Wifi Drop Trouble On Motorola Droid

I am trying to develop a streaming application and i am testing it on multiple devices. But i am seeing some problems on motorola droid with regards to wifi connection. The wifi connection drops occasionally and comes back in 30 seconds to 1 minute on the droid. Sometimes while in the middle of streaming i get network connection errors even though i am standing very next to the wifi router. I am not finding this problem with any other devices. Has anyone found any similar issues with the droid? Any idea what can be done in my program to fix this?

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Motorola Droid X - When I Try To Get On Internet / It Will Drop To 2 Bars Of 1x

My phone will often display having 3 or 4 bars of 3g service. Then when i try to get on the internet, it will drop to 2 bars of 1x. Then a little after i get off the internet, it will go back up to the 3g! Any ideas what the problem might be?

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Motorola Droid - File In Framework-res.apk Which Controls Color Of Dividers In Drop-down Shade

I'm just trying to figure out which file in framework-res.apk controls the color of these dividers in the drop-down shade.

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Drop Spots On Google Map In Droid App / What To Fix Them

I'm developing an android application where i want to pin out certain spots/addresses on a google map. I have managed to add point to a mapview using overlayitem and a drawable. That works great.

But i have installed an application where the pins/spots are added asynchronously, and it looks like they are dropped from the top of the screen on to the map. Looks really nice.

I think i can manage to code the async functionality using threads, but i have no idea how to implement the "falling" feature. Does anyone have a clue?

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Motorola Droid - Can't Get Wifi To Work / What To Do

I am running petes bb and i don't know when exactly(its not been working for a while) but for some reason i cant get the wifi to work. It says connected but when i try and surf it wont go to the web page. I was running v. 4 and and now i am running v. 5. I am also using a different router now and thats not working either.

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Manager - Wifi Randomly Cutting Off

So can somebody explain in detail what the three settings do. Been having problems with wifi randomly cutting offand thought it might be something to do with this as i've been using the battery saver setting.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Can't Connect On Wifi - Everything Sound On 3g / Fix It

Can't connect on wifi. But everything is sound on 3g?

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Motorola Droid X - Setting That Will Prevent Wifi From Turning Off Every Time Phone Sleeps

I asked this on the motorola forum as well and am hoping someone somewhere can help. Am i missing a setting that will prevent wifi from turning off every time the phone sleeps? The only setting i can find asks when to let it sleep and i have it set at never but every time i pick up the phone wifi has dropped the connection and it takes several minutes to reconnect. With my droid that never happened, once connected it stayed that way until i turned it off. 3g is terrible in my house so i miss stuff while wifi is "sleeping".

I only have a few days left to return this phone and these small, nagging issues keep turning up making me really consider returning it. I can't find another phone to replace it yet. I really wish i hadn't sold my droid. I hate to return to my razr until something good comes out.

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Htc Hero - Wifi Switched On Network Error Is Displayed Wifi Is Shown As Connected

Cannot conect to the market if i have wifi switched on network error is displayed wifi is shown as connected? Tryed in different hotspots.

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How To Drop Appwidget To Home Screen

I checked out the "simplewikitionary", the demo project mentioned in the blog "http://android-developers. home-screen-widgets-and.html". I tried to start the application in the emulator. The application was installed successfully on the emulator, but i could not see the wiki- widget on the home screen. I added also some logging code in the "wordwidget::onupdate()", however, the code seems never to be called. Does the emulator delivered in sdk 1. 5 support the appwidgets framework? Or i did forget to do some configuration?

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Advent Vega - Removing Drop Down Tabs On Left From Basic Screen

Just received my advent vega - am experienced windows user (since 3. 0) but new to android. Managed to get vega setup (mostly. ) But when i turn it on now i get the basic screen but with two drop down tabs on the left (top and bottom) that i can't get rid of. Each disappears when pressed but immediately reappears when touch removed. The screen will not accept any other inputs so what i have now is effectively a brick with a blue screen (but the clock works). Any info on how to get passed this impasse would be appreciated.

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Random Reboots - Significant Battery Drop Within Seconds - Samsung Galaxy S2

In the past two months or so (i've had the phone for seven) the phone just randomly turns off (maybe 1-2 times per week) and when i reboot it, the battery has dropped sharply (from anywhere between 10 and 70%) within the space of minutes being off. It's legitimate battery loss as well - it takes the same time to recharge the battery back to where it was. Other than when that happens the battery performs well and i get quite good battery life. This happened before and after i got ics so that can be ruled out, and otherwise i think it makes more sense for the problem to be hardware related.

Usually the battery doesn't drop that significantly but today it dropped an insane amount, from about 85% to 20%. Any ideas what could be the problem/possible fix? I would post a screenshot but there are limitations on new users.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Phone Drop Calls Almost Everytime / Is It A Hardware Issue

I have had sprint for 10 years and i have never had a problem with dropping calls. I had bb curve before the hero. I drop calls almost everytime someone calls me. Especially at home. Calls don't come sometimes either. Never had a problem before. Anyone else experience this? Is it a hardware issue i might have?

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Wifi Error Message On Motorola Triumph

So i just got the motorola triumph 3 days ago, and i love everything about it except for one issue. I get intermittent ability to enable wifi. It works sometimes, but not others. Restarting the phone does not help one bit. I've installed clockworkmod recovery, and i've wiped both cache and dalvik, but to no avail (it still starts and stops when it wants to). One thing i noticed was that locking the screen seems to turn wifi off and switch to 3g.

As a side note, i have googled the crap out of this issue. I haven't been able to find anything on it, so i figure i can ask you all here for help. I can sudo (haven't dropped symlinks to make it "true root" yet), but if i need to tweak with the /system partition, i need the proper mount command (haven't found that either). A million thanks to anyone who can help! Right now i want to keep this as stock as possible while removing the bloatware and fixing the wifi if possible. Perhaps cm7 when every issue is squelched, but for now stock.

Edit: i forgot to mention that when i try to enable wifi, it sits there waiting for the radio itself to turn on, and then dropping to the message "error". Not issues connecting to a network (that's always worked just fine).

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Motorola Milestone - Wifi Connection Work Strange / Make Turn On It And Connect To Ap Throught One Click

It's my first post. I bought milestone recently. Before i used only wm devices.
Milestone is nice phone but wifi work some strange. I installed the widget that turn on wifi in one click. When i turn on wifi, phone is not looking for access points that i was connected before. I must enter to settings - wireless network - wifi settings. Then starting the search access point and connecting.
Can i make turn on wifi and connect to ap throught one click?

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Htc Droid Eris - Can't See Wifi / What To Do

I have my router set-up on wpa2-psk, but my eris (new to me) does not see the ssid, even if i add a connection. Would there be something blocking the eris from seeing this connection?
All of our pc's and my old phone are able to see and use this connection.

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Need App For Managing Droid Sd Card Over Wifi

Just found this on lifehacker and thought i would share.

Wifi file explorer manages your android sd card from a web browser

Don't shout me down if its old news.

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Get Statistic Of Gprs And Wifi On Droid Platform

I want to make one program to collect the information of gprs and wifi. It will include the duration of connection, the data size sending and receiving. I have looked into the reference, but can't find which api could provide these information. Does android provide these api?

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Htc Droid Eris - Gps And Wifi Work In Europe

I plan on going to europe (italy) this summer. I don't care if the cell phone works on my droid eris (verizon), but i sure would like to be able to use the gps and have internet access via the wifi function.

I know the cell phone function won't work, but will the other two?

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Htc Droid Eris - Wifi Sleeps Everytime My Phone Does / Fix It

The wifi on my eris goes to sleep every time my phone does. I have checked to make sure that it is set to never but it still sleeps. Any ideas?

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Htc Droid Eris - Access My Computer From Wife's Phone On Wifi Home Network

Is there a way to access my computer from my wife's eris on my wifi home network?

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Motorola Milestone - Phone Not Reconnecting Properly To Wifi / Setting To Not Disconnect When Phone "sleeps"

When i try to use the wifi on my motorola milestone (telus, android 2. 1 update 1), i quite often have to re-connect manually if i've left (physically) the wifi network and come back (physically) to that network. I'm just wondering if there is a trick to getting the milestone to properly "roam" wifi . I do have the settings set to not disconnect the wifi when the phone "sleeps".

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Nexus S - 3g And Wifi On

Another day and yet another problem with my nexus s. I was forced to restore factory settings today because my phone stopped syncing since updating to 2. 3. 3. Now syncing is working, but for some strange reason it seems that both the 3g and wifi icons are on in my taskbar. Anyone have any ideas?

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Got A Htc G1 And Just Want To Be Able To Use Wifi

When i turn the phone on it gives me the typical "welcome to t-mobile g1". Below it in small font, "touch the android to begin. " Well, i do that, i hit skip cause everything is common sense. But now it ask me to activate my gmail, i do but i don't technically have internet, i would love to use the wifi but, when i hit menu it tells me wireless options and it gives me the following:

Data roaming (that's a no, no for me. )
Use only 2g networks.
Network operators
Access point names.

Below each one, as in every time i click on network operators and access points it says something about t- mobile. You see i don't want to be using edge or anything like that i just want to be able to use my wifi, so any help?

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Wifi Hotspot On The Lg Ally

I just updated my phone to the 2. 2 and now i have the ability to be a mobile hotspot. Is there an extra charge for using this? Or is it included in data already? Sent from my ally using android community app.

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Irobot Wifi Issue

Just recently bought a 7" irobot from ebay and it seems reasonable but i am having trouble connecting to my wifi. Whenever i connect to the network, it connects then disconnects. Can someone please tell me if they have experienced similar with theirs? And how do i resolve the problem?

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Monitoring The Wifi On Device

I need suggestion on handling few wifi scenarios in my application. Suppose my application is running and device is kept idle for a while and it has gone into sleep mode. In the sleep mode the wifi is automatically turned off. Now again when the device is brought back from the sleep mode it takes some time to turn on the wifi state.

Now if during this time app background service is making http request, how we handle that scenario?


Suppose if wifi is not available, device is trying to connect to the gprs/3g and if during this period if user/background service is making the http request, how we handle it in the code?

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App To Use Handcentsms Though My Wifi

Is there an app that would let me use handcentsms though my wifi?

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Cheapest Phone To Use Wifi

What is the cheapest android phone out there just to use for wifi? And also for prepaid? And what service im in west virginia.

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How To Know Device Is Connected To Wifi Or 3g Programatically

How i can know device is connected to wifi or 3g, programmatically.

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