Display An Hourglass While I Try To Load A New Activity

How can i display an hourglass while i try to load a new activity.

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Can We Start New Activity / At Least Display Toast

I tried to deploy a timer and switch the user to another dialog for setting if times out. But the dialog just cannot display. No error/exception reported. Vibration works fine though.

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Display Pop-up / Toast Notification Without Activity - Context

Can somebody throw some light on how to display a pop-up/notification/toast while i am in a broadcast receiver. Toast expects a context and i don't have a context to pass. Can somebody help me with this?

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Check Condition Inside Oncreate() Of Activity And Display An Alertdialog

I am new to android and this is my first question here so please go easy on me.

Is it possible to check some condition inside oncreate() of an activity and display an alertdialog?

I am creating an alertdialog anonymously in oncreate() and calling show on that instance but the alertdialog is never displayed.

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Activity Lifecycle - Pressing Back Key Finishes Current Activity And Displays Previous Activity

""by default, pressing the back key finishes (destroys) the current activity and displays the previous activity to the user. ""

I made and run an app and pressed the back key and returned to the main menu. However, when i typed the 'ps' command in the terminal emulator the process of my app was still there. My app constists only of this activity. Shouldn't the process be killed?

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Load System Jnis

If i try to load libwebcore or libmedia from my app it will fail because the system libs has been loaded by zygote and by jni spec. The same jni native library cannot be loaded into more than one class loader.

But from the log and the code (dalvik/system/vmstack) the bootstrap class loader ( the classloader of zygote) is null although the class. Getclassloader() can get the instance of the bootstrap class loader

Isn't it strange here? Libwebcore. So is loaded by a classloader before which is a null object.

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How To Load Dialogs In Droid

Those dark spinning progress dialogs in the amazon and engadget apps - are those standard in android?

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Unable To Load Music To Phone / Way To Do

I just got my droid and new to androids. I cant get the droid to get music from my computer. Know how to set up usb and from that point on no matter what i do cant seem to get it to work. Can someone please give me a step by step on how to load music to my droid. I love this thing and want to make it better. Also are videos the same way?

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Can I Load Engadget Up On Droid Phone

Open your browser, go to, if you get directed to the mobile version, scroll to the bottom and tap the full engadget experience link.

Did it work, or did it come up with a server redirect error? When playing with android phones in shops, i noticed that the xperia x10 couldn't do it, the hero couldn't do it, the desire did it once i messed with it a bit, and the nexus one did it perfectly first time.

Were the demo phones in the shops just broken, or is there a bug with the browser? Or a competibility problem with some phones?

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Why Do Most Of Apps You Can Down Load From Market Place

Why do most of the apps you can down load from the market place have no instructions with them. Many of these apps are in the top 50 free downloads like "android agenda widget", "notes", "sticky notes". All of these will load and then you have to just start tapping on things and trying different things to see what will work or not. I don't understand for example on the program "sticky notes" postit app for your home screen it will not tell me how to save the note after i type one.

I tried a few different things they didn't work so i uninstalled it. I find this to be the case with many of these apps. People recommend them here and on other android sites they say how easy & great they work. Then i play with the app for over 20 mins. And still can't get them to work worth a s*it. Whats the deal is it that hard to let the end user know how to use the program.

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Load Complex Views Concurrently Without Getting Anr

I have an android activity that creates custom views, and it is an expensive process. I tried to use a handler, but when i do, the progress dialog that shows, spins like once every 5 seconds. So i tried to use an asynctask. Now the progressdialog spins, but then it crashes, because it isn't allowed to load the ui? How can i do this without getting anr?

08-10 19:28:21. 313: error/androidruntime(1428): caused by: android. View. Viewroot$calledfromwrongthreadexception: only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views.

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Media - Not Able To Load Songs Onto My Sd Card / Fix This

When i first got my g1 i saw that i had songs on my sd card i didn't want so i deleted them. But now its not detected. And i would like to load music onto it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Htc Incredible - Not Able To Load New Rom Via Its Manager / Why Is So

I'm trying to load custom roms via the rom manager app. My since is rooted and i have the super user app all setup as well as wifi tether. The issue is when i try to use the install rom using sd card feature. I checked wipe data and phone cache and the phone resets. Problem is when it reboot it goes into a loading bar then switches to a phone with red question mark above it. Do you guys have any ideas what i'm doing wrong.

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Motorola Droid - Possible To Load Different Roms Smudater

Is it possible to download different roms to my phone using zip then running them using the smudater

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Motorola Droid - Load 2.06 And Then Reload All Programs

I have a sholes 2. 06 rom and i want to start from scratch. Can i just boot into recovery install 2. 06 and select wipe data instead of keep data? Is that the best way to load 2. 06 and then reload all my programs?

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Htc Droid Eris - Sense Ui How Long To Load

Are you guys having a long loading time from switching scenes or turn on or off. It seems after the update i always get sense ui force closed.

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Htc Evo 4g - Can't Get Swype To Load Again / Fix For This

I had installed and used swype for the last two days but after clicking back to the standard keyboard i cant get swype to load again. The swype option is checked under keyboard and language. I have tried uninstalling and installing twice. Anything else to try beside a hard reset?

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Htc Eris - Rooted Can't Load Certain Roms

Ihave been rooted for about 6 weeks. Have succesfully flashed roms, run backups and nand restores. For some reason i cannot flash any cynagon or froyo roms. Also recently my nand restore has stopped working.

So after doing a lot of reading and searching. Many have suggested that i try a new sd card. Purchase new sd card, reformatted to fat 32 no partitions. Loaded up sensikal froyo rom. Boot loop city.

Loaded up kaos froyo - got to the set up screen, where you tap the android, then it went into the boot animation again. Started to freeze on the animation and then a white box appeared, started the animation again but was extremely pixelated then just froze.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Screens Constantly Load / Cause Of This

First off, let me say that i really really like these forums. I have been lurking forever and have never had to post any questions because i can always do a search and find a post that leads me in the right direction. This one has me stumped though.

I rooted this past weekend and flashed the new fresh2. 0d rom. I upgraded the 1. 5. 2 image to 1. 6. 2 and i just installed the 2. 42. 00. 03. 10 radio.

Now when i back out of any program i get a black "fresh" screen and my home screen loads like it does when the phone boots up. My twitter app and my bookmarks do the same. This is each time i back out of a program. It only started today after i upgraded the image and radio. Would those cause this or is it another problem?

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Motorola Droid - Deleting Preloaded Apps So They Do Not Load

Can i delete preloaded apps so they don't load? Got my motorola droid replaced with a droid 2 and i notice there are a lot of stock apps i will never use that keep rebooting each time i start the phone. Is there anyway to delete them?

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Some Of Photos Do Not Load / Sync Using Kies - Samsung Galaxy S2

So i bought a samsung galaxy s2 off ebay and i have been using it for about 4 days. I have put 6gb of music on the internal memory and i have tried putting a couple 700mb videos and 7gb of photos on to a 32gb micro sd card but only about 20 of the photos load and one of the videos loads and plays fine but i can't skip it along and the other says unsupported file extension even though both are avi. The pictures are gif, jpg and png a few of each load. I am using kies to sync the photos and running 2. 3. 5

I also another thing the phone was originally t mobile but was unlocked and i have a orange sim. Do you have to root the phone to unlock it? And could this be causing the issues. Also the sd card was cheap 14 for a class 10 32gb. But the videos do the same on the internal memory, i haven't tried the photos.

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Motorola Droid X - Avatar Prematurely Cropped / Solve This To Load

As you can see to the left my avatar is prematurely cropped. It wont let me load the whole thing. I even have this exact problem trying it from my laptop. And suggestions or tricks or anything?

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Htc Desire - Can I Use Iphone Car Charger To Load Phone

May i use the iphone car charger to load the desire in the car ?

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Htc Desire - Load / Open Attachements From Squirrel Mail

I'm new to all of this so please excuse me if this has been asked before.

I currently use squirrel mail for my main email account. I usually get some excel attachments that i need to open.
When i click on "download" it looks as if something is happening but then nothing does.

Is there any way to open these attachments?

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Media - Espn3 - Video Pop-up Opens But It Never Tries To Load / Fix It

Is anyone else having issues getting espn3 videos to play for them? I am running froyo on a t-mobile n1, the flash on the side menus runs fine, the video pop-up opens, but the video never tries to load. I have tried the default browser, dolphinhd, and skyfire all with the same result. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling flash, and nothing. Anyone have any ideas?

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Samsung Captivate - Can Connect To Router / But It Can't Load Any Pages

I'm having some trouble with my captivate. It can connect to my router, but it can't load any pages. I've checked up on the router page and i see that it is connected, but it's connection count is either 0 or 1. Furthermore i've noticed that the ip address of the phone is always constant (193. 168. 1. 134) even when it's the only thing connected to it. Anyone have any idea how to fix it?

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Motorola Droid - Load Music Onto Phone / Trick To Know Data On Sd Card

I put music from media center onto the mini sd card that came with droid and put it back in the phone and nothing came up in my music app. Is there a different way i should be putting music on the sd card? I thought droid would automatically recognize the music but it is not. I open the music app and the screen comes up black blank. Is there a trick to this phone knowing the data on the sd card?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Keeps Restarting And Wont Load Pass Animation

My hero battery died so i charged it and tried to boot it back up, but when i try and boot it back up it keeps restarting and wont load pass the sprint animation . It just keeps rebooting itself.

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Alternative Of Imageio Class In Droid / Load Texture From Inputstream Not In Resource Folder

I want to port java application to android. The application is based on jogl. For implementing texture part i need to find out an alternative to imageio class. I have read about bitmap class.

Moreover, can someone let me know how to load texture from inputstream which is not in the resource folder. I mean to say that the image will be fetched from a url.

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Texts Messages Take Forever To Load - Lags And Freezes

Slow, force closings, etc. Did motorola even test this before releasing it? You guys have recalled it several times. Quality control?

My texts messages take forever to load, it lags and freezes, for one. The only improvement i have seen is that when typing horizontally it actually shows word suggestions now.

Also i noticed when i'm at a screen with a black background, the screen dims. Then when i press on an option, it brightens back up. I don't want that. I want my screen to be consistently bright depending on the setting i choose. I don't care if it 'saves energy' seeing as i haven't had a battery problem.

Dialing on screen seems to have a ton of lag. The dialer just seems to have turned to crap along with the text messages. When pressing a button on the dialer, the sound is so weak its barely there. Pressing a button registers after a second and selecting a tab does the same thing.

Also, it would be nice to get rid of telenav seeing as how google has their own navigation.

This update should be avoided like the plague.

Everything is just slower or worse!

Is there any way to go back from this?

I honestly liked the way it was before and would have just recommended everyone skip this 'update' and go straight for 2. 1

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