401 Unauthorized In C2dm Sent Message To Server

I got the c2dm device registration id and auth token. But while sending message to the c2dm server am getting 401 unauthorized.

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C2dm Getting - 401 - Unauthorized

I have an android application with an backend. I have the registration_id for the phone as well as an auth token from google for the application server that is performing a push.

When i make the http post request to c2dm so that the phone gets a message i keep getting the 401 unauthorized.

Here is how i'm making the request in .net:


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Frequent C2dm Message Request

I had develop an android app that allow user to request info from their phone based on chrometophone example.
Everything is working well but i noticed that c2dm message only sent once to the device and subsequence c2dm will only reach phone after screen unlock.

This make me annoy as my app required to get data from phone without unlock screen multiple times.

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Motorola Droid - Keep Pop3 Message (on Phone) After Removed From Server

I've noticed that if i download a message from pop3 account and then delete it from the actual pop3 server, it will delete it from the droid next time that i check the pop3 mail with the droid. I guess it syncs with the pop3 account (with pop3 replacing instead of appending) instead of a straight download from pop3 account.

Is there any way to keep a pop3 message (on the droid) after its been removed from the server?

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Setting Up Wowway Email - Message - Unable To Open Connection To Server

I have tried searching for this and can't seem to get an answer. I am trying to set up my droid to get email from my account. But i can't get it past the "checking incoming server settings" screen. It repeatedly gives the message, "unable to open connection to server. I have tried the few things i could find on google but nothing is working.

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C2dm Delay_while_idle

I'm testing out c2dm.

I see everything working exactly as it should except that the c2dm message isn't received by the app if the device is idle. By that, i mean the screen is dark. If i revive (press the power button) the device, it works as expected.

Shouldn't c2dm only do this if the delay_while_idle=1 parameter is used on the server side to send the message? Otherwise, shouldn't the device start the app and process the message?

I'm using a nexus one with the latest ota version of 2. 2.

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Signup For C2dm

Filled out the form requesting access. I was wondering if anyone has started to work with c2dm? Has google responded to your signup request?

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C2dm Registration Id Fails

I am working on google's c2dm and have a program on the android emulator trying to get registration id.

But i get following errors:


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Simple Implementation Of C2dm

I am trying to implement android c2dm. I have looked into documentation and seen the jump note and chrome to phone samples that are provided.

But i couldnt really figure out the process. It would be great if i could simple implementation of c2dm where in when we send a request from server, it displays simple notification.

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C2dm Running On Eclair

It seems that the android market on eclari can search, download and install the c2dm-based applications. It seems that if the c2dm support code is imported in the application source code direclty, the application can running on eclair, is that true?

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C2dm Getting Notregistered Response

I had c2dm working perfectly in my application. To test a different scenario i unregistered my phone so that it would not receive pushes anymore, and then i re-registered my phone. Since i have re-registered push does not work.

Here are the steps i'm experiencing:

My phone receives a registration_id with no erros.

I do a post to google with my registration_id within a few minutes of receiving the id.

I get a response of error=notregistered.

I don't see anything strange in logcat during this process.

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Request-response Messaging With C2dm

Is it possible to implement a request/request messaging pattern with c2dm?

I mean, some application issues a http post request to the c2dm server to send a message to a device. If the device is online, the application processing the intent could respond with a custom message that could be delivered back to the caller within the same http transaction in the http response payload.

Reading the documentation i haven't found this is feasible, . In case it is not, have you considered adding this feature in further releases?

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C2dm With Lower Api Level

For c2dm to work, a device clearly must be at api level 8. However, does this really require that the application be compiled at that level? None of the code to work with c2dm requires any apis at level 8. So would it be possible to have an app at a lower level, maybe api level 4 or 6, and have it try to do the c2dm registration? Maybe the registration fails on devices that are at a lower api level, and hopefully this can be detected so that an alternate mechanism could be used. However, shouldn't registration succeed for a device at api level 8 or higher? What i'm trying to do here is take advantage of c2dm while still compiling at level 4, so that my app can reach the most number of users. Ideally this is possible, and i can detect when the device is not capable of c2dm, and react accordingly.

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C2dm Implementation Php Code

I am creating the android application where c2dm push notification is used. But i have a problem in creating the php code to use c2dm for sending messages. Please guide me how to use the php code to send the messages. Actually there is a problem regarding this that how to get client auth token.

I have seen the url but according to this i have created the android application and i got the registration id also and i also send to the user but how server uses this to send the application.

Is there anything needed for the server from the android device to send the messages?.

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C2dm Example Chrometophone - Contents Of Datamessagingtoken.txt

I've been working/struggling with the c2dm examples to get them to work in my setup. I have almost everything in place but i can't send messages to the device because i haven't a  clientlogin auth token. In the chrometophone example this seems to be stored in "datamessagingtoken.txt".

It's been a long day struggling with this, so does anyone know how i get the token to store in this file? Will this token never change so it's safe to store it in a textfile?

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C2dm Tied To Market - Work On Non-official Devices

Just wondering if cloud to device messaging (c2dm) is available for devices that use android 2. 2 but don't have the android market installed (because they are not an official device). Is this service tied to the market?

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Databases In Sql Server

What are the different ways of moving data/databases between servers and databases in sql server?

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Server And Receive Xml

On my web server i will be creating a bespoke xml file for a client app to access. This means i must authenticate the client and then give the client the xml file.

I believe the client application will need to post data (login, password) to the server and once a connection is established, it will receive the xml file from the server (most likely php).

If you have any advise it would be most welcomed. Particular classes to look at and any potential dangers.

I have found something relevant in c sharp, however i am limited to java as the app will be for android.

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Administration Server App

I looked around a bit and didn't find this one yet. If it's a dupe or there's an answer already please point me in the right direction. What i'm wondering is if there is a central administration server application out there similar to blackberry enterprise manager for android phones. We'd like to use android phones(evo 4g specifically) in a corporate environment, but we'd like the options to encrypt the phone, remote wipe, set software policies, etc similar to bbs. Does anyone know if there is a service like that out there somewhere?

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Updates From Web Server

I want to make a background process/service which will listen for updates from a web server and then notify the user of those updates. I've done some research into several approaches but can't decide which one is simplest/best.

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Mobile Web Server App

I want to share my private files(contents) over the internet. I want to share the private files(contents) on my smartphone with far away friends over the internet. Normally i can upload them on the internet server and let my friends download them. But i don't want share them public. I can't believe the safety and also can't control the server. Most safe way for this demand is to save the files only on the phone and to let friends access to my phone directly.

In other words, i don't need any outer server. So i've looked for a smartphone web server, at last i decided to use the ifmw; goldenpack's mobile web server application. With the ifmw app, i have own internet url for my nexus one and now i can share my private files over the internet directly with special friends desired.

I want to share special files to special friends. I don't want everyone who can access into my phone to look at the same files. For example, i'll share my business files only to the relative officers, and also share my fun contents only to the family members like my wife and sons. So i make several sharing folders individual and put the contents separately. Therefore one group members would be able to access only their folder, because every folder has its own different internet url and access passcode. Ifmw app helps me like this demand.

I want to do sharing process even in offline area because ifmw is a mobile web server and no necessary to upload files, i can do sharing process on my smartphone even if the phone is in offline area. Once the phone retrieves in online, sharing process goes itself automatically.

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Get A Signal Which Indicating Web Server Down

I have an app, which needed to communicating with the web server (which hold by myself). Sometimes, the server will down. Now, what i want to know is: how can i get a signal which indicating the web server is down?

When i using this: httpresponse httpresponse = new defaulthttpclient().execute(httprequest);

If the web server is down, it will throw an ioexception, i can get a signal. However, the responding time of the above method is very long. Is there any other methods?

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Reading Text File From Server

I have a text file on my server. I want to open the text file from my android app and then display the text in a textview. I cannot find any examples of how to do a basic connection to a server and feed the data into a string.

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Samsung Vibrant - Connecting To Dm Server

I noticed my phone had a new icon in the pull down menu at the top, and when i pulled down the menu it said "connecting to dm server - device manager". I have googled it and cant seem to find out what is going on with my phone. Whenever i connected it to samsung kies (sucks i know) it said there was an update avaliable for my phone but it wouldn't go through with it.

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App Is Not Able To Connect To Any Ftp Server

I am having problem running ftp client on android. I know there are no ftp libraries on android, so i downloaded commons-net-1. 4. 1. Jar and added it to my project. But my app is not able to connect to any ftp server. This is the code, import org. Ftp. Ftpclient; my app just hangs a ftp.connect(server).

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What Information Is Mixzing Sending To Their Server

So i'm looking at media players and i found mixzing and am moderately impressed with the features in the program. I'm almost willing to fork over the $7, but the more i research it the more i find references to the app talking to a "server" for some reason. I have no idea why and there doesn't seem to be any information out there on why mixzing is talking to a 3rd party server. I know it generates recommendations and downloads album art, but the developer seems to imply that even if you turn off those two features in the app that it will still talk to the server.

Can someone tell me why that would be? Why does mixzing's server need information about my media library if it's not going to be generating recommendations? What other information is it passing to them about my device and my library?

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Reusing A Thread - Get Some Remote Data From Server

I am trying to get my head around threads, and after attempting many times to get my head around it, i am stuck on this point.

I want to get some remote data from a server. I create a thread to handle this operation. I understand this. But if i want to get some more remote data, i end up creating a new thread. This seems a bit daft, as shouldnt i be able to re-use the existing thread.

After trying to understand how i could do this, i think the answer lies in sending messages to the thread? But i am totally baffled by this.

Here is a example of where i need to get lots of remote data based on a variable within a for statement:


As you can see in the example, i need to call the remote server lots of times, but instead of creating a new thread each time, shouldnt i be able to reuse one thread that i can create earlier?

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Upload A File To Server From Droid Device

Is there any need to use something other than a http post for small files? (<1mb)

With large files anyone know of an existing lib to handle them (and preferably show a progress bar in a dialog)

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Accessing Http Request Before Sending To Server

I am trying to calculate md5 hash of a http reqest before sending it to server. For this i have to get the http request first.

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Htc Evo 4g - How To Tell Wifi To Use Dns Server

On our internet set up, under internet protocol version 4 (tcp/ipv4) properties, we have to select use the following dns server addresses:
Preferred dns server: 4. 1. 1. 1
Alternate dns server: 4. 1. 1. 2

I cannot find such options in my evo.

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