How To Control Window-panning / When Virtual Keyboard Gets Displayed

Is there any way to control the amount that the activity-window gets scrolled up when the virtual keyboard gets displayed? The default (when panning is enabled for that activity in the manifest) is to pan exactly that far so that the user can still see the edittext or whatever the user wants to edit. Now i have an edittext below said edittext that dynamically changes text if text gets entered into the edittext above. I'd like to scroll the window a little further up so that both edittexts get displayed. And i don't want to use a scrollview, just the normal mechanism that get's triggered when you open up the virtual keyboard.

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Tab Control Displayed On Top - Want To Show On Bottom Line

I want to make an tab control on android.
But the tab control is displayed on top, wherein i want it to be displayed the bottom line.

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Virtual Keyboard Not Updating Edittext

My problem is: i have two edit text on an activity, the first does not have any filter, the second is "inputtype:"number". When i click on this second, the virtualkeyboard appear, but when i click on numbers only the first one appear on the edit text. Then, when i hide the virtual keyboard, all the numbers i have clicked appear. The worst is that: 1) this does not happen when i use version 1. 5, but only with following version; 2) this does not happen with the other edittext; 3) when using the "real" keyboard, there is no problem; 4) i have also tried copying the same xml settings from the "working" edittext, with no success. 5) my last try was to intercept the key pressed with onkeylistener, manually setting the text with the pressed char, but even with that the edittext got updated only after the virtualkeyboard disappear; 6) on some posts i read that maybe the problem is that virtual keyboard events does not flows exactly like the "real" keyboard ones, but i could not get further.

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Virtual Keyboard - How Is It / Easy To Type With

Hey my droid x is in the mail, i'm just wondering what to expect. How is the virtual keyboard? I've never used swype before so i'm looking forward to trying that out. Is it easy to type with?

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Display Virtual Keyboard In A Custom View

I am building a custom view and would like to pragmatically display the default on-screen input method (if any) when certain conditions are met. Due to some specific features of the view i am not able to reuse the textview and edittext views with all the functionality already present. The idea was to simply display the keyboard and capture the keypress events in the view.code.

While the approach seems to work with edittext i was not able to show the on-screen keyboard ( showinputmethodpicker () seems to work ). While browsing the textview source code i came across the following method: code.

I was not able to find the class editableinputconnection in the documentation or in the source code.

I would appreciate any kind of advice on how to show the on screen keyboard and how to properly register my view so it can receive the keypress events.

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Motorola Droid - Get Virtual Keyboard From One Rom To Another

I've recently changed roms and liked the keyboard on the previous. Is there a way to get the virtual keyboard from one rom to another?

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Webview Dont Open Virtual Keyboard / Fix It

I have a url where user can input in a field.

When i open that url with the android browser and click in the field the virtual keyboard pops up. When i open the same url with my webview and click in the field the virtual keyboard does not appear?!

What do i have to do?

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How To Achieve Multi Tap For 3x4 Virtual Keyboard

How to achieve multi tap for 3x4 virtual keyboard?

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Virtual Keyboard Doesn't Appear When Rotate Screen / Fix It

I am facing to a problem related virtual keyboard.

I've created a layout that contains button, textview and edittext.

When its screen orientation is portrait, it can show the virtual keyboard by one touching on the edittext.

Then i've changed screen orientation to landscape. At this moment virtual keyboard hasn't been appeared.

What is wrong here ?

How to fix it ?

I think this is big problem for my application.

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Contacts Apps To Pull Up A Virtual Keyboard / Have Alpha Tabs

I am looking for a better contacts app. I have hundreds of contacts and scrolling takes forever. On the blackberry i could easily hit a key to sort quickly. I can't do that easily on the droid-at least not with one hand. I haven't seen anything in the market yet that seems to do what i want. Any contacts apps that pull up a virtual keyboard or have alpha tabs?

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Motorola Droid - Applying Mm Themes And Losing Virtual Keyboard / Fix For This

As the title says. Has anyone found a fix for this? I tried reinstalling the apk but that doesn't work. The keyboard is gone and doesn't show up in my list of keyboards under settings.

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Panning Video In Runtime

I want to make the view move around the screen. Is that possible? In other words, i want panning to be possible and i think that has something to do with the view. How do you do panning a video preview?

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Handler For Map Panning

I have searched this group extensively and have not found the answer to my issue. I have a lot of server data being loaded into overlays and i want to create the overlays as the user pans. Ideally it would wait for the user to stop panning before it started loading the data. What is the best practices procedure for determining if the map has changed location or zoom level?I was looking for something along the lines of onlocationchanged() for mapview or onpan() but i have not seen anything like that.

Do i just need to set up my own parameters and override ondraw() in the mapview and in that method run tests to see if the map has changed? This idea seems like overkill and would lead to overzealous server hits.

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Google Maps - Limit Panning Between Longitudes / Stop It

I"m trying to set limits to the map view so the user won't be able to
Pan it cyclic.
(When panning to the right, instead of the map will cycle, i want it
To stop).

Is it possible?

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Get Image Of Map Displayed In Mapview

Is there any way to get the image of the map displayed in mapview?

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Menu And Alertdialog Not Getting Displayed On Regaining Focus / Show Them

I have one application in which i have only one activity and 6 different frames (derived from framelayout). Using menu one can choose a particular frame. On each frame i have different views, user can go from one view to another and come back to the previous view (i am managing it with one stack in each frame) some of the views has buttons on clicking which we show a list using alertdialog.

This is working fine. But when another application comes on top of my application and then regain the focus again to my application it is not working as expected. For eg if i press the button, it is not listing the items. However if i power off and power on the device, the list is appearing. That means alertdialog is getting created properly, but somehow it is not getting displaying. (Even though the list is not getting displayed, i can see that if i press one the screen, the action item correponding to each item is getting executed).

Similarly on pressing menu (after regaining the focus), it is not displaying the menu items.

Can anybody tell what is going wrong here. It is also observed that sometimes it started to work as expected (ie menu and alertdialogs are getting displayed after regaining the focus). Once it started to work it is always working fine.

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Motorola Droid - Place Dialpad On One Of Screens Displayed All Time

I was wondering is there any way to make calling someone easier? I tap the button on top, slide the unlock then find the phone button then type the number or use the contact list then tap the name and push call, i have some contact on direct call already which is great however is there a way to place the dialpad on one of the screens displayed all the time?

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Start Droid Market With Full Version Of My App Displayed?

I'm developing a lite version for an app on the android. How can i start an intent to open the android market, preferably with the full version of my app displayed? This is difficult to test on an emulator (which is the closest thing to a device i have), as there seems to be no legal way of installing the market on it.

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Change What Weather Source Displayed On Table Top

Is there a way to change what weather source displayed on the table top. The accuweather one is not accurate. Saturday showed it was 31 and snowing. It was 55 and sunny. Today it shows its 53 out when its 64. I have downloaded other weather aps but not sure how to get them to display in table top mode. I have tried setting the weather loction to surounding areas and it still is way off.

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Virtual Call Girl App

Anyone try this one lol i was going to just because it sounded to funny the lite version but i didn't have enough space 8 mb i haven't done apps2sd yet, update it's fake call girl and she's 19. 76 mb damn.

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How To Pluging Our Own Window Manager

I was going through the window manager of android. I wonder if is it possible to replace this window manger with out own window manger. Is this supported? What depencies are there for this?

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Motorola Droid - Bluetooth Does Not Work With Virtual Voice Mail / Get It To Do So

Does anyone else have this problem? I am using jawbone 2, phone conectivity and quality are fine, however voicemails do not travel through the headset. I have to hold the phone to my other ear, or activate the speaker function.

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App Like Cubase To Record Audio And Maybe Play Virtual Instruments On Phone

Is there an app like cubase to record audio and maybe play virtual instruments on android and mix them ?

If so, could you use a midi usb keyboard plugged in the android phone to play music ?

But at least an app to record voices and mix them.

Ive heard of "16 bars" but there is no way to mix different tracks together i believe.

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Java Issues In Mac And Window

I opened my android project(from win7 environment) in my mac.

Then i have these java problems :


Removing those @override notation solve the issues. Why is this happening in the first place?

Who is right? Mac or window.

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Moving Window Of Items In Listview

I am trying to update the listview with periodic updates taken from an http response. Now, i am thinking that because this is very specific to my application, i can get away by using a background thread and then updating the listview using the magic ui thread. The last time i tried this, i had to remove the entire adapter of the listview and then fill it up again so it worked. But this time, what i am trying to do is a more "smooth" scrolling listview. Something like a scrolling ticker. Is there a different approach to achieve this?

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Multiple Popup Window Ability

I bought the samsung galaxy tab for work mostly and i use a website for work that opens multiple pop up windows to use it. For instance, i do a search, then click on an item, then want to map that item, so for this example i would need to have 3 pop up windows open. The device only allows one for some reason. When i try to click on the item it says "only one pop up at a time"? This defeats the entire purpose of the device. I have tried the default browser, opera, and dolphin all have the same issue so its got to be something with the device.

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Target Option Disabled In Eclipse Window - Why Is So

Why my target option in eclipse is disabled? I cant select the target platform.
On the other hand the platform folder and adds-on are empty.

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Remove Window Titlebar After Adding Content

The question is quite simple "how do i remove the titlebar from a webview, after adding content ? Normally you use requestwindowfeature(window. Feature_no_title); but you can only use that method before adding content.

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Can't Add Platform In Window To Preferences / Get It

I am running into errors while setting up my environment using eclipse galileo. It appears to have loaded eclipse and the sdk ok as i can see the android icon in the about eclipse and the android sdk and avd manager appear in the window dropdown list.

But when trying to add platforms in window->preferences its says: "location of the android sdk has not been setup in preferences".

I selected android on the left and tried to add: "c:documents and settings homasjimy documentsandroidandroid-sdk-windows" but nothing is populated in the list of sdk targets when i click

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Open A Modal Pop Up Window With A Textview

I'm very new on android.

I want to show a modal pop up window with a textview and two buttons when the user "clicks" on a listview item.

How can i do that?

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