Set A Listener That Fires When My Viewflipper Shows New Child?

I have a viewflipper for which i want a listener to fire when the child displayed is changed. I have set an onfocuschangelistener to the viewflipper but it never fires when i flip from child 0 to child 1 or vice-versa. The viewflipper contains two relativelayouts and i have tried setting onfocuschangelisteners for those but i get a classcastexception when i try to set it. Here's my code.

R. Is. Song_page_layout is one of my relativelayouts and showpopup() is a function i use to show, well, popups.

Does anyone have working code for some sort of trigger that fires when a viewflipper changes which child is displayed?

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Programmatically Display A Viewflipper's Second Child

I have a viewflipper with 3 children.

I want to be able to display any of these children initially. So for example, maybe i want the viewflipper to load initially with the 2nd child and not the 1st.

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Viewflipper Animations And Drawing Cache

I have a viewflipper which i use to animate between views. The in/out- animations are tranlateanimations. During the animations, the views that are animated are covered by a darker transparent foreground. How can i get rid of this?

Further, if the view thats being animated contains layout child with a background image set, the image looks really bad during the animation. I also have the same problem when animating with a textswitcher. Strange thing is that the apidemos does not have this problem and i am basically using that same code. Are these optimizations set on a global level?

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Create Own Listener Interface In Droid

Create user defined listener interface with some code snippets

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Telephony Api - Anything Like Phone Listener In Droid

I am new to android. I have developed application for blackberry. I want to develop the same application for android also.

Is there anything like phone listener in android?

How feasible its to implement an application which overrides the native phone application?

When my application is running if someone make a call, i want to disconnect the call and dial a modified number.

Same way i want to get call initiated, call connected, call disconnected, call incoming and call answered events.

In blackberry phonelistner class is providing all these. Same way symbian and windows mobile also provides this. So i want to develop our application in android also. But i didn't find any api for that.

Is it possible to do this in android?

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Listener To Know When Web View Fully Loaded

I am using a webview in a linearlayout. Whats the best way to know whether the web page has been fully loaded or not?

I am aware of the method getprogress, but what i am looking for is a listener which lets me know when the web view is fully loaded.

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Setting Listener For Drag Animations In Mapview

I have a class which extends mapview and manages markers inside the view. The trouble is i have a *lot* of markers to show (~12, 000), and loading them all at once doesn't really work, so i'm retrieving the markers on demand so that at any time there will be only ~20 markers on the map (at lower zoom levels the markers are condensed into a few "area" markers).

I need to set a listener for when the map drag animation stops so that i can load the markers at this point, but i've tried everything from setlayoutanimationlistener(this) to overriding onanimationend (animation arg0) and onanimationend() without any positive results (those methods seem to never be called).

My current "solution" is listening to a motionevent. Action_up and updating the map at that moment, but that makes the animation jerky, and may load the wrong set of markers depending on how fast the user was scrolling. So, does anyone know if it is possible to listen to the map's animation?

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Application For Child Monitoring

I am starting an application for child monitoring. This would involve mainly the logging of the sms messages sent and received and logging other activities that may be of interest to the parents. It will also be nice to have something like access control lists for these, too.

Now, as far as i know:

It is not possible to make an app "not uninstallable".
It is not possible to prompt for a password to uninstall an app.
It is not possible to assure that your app is "always" running even if it's getting killed with something like task killer, although i think you can respawn the application at given time intervals.

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Notification When Any Child Of A Viewgroup Done Drawing

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to be notified when any child of a viewgroup has done drawing. I tried using the viewtreeobserver's predraw listener which works great if i know a child is about to get drawn, but i am looking for an equivalent "postdraw" or "ondrawdone" callback.

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Apps - Online Safety For Child

My daughter is 12 years old, and has been saving her allowance for many months in order to buy a tablet. My question, as one who has never used an android device, is what options will i have for limiting her online access, what apps she uses, monitoring her internet usage, etc? Right now she goes online on my windows 7 pc, and there are plenty of software options so that i can limit time online, allow computer use within certain hours, block websites, keep track of all websites visited and keystrokes pressed; basically anything i need to do, i can.

Right now since she only uses the computer which is in our living room, there aren't many issues with what sites she might go on, people she might talk to, and so on. We have google safe search locked, youtube's safe mode locked, and she only has user level privileges on her account so she can't install or remove a program without my approval. I have a keylogging program installed and every few weeks i do a random check. I have her windows account set to allow her only on for an hour at a time and for a maximum of two hours a day. This generally works pretty well and she is well behaved, a few days ago she even asked me to block her from a game/chatting website which she likes to go on but doesn't feel has an age-appropriate community for her, which obviously made me very proud because once i checked the website i saw that it was indeed inappropriate for her and she had realized that on her own. None of the monitoring/limiting/blocking that i do is secret, she knows about it all.

Now that she will be having a tablet of her own, some things will change. She'll be able to use it in her bedroom, and i'm not going to start living in there with her so i can constantly monitor what she's doing. I could create a rule of no internet use while she's in her room to be sure, but then she won't be able to play any online games, send emails, etc. , So i think that is too broad and eliminates things which i'm fine with her doing.

Basically i suppose my questions is will i be able to do the following things, either with built-in android functionality or with apps?

1) will i be able to limit internet use to certain hours?
2) will i be able to block websites?
3) will i be able to view keystroke/screenshot logs?
4) will i be able to control what apps are installed?
5) will i be able to remotely access the tablet to view it or control it?

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Possible To Have A Clickable Imagebutton On Expandablelistview Child Item

Is it possible to have a clickable imagebutton on expandablelistview child item? If yes, how to program its event listener?

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Get Variables From Tab Activity In Child Activities

If i have a tab activity with multiple tabs, each containing a different activity, is it possible to have a variable in the tab activity and access it from the child activities?  How would i do that?

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Getchildat Sometimes Giving Wrong Child At Particular Position

I have a listactivity in which i am displaying list of items more than 8 items. Thus there is scroll bar eneabled. When i click on list items some times getchildat returing wrong view from the list. Why is it happening like that and how can i prevent from happening?

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Programatically Pause / Resume An Activitygroup's Child Activity

I have an activitygroup managing a number of child activities. I
Would like to pause/resume child activities when they go off/on the
Screen just like they were top-level activities. How can i do this?
From the documentation it seems as if moving focus from activity a to
Activity b should pause activity a, but i am not seeing this
Behavior. The localactivitymanager source uses activitythread, but
This appears not to be exposed for developer usage.

How can i programatically pause/resume an activitygroup's child

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Poster Child Project - Good Unit-test Coverage

In my past programming experience i found that learning by example is the shortest way to improve my skills. I'm now looking for a "poster child" opensource android project which would follow best practices such as having good unit-test coverage, following clear design patterns, have well written, well documented sources and (hopefully) documentation. Another must - it should use contentprovider and sqlite to store data. I'm not looking for the academia/book snippets - i really like to analyze and learn from a "real life" project, preferably available at android market with a good (min 4 stars) score.

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Setup A Listener On Mapview To Detect Droid Mapview Panned / Zoomed

I'm creating an android app that searches for items based on the visible area of the mapview. Is there a way to set up a listener on my mapview to detect when a map has been panned or zoomed?

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Expandablelistview Child Items Don't Get Focus When Touched / What To Fix

I wrote an expandablelistview and subclassed baseexpandablelistadapter. Everything works fine except i cannot get the child views to take focus when clicked. If i use the trackball everything works fine. But if i try to click on a child i get no feedback whatsoever.

I have tried setting android:focusable, android:focusableintouchmode, and android:clickable (and i have also tried setting this via code) but i can't get anything to work. Any ideas?

Here is my adapter code.

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How To Put Movies Or Tv Shows

I have the new htc evo and i am wanting to know how you put movies or tv shows on my cool new andriod phone please help me. I don't really know what i'm doing so the more detailed the better.

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Htc - Desire Shows All My Contacts In Background / Way To Not To See Them

When i press phone it shows all my contacts in the background, its so annoying, is there anyway i can have it so they don't show?

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Alarm Time No Longer Shows On Lock Screen

So i installed the avg app for a little while. Didn't like it, so i uninstalled it. It adds text to your lock screen saying who the device belongs too. It covers up where it used to display the next alarm time. Uninstall the app the text just says there. Re-install the app, and tell it to stop displaying the lock screen message, and it totally takes away the alarm icon. So when you uninstall it again, it does not even show the alarm icon. How can i fix this?

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Is There Any App That Shows Call Quality In Db's / Rather Than Bars

Is there any app that shows the call quality in db's, rather than bars? Probably can't replace the bars in the notification area, but it would be nice to have a small widget with the db's on your home page.

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Dalvik Debug Monitor Sometimes Shows Multiple Devices

I am seeing some problems when my adp1 is connected via usb to my windows dev machine (win xp). I sometimes see multiple (usually two) devices in the dalvik debug monitor. One of these devcies will disappear when i unplug the adp1 but one will remain. This is making it rather difficult to install new vesrions of my application onto the adp1. Is this a known problem ? Are there any known work- arounds ?

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Programmatically Check Whether Market Shows Paid Apps

I am about to release a "pro" version of my app and so would like to provide "get the pro" links. However, it makes no sense to do this if the user is taken to the market and then can't see the pro app (i.e. They are in a non-paid app country). Maybe, such users would be sent to a 3rd party market app instead?

So, whats the best way to programmatically check whether the user will see paid apps in the market? I think its based on the sim card country right? I assume its good enough to hard code the country codes into the app since they don't change that often? If they do i can just update the lite app.

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App That Shows Up In Droid Market On Htc Tattoo

My app is now showing up on htc tattoo. Many people have complained about this and i don't see any response from google.

Google, you are pathetic!

Could anyone who has a tattoo post the name of one (or preferably a few apps that can show up on htc tattoo? I will pirate them and copy their androidmanifest file.

My app uses only these 3 permissions code.

And i say it again, google, you are pathetic! Thank you for you non- existence development support! I will switch my app to dead oses like windows mobile and symbian, instead of wasting my time on a pile of crap like yours!

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Car Home Shows Installing State In Market

For some reason i removed car home (beta) and in the market i go to downloads and it shows that its installing. Though i dont have it it in my apps anymore and i removed it a few days back. Anyway to fix this?

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Sd Card Shows 4gb Instead Of 16gb Storage - Lg Esteem

Does anyone know what is going on here? I installed a 16gb sdcard into my lg esteem and when i look at settings app it shows a 16gb sdcard and a 4gb sim card. However, when other applications show they sdcard the report that there is only 4gb available. For example: the astro file manager appears to have two folders. One called "sdcard", which is 4gb in size and "_externalsd" (hidden), which is 16gb in size. Does anyone know what is going on here? When programs are saved to sdcard are they going to the 4gb sim card or 16gb sdcard or is the 16gb sdcard only showing 4gb of available storage?

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Documentation That Shows Examples To Start Droid Projects With Maven

Is there any documentation out there that shows examples on how to start android projects with maven?

I like eclipse to develop and debug but i like to use maven to create the project and control which jars are on the repository and need to be fetched from the internet.

Any suggestions on this?

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K9 Mail - Inbox Shows Syncing Is Disabled - Samsung Galaxy S2

I've installed k9 on my sg2, and it seems to be working ok. However, the message bar in my inbox tells me that syncing is disabled. What does this mean? How do i switch it so that syncing is enabled and/or how do i get rid of this message?

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Issue: At&t Network Shows No Signal In A Stadium - Galaxy Nexus

This has happened multiple times, so i'm quite sure it's not a fluke. When i go to a stadium, my phone works and it has full signal. However, once the stadium fills up with 40, 000 people, my phone no longer works. No network whatsoever. You'd say it's a network overload issue, but i doubt it: i'm using at&t, and other people sitting near me are also on at&t. They are surfing and texting away, but my phone is basically a brick. So i want to know why this is. Thoughts?

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Motorola Droid - Uninstalled App But Marketplace Still Shows As Installed / Change It

I uninstalled dockrunner becasue after i downloaded it with a couple other programs my phone started to malfunction. However for some reason in the marketplace it still shows it as installed and i can't figure out how to change that.

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