Motorola Droid X - Rom Call Miui

I was looking through the original droid forum and i saw this rom call miui by a japanese company or something that wwas originally made for nexus1 and has been ported to the droid. What do you guys think of this? Would you use it? Any chance it could be ported to the x?

Here is the original youtube video of it

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Htc Droid Eris - Freezes On Call Screen When Pik Call / Fix It

So on my droid eris, when i hit the volume button on the side, or i go into settings and try and change the volume my screen freezes and after waiting awhile it says its not responding and to force close? This is everytime i try and adjust it.

. Also when i get a call, if i click answer it freezes on the call screen and wants me to force close that also

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Call Forwarding On Motorola Droid

I need to have the ability for my phone to forward calls that i ignore, don't pick up in time, or miss due to the phone being off or not getting a signal. All my previous phones (android and feature ones) have all had an option under call settings that allowed the phone to be forwarded to another number. The *72 method doesn't work for me because that simply forwards all calls.

I need the ability to either pick up or have it go to another number. On the motorola droid, these options are missing. I don't want to give up this phone but i absolutely need this feature. Is there a way to do this. Maybe even through an app?

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Motorola Droid - Get Virtual Keyboard From One Rom To Another

I've recently changed roms and liked the keyboard on the previous. Is there a way to get the virtual keyboard from one rom to another?

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Motorola Droid X - Tuturial To Use Rom Manager

I have been looking for a tutorial on how to use rom manager and but it was for the droid. And i want to make sure i know how to use this with the droid x. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Motorola Droid Call Screen Questions

I have two sort of weird questions on the vzw droid incredible:

1) is there any way to change what icon shows up when you make or receive a call? I'm talking about replacing that little green guy with something else.

2) is there a way to lower the volume of the touch tones when dialing without turning them off completely?

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Motorola Droid - Unable To Text While On A Call / Why Is This

I'm on the phone w/ verizon and have been receiving texts, and while i was on hold i was trying to reply. The texts arnt going through. I could have sworn i was able to do this before, and i know for sure that i was able to do this on my old phone, the env2 (able to text while on a call). Why is this?

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Motorola Droid - Keep Screen On For More Than 3 Seconds When On Call

When trying to make a call, is there a way to keep the screen on for more than 3 seconds?

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Motorola Droid Call Accountmanager.getaccounts()

In android 2. 0 there is a new android. Accounts. Accountmanager class has a function getaccounts() see: ()

Unfortunately, as most of you know the sdk doesn't come with any of the google apps that utilize the google account associated with the phone (gmail, google talk, calendar, etc. ). This means that when you call getaccounts in an emulator it returns an empty array.

The hope is that google has modified the google apps shipped with android 2. 0 to use the accountmanager api instead of whatever internal and super-secret-closed system they were using before. If this is the case, then 3rd party apps can hopefully gain access to a google auth token via the accountmanager instead of having to ask the user for their username / password.

Unfortunately, the only phone that has android 2. 0 on it to my knowledge is the motorola droid. So this is a call out to any developers that have access to that phone to please call accountmanager. Getaccounts and let us know whether or not there is a google account on a production android device.

If not then it appears that it will be up to 3rd party developers to write an authenticator (ideally a free / open sourced one) that returns a google auth token (and prompts / stores user's google credentials with the android. Accounts api.

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Motorola Droid - What's Considered The Best Custom Rom

I saw the youtube where smoked glass rom was featured is that considered the best?

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Motorola Droid X - Rom - Unleashed 3.0 Alpha From Matt4542

Matt4542 just posted an alpha release of a true aosp rom over at xda-developers: [rom]unleashed 3. 0 alpha! Aosp fun! Jetpack not included. - Xda-developers.

It is still a little too buggy for me to use as my every day rom (it reboots every time the phone locks), but it is certainly fast.

Here's the quadrant (stock voltages, etc. )

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Motorola Droid - Get A Rom To Revert My Phone Back To 2.1

I just rooted my phone using this:

Now how do i get a rom to revert my phone back to 2. 1?

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Motorola Droid - Stop Dialpad From Activating When On Call

When i am in a call my face activates the dialpad, is there a way to stop the dialpad from activating? Or can it be moved or activated differently?

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Motorola Droid - 3g Icon Goes Away While On A Phone Call / Stop It To Do So

So, i see a at&t commercial about the iphone. While on a call, you can do other things, like look up a restraunt, or get directions.

So i pick up my land line, and call myself. While on the call, the 3g icon goes away and sure enough, i couldnt do anything that required internet access.

So, is this one thing that the iphone can do that the droid can not?

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Motorola Droid X - Weird Phone Call Endings

Everytime i a phone call is ended my phone freaks out and does weird things. Sorry for the use of non useful words but it will show some thing on my screen being moved to the garbage and then it'll open and do weird things untill i turn the screen off and then back on

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Motorola Droid - Rom Manager Reboots Me To Base 2.01 / Fix It

When i use rom manager to load the latest version of cyanogen, it reboots me to base 2. 01.

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Motorola Droid - Can Repetitive Rom Flashing Damage Chips

I just recall back in "the old days" (-about 1994 lol) about how it was either a general consensus or simply an unfounded rumor that flashing desktop bios chips could damage them, rendering the mobo useless.

Any truth to that, then or now?

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Motorola Droid - Kangerade - Goodies - Rom - Live Wallpapers?

Anyone know how to get the live walpapers from the goodies rom to show up with the rest of the live wallpapers?

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Motorola Droid X - Can I Install A New Rom Over Deodexed Revolution Theme

Or do i need to do something else first?

Will this reset my phone to the factory state? Will i have to reload everything?

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Motorola Droid - Save Some Of Wallpapers In Beast Rom To Sd Card

I want to save some of the wallpapers that are in the beast rom. How can i do this i assume i would need root explorer got that already i want to save them to my sd

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Motorola Droid - Stop Call Log From Launching After It Ended

How do you stop the call log from launching after a call is ended?

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Motorola Droid - Change Call Log Time Of It From Current

Does anyone know how to change the call log time of call from the current (example: 11 hours ago) to the actual time of the phone call= 12:47pm 5/3/2010?

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Motorola Droid - Phone Goes Blank After A Call Connected / Fix It

The screen on my droid immediately goes blank after a call is connected . No matter how it is held.

I went down the path of thinking that i had an issues with the proximity sensor, but the fact that it happens every time no matter how it is held, or what the lighting is, or temperature, or lunar phase has led me to believe it is more involved (fyi: i have no covers and the screen doesn't have a protector).

I tried using the screebl light app, but it had no effect. Changing the screen timeout had no effect. Telling my friends that i'm probably going to have to have my droid replaced for a 3rd phone prompted laughter, but had no effect on the phone.

The only way for me to "wake up" the phone is by sliding open the keyboard or plugging it in (shaking it, massaging it, and swearing at it didn't work).

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Motorola Droid X - Buzzing - Static Sounds When On Call / Get Rid Of It

I just got my x today and notice that when i'm talking on the phone, there is a weird buzz-ish or static sound when the person is speaking (not speaker phone). I'm not sure what's causing it but it's uber annoying. My husband just got an x too and he's not having this problem. We have the same case, just different colors.

I've re-booted, adjusted the volume etc, not help. Oh, and i use verizon if that matters.

Should i just send it back?

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Motorola Droid - Phone Crashed When Downloaded New App / Reinstall Another Rom

Just downloaded a new app and my droid decided to crash, rebooted and now just loops between the eye, droid my lock screen and back to the eye.

Is my best bet just to reinstall another rom?

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Motorola Droid - Liquid Frozen Yogurt - Themes Slow Down A Rom

Do themes slow down a rom? For example i mentioned liquid frozen yogurt 1. 5.

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Motorola Droid - Tweaks / Settings In Ss4.6 Rom To Maximize Performance

So i am on ss4. 6. Just getting into this whole rooting business and was wondering if there's any kind of little tweaks or settings in this rom to maximize performance

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Motorola Droid - Lots Of Resetting After Recent Updates And During Phone Call / What To Do

I noticed that facebook notifications don't work at all anymore. But since the most recent update my phone has rebooted at least 2 times a day. Most recently during a phone call? I got this phone as a refurb from verizon after the ota bricked my last one. Does this warrant a replacement or is it a software bug i have to track down? I honestly don't want to go through the exchange process again.

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Motorola Droid - Phone Wouldn't Let Me Answer A Call / Solution For This

Had my droid sitting on my desk as usual while working, it started ringing, but when i went to answer it, instead of it being on the screen where you just slide to answer, it brought up the lock screen. I thought that was weird, but did the slide to unlock, then it brought up an error message (wish i had of written it down now) that said something about not able to do that process or something like that and then it said . Force close. Not only could i not answer the call, but then after i hit the lock button again to bring the screen back up after force closing while trying to answer a call. There is nothing in the call history showing who is trying to call me, so i don't even know who to call back now! Unacceptable!  

Has anyone else had this happen to them? What is the solution? This is a phone first, then a computer, music player, blah blah blah. It is completely unacceptable that i could not even answer a phone call!

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Motorola Droid - Retrieve Text Messages From Nandroid And Put Them Onto Current Rom

I realized that, after flashing birdman's froyo rom to my phone the other day, all of my text messages are gone. I assumed that texts were saved on the sd card and they would be there after i got to froyo but that wasn't the case. Any way i can retrieve my texts from a nandroid backup (i made a nandroid right before i flashed birdman's froyo), and then put them onto my current rom?

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