Softwere - App For Full Backup Of Phone

I owned an iphone and as much as i hated itunes, it was great for backing up the phone if i wanted to upgrade to a new phone.

I'm not interested in rooting my phone to do a complete backup of contacts, apps, phone settings (arrangement of icons etc. ), Ring tone selections yada yada. Does anyone know of any piece of software that will do everything? I have no desire to backup media because that's on the sd card. I just don't want to setup everything from scratch again.

I figured motorola would have something similar to itunes to handle all that, but maybe not.

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Htc Incredible - Best App To Full Backup Of Device

I am wondering what application is best for backing up the entire device. Not just messages, or applications, but all settings. Now that root has been achieved (thanks guys, great work) i want to back everything up so i can ignore all warnings and try rooting my inc. This way, when i destroy my inc i can just restore and go back to breathing normally.

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Htc Incredible - Best Way To Create A Full Backup For Phones Running 2.2

I've looked through several other posts here before adding this question and no one posting seems to get to everything so i'd like to re-ask everyone the question:

How can i backup everything on my phone - and all the apps that are installed on my sd card? Does it require two steps or can one app (or nandroid) do both?

Here's what i've gathered so far:

1) nandroid works for full backup of everything except the apps installed to my sd card. I've read about some nandroid "ext" feature but i don't understand how that works and if it is still relevant for phones running 2. 2 can anyone explain?

2) there's my backup pro and titanium backup but i'm not clear if either of these apps will backup everything that a nandroid backup would do (and include the apps installed to the sd card). Does anyone know?

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Htc Incredible - App To Backup Everything On Phone

Is there an app that can backup everything on the phone?

Mail, txt, and contacts are taken care of with google sync.

But all the settings i have on the phone and all the settings i have in each app aren't backed up. My homescreens arent backed up. I also have to re-install all my apps which may not be a huge deal with app brain.

It would be nice to have something i can use that will just backup everything and restore everything. That way if my phone ever dies and i get another incredible, i'll beable to have everything setup without spending hours going through all the settings trying to remember.

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Htc Aria - Looking For Backup App For Phone

I m looking for a decent backup tool for htc aria with stock rom.
Something that can backup the apps as well.

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Start Droid Market With Full Version Of My App Displayed?

I'm developing a lite version for an app on the android. How can i start an intent to open the android market, preferably with the full version of my app displayed? This is difficult to test on an emulator (which is the closest thing to a device i have), as there seems to be no legal way of installing the market on it.

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Easymoney App Force Closes / Get It Back To Full Version

So i tried to log in to my easymoney app and it force closes. I log in again and all my data had been cleared and am now running the trial version again. I paid for the upgrade. Is there any way to get it back to the full version? I don't have the upgrade code anymore due to the fact that i bought months ago and didn't i would need it anymore.

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Way - App To Occupy Full Screen Window On One Of Home Screens

Since the captivate allows us to have large number of home screens, i want to configure one of the screens to show my days calendar in full screen mode. I am using exchange/gmail for my business/personal calendar entries.

Is there any app that can occupy the full screen window on one of the home screens? Is there any other way to set this up.

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Mybackup Root Backup And Restore App

I am the product manager of the mybackup product line at rerware, llc. To let you guys know, we have just released "mybackup root", which is a free download from the android market. It is for root phones only, and it will batch backup and restore all applications, including the data settings and market links you are also allowed to schedule backups. All free. We want to support the root community, so we have made this a free application.

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Media - Settings On Phone To Allow Full Audio Over Bluetooth

Just bought the samsung galaxy s and connected it to my bluetooth car stereo. Now on playing any audio, the bass is totally lost. Tried using a custom eq on the phone to increase the bass, but still nothing.

Is there any settings on the phone to allow full audio over bluetooth?

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Hero - Snookers Games For Phone Full Screen

Any really decent snooker games available for hero full screen

Something like the ronnie o'sullivan on iphone game

Ps please dont tell me if i want that to buy an iphone , i already had one and got rid of it coz it was useless m not asking for that game but summin like it

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Htc Evo 4g - Can't Open Messages - Phone Full / What To Do

I'm new to the android system and just got my new evo. I love it, but i've run into an issue that happens when i go to read a text message sent to me. I get the message, phone storage is full. I have deleted all the programs i can, even the ones i really liked. Deleted all my emails from trash, etc. But still canot open because it says no storage space. I looked on my sd card adn it shows 7. 2 gig. What's up! I'm ready to return this thing. It is nice to have all the bells & whistles. But if i can do the basics it's back to my treo.

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Htc Evo 4g - Turn On Phone Full Display Once I Get A Notification

I would like my evo to turn on full display once i get a notification. Whether it be a text, email, alert , ect. Not just a blinking light at at top but the actual screen turn on. Is this possible?

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Full Bars Connection Slow / Increase It

Since yesterday my connection on 4g is holy crap slow. Ran a speed test, local server. I'm getting 108kbps down, and 70kbps up.

I've ran it several times, and it's always in that ball park, with the upload varying the most by a couple hundred. I've rebooted several times, with no success. Any suggestions?

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Samsung Vibrant - Phone Shows Full Bars But No Service / Fix It

So this has happened a few times, but my vibrant will have full service and 3g or wireless access but it acts if it has no service. Internet stuff works just fine but when i try to call out and then it'll immediately end the call or immediately fail the text. It'll also go straight to voice mail for incoming calls.

The 3g or wireless will still work just fine and i can use every other function, surf the web, apps, whatever else works. I've tried to reboot, reboot and pull the battery, toggle on and off wireless, and toggle on and off airplane mode to try to reset the connection. Nothing but waiting it out seems to work. However the weird thing i noticed is the phone will give the "auto time and date updated" or whatever message and everything will work again. It'll only happen once in a while. Anyone have any ideas of what's going on?

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Motorola Droid X - Use Univerisalandroot - How To Get Phone To Restore A Backup

This might seem dumb and noobish ( i am new to android, had dx for a month from a bb) but what are the best steps after i use univerisalandroot. I keep seeing it suggested to back up, but how is the best way to do that? Do you save a backup on the sd or on a pc? How do you get the phone to restore a backup? I think these are the questions that are holding me back from rooting but i might have others.

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How To Backup Phone With Broken Screen ? - Samsung Galaxy S

My screen broke, but it seems to be functional because i can hear alarm going off. I have a replacement phone (same model) but my yahoo email, gmail, photo, contacts, video, app, etc didn't transfer with sd card and sim card placement to new phone.

I want to .

1. Backup above items that are still on broken phone
2. Move the old data to new phone somehow
3. Delete old phone's data so that i can return it safely

Without seeing the screen it is impossible to do above things. Help please.

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Htc Evo 4g - Most Complete Rom That Allows Full Functionality Of Phone And Wireless Tether

What is the most complete rom available, im debating on whether to root my 2. 2 or not, so far teh roms i have looked at are missing something like cyanogen does not have wimax. Some don't let the camera go above 3mp. The only thing i really want is the ability to wireless tether but i don't want to give up a working phone for that. So what is the most complete rom build out there that allows full functionality of the phone and wireless tether?

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Samsung Captivate - How To Access At&t Phone Book Backup Website

I just got my new phone and i have a few quick questions. There's no manual (just a quick start guide) or cd in the box. Is this normal? There is a cover over the usb port but not over the 3. 5mm headset jack ( wouldn't they have one in case theres a drop of rain)? Is this normal also?Does anyone know how to change the address book so it looks at the sim or internal memory ( i have duplicate contacts, one on the sim and one on the phone)?Anyone heard about the release date of android 2. 2?How do i access the at&t phone book backup website? (The guy in the store zipped right through the screen and i couldn't see)can i set a time that it checks email? I don't want it ringing all night. My old phone was set to check from 9am to 10pm. Can i do that with this phone?What is the best free office document editing software?How do i access a "task manager"? Alls i can seem to find is all the processes running. I just want a simple list of programs running so i can switch back and forth. Is this builtin? I could do it at the store just the new phone out of the box. I know i asked more than a few questions but thought these were good ones to start with.

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Htc Evo 4g - Restore Data From Nandroid Backup Running Stock Rooted Sense On Phone

I was thinking about installing the cyanogen mod but i was wondering is it possible to restore the data from a nandroid backup that was running the stock rooted sense on the evo?

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How To Check Whether Insterted Sd Card Is Full Or Not

Could you please let me know if there is any api to check whether inserted sd card is full . If it has free space, then how to know how much free space is left.

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How To Create Full Functionality Of Calendar In Droid

It seems android calendar api is not available. Can you please give me some tips and tricks for creating a similar thing. Just like creating events, meeting, birthday etc. And also notification when the event occurs. And also layout should be similar to-our in-built calendar give me some ideas or hint about look and logic?

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Unable To See Full Content And Scroll Also - How To Show That

My code for the layout is given below. I am not able see the full content. I am not able to scroll also. How i can show the all content by scrolling.code.

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Htc Incredible - Is It Possible Full Reset Could Be Bad

I was lucky enough to get a decent install of froyo ota. My battery is awesome, phone and apps are snappy, no lag, no voice quality or 3g issues. If for whatever reason i end up having to do a full factory reset, do i keep my current install or is it overwritten or something?

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Complete Backup Options

I had been using mybackuppro for backups, but it's ridiculously slow. Just today i tried sprite backup and i'm pretty impressed. But it does not backup my apps that i've installed. If i ever wipe my phone, does market still show what i've downloaded to re-install or do i need to search for everything again.

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Trying To Decide Which Backup Solution To Go With

Here's a quick rundown of my experience with mybackup pro for those who might be trying to decide which way to go:i did a factory reset this mooring to try to work out an issue i had with the mobile network randomly cutting out (i'm located in nj so i'm not sure if the trouble was related to the issues people were having in the midwest yesterday). Either way, i purchased mybackup pro and backed up all apps and data (separate operation for each) to the sd card. No problem. Once my evo was back up and running, i reinstalled mybackup. It found the restore files on my card and i restored the data (smss, bookmarks etc) first, then the apps (again, separate operations). Restoring the sms/mms data took some time, but other than that, the process was painless. A few of my biggest qualms were:

1. The restored market apps didn't appear in the downloads section of the market, so had i not gone through and manually re-downloaded all my market apps, i wouldn't be getting alerts when updates are available.

2. None of the preferences for the restored apps were retained, so i had to reconfigure many apps individually.

3. I still had to re-enter all the account info used by android (mail, gmail, youtube, facebook, etc).

All told, from reset back no normalcy was around 2 hours. Even with these few quirks, mybackup still took 90% of the headache out of resetting the phone from scratch. I also know i can't expect the world, especially being unrooted. Having gone through this, i think it's one place where ios still has us beat. I could wreck my 3gs six ways from sunday, then plug into itunes, hit restore, and boom, all back to normal in two clicks and 45 minutes. Do you all think other android solutions stack up for non-rooted users?

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What Is The G1 Pocket Backup Accessory ?

I was shown a box which has "g1 pocket backup" (or something similar) today at the t-mobile store on broadway near w. 77th street. There is no picture on the box, and the description and bullet points are searches have disclosed nothing. Does anyone here know what this device is and how it is used?

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Way To Create A Layout With Listview Set To Use Full Height

Is there a way to create a layout with a listview set to use full height, then some additional panels? Basically i'd like to keep the listview at a height which contains all its children views, then some static widgets below that - all inside a master scrollview - is that possible?

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Htc Eris - Try To Use The Volume Buttons To Do Full Wipe

Well right now i'm running froyo vs 34 i believe and am trying to flash an xtrarom. When i go to boot into recovery i can't do anything. I try to use the volume buttons to do a full wipe but the only thing i can do is to select reboot system now.

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Can't Find Full Versions In Droid Market / Where Are They

I have tried to upgrade many of my apps to full versions but i cant find the full versions in the android market. Where are they ?

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