How To View Frames On Websites Using Samsung Galaxy S2 ?

How do you view frames on websites using the s2? For those who don't know what i mean i only know of one way of explaining it. Go to: and then click on any letter in the selection. It will list a vast number of tunes starting with the letter you click. Now on a pc it has a tab you can drag down to access the lower tunes beginning with that letter (alphabetically) but with the s2 there is no tab. There was also no tab on the iphone but you scrolled through the frame using two fingers instead of just one. I cant get it to work on the s2 so does anyone else have any ideas?

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Samsung Moment - How To Create Favorite List For Websites

Just received my new samsung moment phone. I have a few question if you would be so kind to try to answer them for me to get started. I pretty much get around the phone with no problem.

1- after opening things like facebook, or any other websites, how do i close them off when done so they are not running all the time in the back ground draining battery life. ?

2- i would like to buy some other ringtones besides the default ones. How can i do this via the phone on the sprint store. There are ones there i like that i've had on other phones?
Will they download to the phone also?

3- how do you create a "favorite list" for websites?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Got Some Nice Videos - Why Can't I View Them On My Computer

Alright have had the phone since august, and i really like it!
The camera is outstanding and addicting that i record every single thing.

My only problem is that i can't view my video on my computer. Whenever i transfer the videos from my phone to my computer, i can't view them! It just shows the windows music player i can hear the sound but can't view the video

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20 Frames Per Second App

Last week we released our speed shutter app, and have cleansed it of all issues that appeared during this "quiet sneak launch". The app will shoot 1, 2 or 3 seconds at 20 frames per second. If you have some form of action (like kids soccer game, friend is about to perform a death defying stunt or other event), the normal camera is a bit slow, you find yourself trying to snap a shot at the "magic moment". Speed shutter will fire the camera fast, in 3 seconds you will snap 60 pictures. After wards, they are prepared and displayed in a mini gallery. From this gallery you can save the shots you like, they will save to the normal gallery at that time.

A demo is available which places a watermark indicating "demo" onto the images. If interested, please check the demo first as it will demonstrate all of the functions for you without any expense to you. On new cameras (ie: droids, droid incredible etc. ) It will shoot at up to 30 frames per second.

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Gimp Cannot Digest Standard Widget Frames

To paraphrase chris nesladek from his blog post: http://android-developers. My designer and me have found that the gimp does not correctly read the standard widget frames available for download here: I am surprised this has not been flagged by the linux faithful out there. Anyways, please relay this to chris and the designers.

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Htc Evo 4g - Video Will No More Dropped Frames After Using A Class 3 / 4 Sd Card

Does anyone know if my video will improve, meaning no more dropped frames if i use a class 3 or 4 sd card?

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Apps You Download And Websites Go On Viewable On Bill

Does anybody know if the apps you download and websites you go on are viewable on the bill?

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Lg Ally - Easy Ways To Get Ringtones , Apps And Websites

I have never had a problem with getting ringtones on my phone, but this new phone is really different. Can someone please let me know some easy ways to get ringtones. Apps? Websites? Ways to do it?

I use to use and then send it through a txt and save it to my phone. This ally doesn't seem to want to do that.

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Add Bookmarks Of Websites To A Apps Organizer Label

How can i add bookmarks of websites to a apps organizer label? Is this possible? It seems to only organize apps and not bookmarks and such

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Samsung Captivate - 10-12 Satellites In View - 0 In Use

Just exchanged my captivate again (3rd one in 2 days) after my perfectly working captivate (gps too. ) Was bricked by the update. The first two wouldn't even find a satellite.

Now, this one finds 10-12 satellites but won't lock onto a single satellite. I tried both the and settings. Just nothing locks on. I tried both on gps test and the lbstestmode performance test.

Right now it shows 13 satellites in view - with a dbhz ranging from 42. 0 to 12. 0.

I know people have trouble finding satellites, but this thing is finding so many, just won't use any of them.

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Samsung Epic 4g - How To View Missed Calls

I was using my co workers htc phone and noticed she had the pattern lock password- the screen that first showed up though was the regular unlock screen, once you unlock it you had the pattern screen. Does the epic do that as well? Or is that an htc thing. I like how you can view your missed calls and once you unlock it you can put in your pattern password.

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Way To Change Inbox View So That Don't View Messages As Threads

Apologies if this has been asked/answered before. I searched and couldn't find anything, and can't figure it out on the phone. In the stock gmail app, is there any way to change your inbox view so that you don't view your messages as threads? In other words, even if i move previous replies in the chain to the trash or to another folder, in the inbox, you still see all instances of the message chain. I don't like this. Is there a way to change that or do i just stick with k9.

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View Overlap - Created A Custom View As Gallery Item

I had created a custom view as gallery item. My custom view contains an image view and a textview. I want textview to be below of imageview but it overlaps.



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Samsung Fascinate - Disable Mobile Web Page View

How do you disable mobile web page view, i just want to view regular pages

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Samsung Epic 4g - Force Videos To Pick Up Thumbnail - To Change View In Gallery To List

I've put a bunch of videos on my phone for my daughter (gotta keep toddlers happy when they're waiting!) But the thumbnails for all but one in the gallery are blank. Is there any way to force them to pick up a thumbnail or to change the view in gallery to a list?

I know i can just make a shortcut to the folder the videos are in for her, but the ocd in me just hates those blank thumbnails in the gallery.

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Custom Views In Listview - Custom View Be Made To Fill The Entire Width Of The List View

This app is building custom views for elements of a list view. How can the custom view be made to fill the entire width of the list view?

This xml for the elements view is inflated from this:


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Samsung Galaxy S - I9000 No Mobile Ap Setting & Samsung App Store

I just bought my sgs i9000 in france a few days back. It's locked to sfr here. I tried searching the forums for an answer to these but had no luck.

I noticed 2 things:
1. There is no "mobile ap settings" under wireless and network settings. I installed appbrain and i can see the "mobile ap settings" under the installed apps. But i can't run them. Is there any way to enable this? I would love to use my fone as a wireless hotspot.

2. No samsung app store is installed with the phone. Is there any way to do this? I want to install the asphalt 5 game.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Notification

How do you get a text message tune onto the galaxy s. When the phone is connected to the pc, the notifications folder is not found. This folder contains the tunes for text message notification.

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Texting With Samsung Galaxy S

I am fairly computer literate also been using candy-bar type phones for many years. I received my nice new galaxy s just yesterday and one thing has me completely stumped. I wanted to send a text to a non-address book or non "contact" recipient, here's my question.

How can a recipient's number be manually entered into the "to" field in the galaxy s? I have tried everything with it, also contacted my network tech support and samsung and no one can tell me how to do it. Got to say this is a major drawback.

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Case For Samsung Galaxy S

Ive just got a samsung galaxy and i am looking for something to make my phone a little different and look nice from others. Can anyone recommend a case for my galaxy s? Just perfect and fantastic.

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Uk - Getting Ics On Three - Samsung Galaxy S2

It's apparent that ics is available via kies on three. However i've booted up kies, updated it, and still it says i'm on the latest firmware - no update is available. Is there anything else i need to do to get ics on three?

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Best Browser For Samsung Galaxy S2

I have the samsung galaxy s 2 lte on rogers wireless in ontario, canada. I've heard a lot of chatter about the default browser that comes with the phone to not be the best. I was wondering if someone, having used this phone for a while could post up what they think is the best browser. Just want to get an idea of what other people have been using on their phone.

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Samsung Galaxy Email Is Not Working

I noticed my email isn't working on my android samsung galaxy it has to be a setting somewhere. I also cant access my gmail but i can browse the internet and all other things work.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Reusing Launcherpro

I used lp for a while then cleared it as default and then gave tw another go. Now i wanna try lp again but i don't know how to set it as my default home screen again? I can't find it in my app draw? How do i start it again?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Tethering Without Kies

Has anyone used their galaxy s as a tethered modem without installing kies?

According to the manual, you can just set the phone's usb settings to "pc internet" then plug it into the computer. Supposedly after that you just follow "on screen instructions" to install the phone as a modem (presumably the add new hardware wizard).

Has this worked for anyone? I tried it on two computers and the hardware wizard failed. Does anyone know where to download the necessary drivers?

Apparently installing kies installs the drivers needed, so you can then tether the phone without running kies. The problem is that kies requires an internet connection to install, so even if you carry around a kies install on the phone, you end up in a catch-22.

All of this was done on xp pro sp3. I have an international i9000 with zsjf7 baseband.

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Samsung Galaxy S - How To Mount Sd Card

Should i wait for froyo before rooting? How do i mount the sd card?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Best Way To Unlock Phone

Anybody have idea how to unlock phone easy safe way?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Rooting Through Oclf

The most simplest way to root your android device is by downloading a app from the market, just type in one click lag fix in the search box and it will show up. Once you install this app, just go to your app menu and click on it. In it, it will give you series of options to choose, first, click 'root device/phone' after it does that, reboot your phone and hold the power button and the volume buttons at the same time when you turn it back on. When you see the menu where you are in download mode, use the volume button to select download packets. Once that is done, then your phone is rooted.

After your phone is booted up and ready to go, go back to oclf and click on 2. 0+ lag fix, this will put your phone on plane mode and will take a while to finish. Once it does finish, it will reboot and turn back on (by itself, i believe) once you get to the galaxy s logo (before your phone is booted up and on it's ui) it will take a while, so do not panic! It takes about 2 to 3 minutes for it to load up. After that, you're set and you may do what you wish to do!You must have a high end phone for this and it must be running eclair for you to install this.

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Quadrant Advanced - Samsung Galaxy S

Hi guys, the samsung galaxy s is supposed to have the fastest cpu, yet in quadrant, its miles behind the nexus one 2. 2, is it purely a froyo thing, does froyo really improve the cpu that much?

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Samsung Galaxy S Problem With 3g After New Update

I have just updated me sgs on kies to 2. 2. 1 froyo jpj i think it said. But since then it took long time to start the phone again, and now its not giving my 3g, only wifi. How can i fix this.

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