Download Outside Market

I have no luck downloading anything outside of android market. Please tell me anywhere else we can actually download quality android app and games? Also, that means any where else i can sell my android app and games? Or just submit free games, hopefully build a following.

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Download More Apps From Market

To cheat your location of phone, so you can download more apps from market?Something about market enabler?

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Htc Desire Hd - Can't Download Anything From The Market / What To Do

Got my dhd earlier and cannot download anything from the market. Everytime i get the error message "download unsussesful". Ive just switched to android from an iphone 3gs and so have no idea what this error means and how to fix it but if its not gonna download apps it can go back to vodafone.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Can't Download Anything From Market / Get It To Work

I just flashed fresh 2. 4 on my wife's phone and everything is working perfectly except i can't download anything from the market?! It just says starting download and never progresses past that. Any ideas?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Application - Market Download Does Not Work

I have been using this phone for a couple of months on which found that the market download does not work it seams to hang on download, it is a bit pointless to have if you cannot use as unable to download any apps. The phone had been reset back to original out of box mode on which still nothing works

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Htc Desire - Can't Download Mixzing App Via Market On My Phone / Option To Get It

I'm trying to download mixzing app via the market on my phone but it keeps on saying download unsuccessful, is there another option to get mixzing on the phone

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Can't Download Anything From Android Market / Reason For This

I cant download anything from android market.

If i click install a message appears

"Download was unsuccessful. Please try again"

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Cannot Download From Phone Unsuccessful Download

Ive paid for it but cannot download from my phone. "Unsuccessful download". I download it on my desktop pc and i cannot find the apk file. Anyone else experiencing this and do you have a solution.

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Cant Download Apps

i cant download apps what do i do ?

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Download - Expansion Modules

I have developed a android application and i would like users to be able to download "expansion modules" for it. To take an example of what i would like to accomplish: for the astro filemanager, it is possible to download a samba module, etc.

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Access Download Manager Db

I want to access downloads databases in my activity. But i am seeing a securityexception. Even though i added the permission in my manifest file, i still see the same crash happening.

Here is the java code.


I see the following exception.


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Way To Download / Install All Available Updates

I am just curious if there is any way to download + install all available updates?

It kind of sucks when you have 12 updates available, and you have to sit there and click each app in the market, then click install, then click okay, etc. Etc. Etc.

I am on android 2. 0 if that matters.

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Can I Download Code Off My Phone

I just finished a couple hours of work updating my app and i have it running on my phone in debug mode (unsigned). I accidentally replaced my recent files with old ones and that recent work is now gone. Is there a way to extract my code from my phone? Keep in mind that it was not signed i believe so should be in debug mode.

I'll be re-doing all the work now but maybe you can respond soon enough and save me the time.

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How To Download Code From Repository

I am new to android development. I try to download source code from "http://android. Git.". Its always through the error. Fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly. Please help me how to down load the code from repository.

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How To Resume An Interrupted Download

I'm trying to download a large file from my yahoo! Web site server which apparently is setup (not by me) to disconnect downloads if they are not completed within 100 seconds. The file is small enough to usually successfully transfer. On the occasions when the data rate is slow and the download gets disconnected, is there a way to resume the urlconnection at the file offset where the disconnection occurred? Here's the code.

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Download For Netbook Code

I heave a netbook with windows ce
And i want to have the android os on it
Is there any download for this netbook code.

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Cannot Download Outlook Contacts To Droid

I cannot download my outlook contacts to the phone. I searched the forums and found out i had to pull my notification bar down. The phone seems to show that it's connected validly (my option is to "turn off usb storage). But, when i get through the process to tell the computer to export files to drive l, the usb into which i've plugged the phone, it's only letting me download to something called a backup folder on the phone. I've got a million contacts & i gotta get this right.

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Motorola Cliq And Download Errors

I'm trying to download .zip and .rar file on my motorola cliq, not sure if it will let me dl the ?Rar file because it says cannot dl on phone format not supported but the .zip just says unsuccessful download. I know when i had my tmobile g1 i could download this .zip file on it but for some reason the cliq cannot. I checked off in the settings allow install of non market items. I want to dl this file and i don't got a computer.

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Htc New Widget Download Problem

I'm having very big issues with my new mytouch 4g. This whole downloading of widgets worked for me couple of times since i bought this phone. I was able to download some widget for my gmail, called "gmail 2. 3", "facebook", "stopwatch", and many other ones. The way that i would download them was: i would long press on any empty portion of any screen/tab or even go a totally empty tab, after i would get a little menu with choice of out of four (4) items -"shortcuts", "widgets", "folder", and "wallpaper" and all four (4) items have a little arrow down - button (to select it).

Since i would want to install some widget on my screen, i tap arrow-down next to "widgets". It brings me up all available widgets that are already preinstalled on my device (t-mo or htc puts them there), if you don't find a widget which you need, out of preinstalled ones (and most likely you won't because there are 30 of them there tops), you can press on "get more widgets" (in the list along other 4 choices) and it allows you to do a word search/title for a widget that you want.

But for me - it doesn't open up that search box, anymore. Instead it says in white letters "unable to download widgets. Tap to try again. " Now when i call t-mo they don't understand what is it that i want to do. They tell me, how you can only use widgets that are pre-installed on the device, and it never allows you to download any more. I had this issue once before, and i got scared so i exchanged my device. I just bought it back then; only 6 days had passed, so i was still able to return/exchange it. I was within the return/exchange period back then, but not now. And the problem is back.

Do i need to install some update somehow? Or what do i do? If yes for the update, then how?

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Motorola Droid - Cannot Download Ringtones / What To Do

I have a motorola droid. Recently it stopped ringing. I took it to verizon and they replaced it with a refurbished phone. All seems okay, except i cannot download ringtones.

In my first phone i got some terrific options from manilo ringtones which i found in the droid marketplace on the phone. However, when i try to reach that source on my new droid, i cannot. The ringtone options on my droid are really limited. I tried some other ringtone apps, too, but when i downloded them and tried to install i got a note about a problem with or the absence of an sd  card. What is the problem and what do i do?

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Sportstap New Version Will Not Download / Solution For This

Anyone having trouble downloading the latest version of sportstap?

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Google Listen Auto Download

I can't seem to get auto download working for google listen. I have my settings set to refresh sub. Every hour, download new audio when possible checked off, and also i have download while charging checked off.

I've had by droid plugged in for 3 hours now and it still has not downloaded any episode. The only way for me to download episodes seems to be to go into the podcast and press settings and then download.

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Image Not Getting Download Showing Empty / What To Do

I am trying to download the image from the server. Here i am getting the problem, some times the image is not getting download it is showing empty. In server i kept the bitmap image. I am using the following code to download the image.code.

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Media - Is There Anyway To Download Ringtone To Slide

I'm looking for more ringtones for sms, i don't really like the default ones for the mytouch slide. But, i do like the default ringtones for the sidekick, is there anyway to download those to my slide?

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Htc Desire - Should Download Flash

I have an orange branded desire running froyo, i believe flash is on it but some have commented that they have downloaded flash from the android market as it's available. My question is, should i download it from the market? If flash is updated i don't think i can get the update as mine came with the rom and not the android market.

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Is There Any Way To Download .doc File From Email

New to android. Had nokia n series, and most recently, the htc hd2. Decided to get the xperia x10 a few days ago, only to get it home and find it's a heap of poo. Anyway, a few questions about android/x10.

1) is there any way to download a .doc file from an email? I can only see preview, but i want it saved to my phone.

2) is there any app that i can get to stop the contract internet connecting, so i can preserve my battery life?

3) are there any rss readers that actually work for it? I downloaded the one from the market, but it didn't work at all.

4) how long on average does your battery last? I'm lucky if mine lasts 6 hours.

These are the only questions i can think of just now. No doubt i'll be back with more.

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Motorola Droid - How To Download Ringtone ?

So i bought a ringtone from myxer and they sent the file attached in a text message. I can play the ringtone, but i have no idea how to download it, anybody now what to do? I downloaded the save mms app and it didn't show up in there.

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Browser Download List Location

Does anyone know where the default browser's list of downloads is located? I'm not looking for the "downloads" directory, but the text file containing the list (i.e. , Browser->more->downloads). I have so many files in the list that it's started causing problems. And the only way to delete them is to "check" each file in the list and hit the delete button. I have thousands of files in the list so that really isn't practical for deleting them all. There has to be a file somewhere that i can clear.

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Cannot Download In Your Country - Samsung Galaxy S2

Based in the uk. Have been downloading apps fine. Went to france and returned and can no longer download apps. For example google earth which is preaumably available everywhere. Using phone without sim card because waiting for nuc from service provider. Using wifi. Any ideas?

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New Update Worth To Download For Lg Optimus V?

So i was thinking about installing the new update for the optimus v, but i wanted to know if it was worth the download. Is there anyone that has actually downloaded the update and noticed any difference at all? If you haven't downloaded and are gonna say if you have problems, then don't download it, then please don't answer.

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