc Sense Adds Pinch Zooming On Android 2.1 Home Screen

Htc has added a new feature to the sense ui home screen. It will now have multi touch support on the home screen as well. Soon you will be able to zoom in and out on the main screen by utilizing the pinch zoom feature.

Sense ui has always been the most beautiful and popular version of android. Since its inception it has been the most innovative platform for android devices. It already came with flash support preinstalled and it even plays flash video right from the browser. While we continue to wait for flash on our non-sense phones, it?S already becoming an afterthought on devices like the hero and the upcoming sense ui phones.

Another great feature of sense is multi touch support which it also had since it was released. Now this feature will be added to the home screen to add to the long list of features that it included in the sense ui. This is as huge accomplishment since currently the home screen for sense ui doesn?T eve auto rotate yet. In fact most android?S home screen doesn?T auto rotate by default. I guess htc will lead the 2. 1 pack again with their newest incarnation of sense ui.enjoy this sideways demonstration of it in action.

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Htc Incredible - Sense Rebooting When Going Back To Homescreen From An App / Fix It

I know that many have the issue with the phone rebooting. But does anyone have an issue where only sense reboots/reloads. Usually when going back to the homescreen from an app.

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Htc Evo 4g - Can't Change Icons And Removing Labels On Sense / Way To Do

I've been a quiet member for a while, absorbing all the android tech info i can. As someone who isn't as technologically savvy, please pardon this question if it has been covered already - or point me to the right forum. I am trying to personalize my evo and my only issue right now are the icons. I so admire the minimalistic icons i have seen on some screen without the text - and wondered if there is a way to do this using the sense program. I have launcherpro but do not want to loose my sense widgets and really like what i have so far. I have better cut, folderorganizer lite, and downloaded some icon packs, but when i tried to change some icons, the change was periodic - about 2 seconds - then it reversed back to the old sense icons. This happened when i tried to change the mail icon.

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Sprint Hero - Get Weather App That Works Like Old Htc Sense Application

Am looking for a weather app that works like the old htc sense app.

The new weather app htc included with v2. 1 doesn't allow me to add cities that aren't in its list . Frankly i don't give a crap what the weather in paris or dubai is! We used to be able to input additional cities, current locations, etc. And swipe thru the list. If there's a way to add cities i haven't found it yet . Anyone know how?

I've looked at the weatherbug, accuweather, weather channel, etc. , Etc. Apps and while they're nice they don't allow me to easily switch from city to city. So, what i'm looking for is exactly what we had before. Anyone know where i can find that?

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Htc Incredible - Location Of Weather Icons In Apk

In the htc sense flip clock, where in the apk are the weather icons?
I like the fog, etc. Better than the ones on fancy widget, and i wanted to transfer the images into the fancy widget apk, but i cant find the .png's on htc's clock?

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