How To Add Or Map Emulator's Serial Port

When i adb shell to emulator, i can see /dev/ttys0. In my program, i can open this device but the device is not mapped to my host /dev/ ttys0. Can anybody tell me how to add or map emulator's serial port, such /dev/ttysx to the serial port on host?

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Add Two Map Tangs In Single Xml File In Droid

I am creating tab bar in my application. For one tab i set map activity as tab spec content and add overlay on it. Now i have to move on next map as user clicks on overlay.
In short i have to create two layouts each on has map and at run time i have to set visibility and one after other.
For that i create one xml layout which has linear layout as root layout and then create two separate relative layouts to hold two maps but it gives me error that unexpectedly closed.

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Can't Add More Than One Line (overlay) To Droid Google-map / What To Fix It

I'm having problems with adding lines to the map in my android project. Basically, when i want to draw lines from point a to point b android is painting them just fine, but when i want to add another line later (say from point b to point c) android is removing the old line and drawing a new one. I guess it has something to do with collections because i'm using the itemizedoverlay class to collect all markers and it seems to work, but how to do the same with lines or anything else i would like to draw? How to prevent android from refreshing the map? Itemizedoverlays seems to do the trick, but only with markers/drawables.

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What Are The Best Emulators Available For Android?

So, what are the best emulators available for android?

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Htc Evo 4g - Use Gameboid Lite And Other Emulators On Phone

How do i use it for my evo? Can anyone give me a step by step please?

Also when thats done, how do i get games on it?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Open Case And Find Serial Number To Register Phone

Just brought home the epic. Just found this forum. Looking for how to open the case and find the serial number to register the phone. I can see a slot to pull up the case, but hate to mess up the camera or case. There was no manual at all with the phone. We also have a moment, so at least i already knew how to get around.

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Make Progressbar Start / Map Loaded / After Progressbar Finish Map Load

I need to make progressbar start and during it map loaded and after the progressbar finish the map load?How to do it ?

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Port / Run Gstreamer On Droid

I want to use gstreamer in my android based application. So i want to port gstreamer on android. Can anybody suggest me the way to port gstreamer on android.

Can i run gstreamer on android emulator?

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Mini Usb Port Broke

I have had my droid now for just outside the 30 day return point. It seems the mini usb port on my droid has broke. I am not an expert but it seems that there is a small tab on the inside the the port on the droid that has broken. Anyway to fix this? Anyone else have this problem?

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How To Find What Com Port Phone Is Using When Connecting To Pc?

I cant figure out how to find what com port my motorola triumph is on when i plug it into my pc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Games - Will Someone Port Brickbreaker Game From Blackberry

My mom can me her old blackberry curve 8330. Pos. Imho. But hey it's good for a backup for camping trips or whatever switch over to that real fast at their website. Anyway i love the brickbreaker game that it comes with and no game on the market even compares. That i know of.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Exchange Activesync - Can't Specify A Port

I am wanting to connect the activesync to my works exchange. I need to use a non-standard port (81 or 82) to connect to the exchange server. As soon as i put the colon in the exchange server address, the next button greys out.

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Example Code To Port / Implement A J2ee Client On Droid

Is there a way to port or implement a j2ee client on android? Does anybody have example code please?

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Htc Evo 4g - Broken Usb Port - How To Unroot

Usb port is broken and sprint already sent me my new phone but i need to send the old one back. How do i unroot so they dont bust my balls about this? I cant connect the usb and i put the pc36img on the sd card and tried to flash it but it didnt work, am i sol?

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Changing Default Port - I.e. 5037 - On Which Adb Server Runs

I googled for 5 mins. I also searched for '5037' in all files in android sdk directory. I am a budding android developer and if there is no easy way of configuring adb to run on another port.

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Error : E/bluetoothsppport(23252) Port Not Connected / Prevent This Situation

When i lost connection i catch ioexception but beside this in phone log i can see that android generates a lot of lines saying: e/bluetoothsppport(23252): port not connected

Turning on/off bluetooth doesn't fix the problem. Only killing application stop generation of this line. I have htc legend.

Does anybody know how to prevent this situation?

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Could Release New Version Of App Under New Name / Port Existing Users For Free

I ask this because my laptop was stolen along with my signing keys! I know i should have backed up - but the last thing i expected last friday was for burglars to break into my house and steal my laptop (and most of my other electronics & jewellery) - lesson learnt, but i need to plan what to do next!

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Usb Port Problem - Phone Going Into Car Mode Randomly - Samsung Galaxy S2

Ok, i'm not sure how this hasn't blown up yet but this is a huge issue and in my opinion it should be getting way more coverage. If you're having these problems:

1. With your phone going into car mode randomly
2. Always having speaker phone activated
3. Randomly connecting to kies when it's not plugged in
4. Randomly saying it's charging when it's not plugged in
5. Freezing, getting really hot, then loosing about 25% charge

Then you have a problem with your mini usb port. It is not a software problem. I've seen this happen to 3 sg2's including my own. I have been able to fix all of them by cleaning the port with rubbing alcohol. 2 of them unfortunately relapsed. I have no idea why or how this problem is so prevalent but it appears to be affecting a lot of people. What can be done about this? It seems like it is faulty hardware and not an issue with people just being careless with the port. I hope this clears up some confusion that people have.

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Htc Droid Eris - Windows 7 Does Not Recognize Phone When Plug Into Usb Port / Solve It?

Just got a new computer with windows 7. It does not recognize the eris when i plug into the usb port and there is no usb icon at the top of the eris homepage.

Everything worked fine with xp.

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Games - Port For Emoji (spell Numbers , Keys) For Playing Storm8 Games

Does anyone know of a port for emoji (spell numbers or spell keys) for playing storm8 games? Only iphone users can see it and it shows up on droid as boxes. Does anyone even know what i'm talking about?

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Droid Can't Find / Port Samples To 1.5

I am trying to compile some opengl samples available on the net in sdk 1. 5. But the import statement for android. Graphics. Openglcontext gives me an error saying the class cannot be found.

Can someone please tell me where i can find this class. And if it is no longer supported by the android sdk then how do i port the samples to 1. 5.

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How To Know When Map Zoomed

I was wondering is there any way of knowing when the zoom animation in map view has ended? After each zoom i need to calculate how far my overlays are from each other, but i haven't figured out yet how to know when the map has been zoomed. Is there any way to do that?

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Want Google Map 4 / Possible To Get It

I know version 4. 1 is out now but it's not for 1. 5 android.

I hadn't updated to version 4 and still running older version.

Does anyone have version 4 please as i'd like to at least get the newest version possible.

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Htc Evo 4g - Broken Evo Charge Port

I received a free htc evo 4g from a friend today because the female charger connector broke off so he got a the phone replaced. I have been researching and have found that the evo is notorious for this problem. I have been surfing the web for 3 hours now to find a "micro-b usb" female connector; just the connector, no wires, so i can solder it to the logic board. (Main circuit board) so far i've found nothing but two companies who want $35 for a $2 part, sites that show it to be "out of stock", and still others who have pictures of the connectors but "conveniently" don't actually sell them. Does anyone know where i can get this "female micro-b usb connector" for a reasonable price?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Usb Port Not Enough To Charge Epic While Using It

When i plug my samsung epic into the usb port of my dell desktop at work i can see it's charging, but the charge is apparently not enough to even remain at battery level if i'm using it to phone, message, speaker or tether. This is not the case when i plug the phone into the wall charger (espcially my wife's 900ma evo charger or my dodge ram's usb port)damn shame really as it limits how long i can tether for.

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2.0 Sdk Map Not Showing

I'm using intellij idea 9 (9. 0. 1) to create a simple map application (or at least trying to).
I'm using android 2. 0 with google api's 2. 0.







This just gives me an empty screen.

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Map Not Dispalying In Emulator

I am trying to develop small map application in android emulator.initially i have generated the api key, by using that key i have tried to view the map in the android emulator window (i have referred http://www.Vogella. De/articles/android/article.html this site to develop the map application and find the current location). But i couldnt view the map. So i have added the maps demo application which is there in the android sdk. Still i couldnt see the map. Please guide me how do i find and verify api key which i generated is correct? Initially at what map will display in the android emulator?

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Cannot Run Map Example / Get It To Work

I'm trying to run the google maps
Example but it keep giving me in the console:

"Warning: application does not specify an api level requirement!"
"Device api version is 7 (android 2. 1)"

The application never starts, instead, it shows that frame with:

"The application (. ) Has stopped unexpectedly. "

Can anyone point what might be the the problem?

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Color A Google Map

I am working on an android app that uses google maps. Now i would like to know whether there is a possibility to color a google map e.g. Have a different color for roads and other shapes.

e.g have something like this

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Handler For Map Panning

I have searched this group extensively and have not found the answer to my issue. I have a lot of server data being loaded into overlays and i want to create the overlays as the user pans. Ideally it would wait for the user to stop panning before it started loading the data. What is the best practices procedure for determining if the map has changed location or zoom level?I was looking for something along the lines of onlocationchanged() for mapview or onpan() but i have not seen anything like that.

Do i just need to set up my own parameters and override ondraw() in the mapview and in that method run tests to see if the map has changed? This idea seems like overkill and would lead to overzealous server hits.

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