Market App Suspended

I received notice that my application was suspended yesterday around lunch. I've contacted support via email and the publisher support form with no answer as of yet. What can i do to resolve this issue? The violation was that after paid app support hit the uk, a uk company (non-software) with the same name as my app yelled at google. The result? Suspended my application entirely, not just for the uk. I love that the company didn't merely email me, in which case i'd have happily resolved the issue.

So here i sit, waiting and powerless. A lot of people have purchased the app and expect updates. I have an apk with a new name, but can't do anything with it. The developers console has no clickable options. Is this how the market works? One social inept company can shut down your app permanently under shady pretexts? I didn't know that they exist. It was in error. The news is surprising to me given that they deal in the non-software realm. I'd like to make everyone happy and resolve this issue. What can i do?

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Application Suspended By Google / Cause Of It

I have application "lotto lite", "lotto 10 tickets", "lotto 40 tickets" and "lotto 120 tickets" : my application was suspended by google and i didn't even receive an email / notification for potential reason for suspension.

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Possible In Market To Delete An Existing Free App And Reupload It Again As A Pay App

I have an app i am offering for free for now. At some point, i want to be able to change it to a pay app.

The market doesn't allow a free app to become for-pay and doesn't allow for-pay apps to be priced at 0$.

So is it possible to just delete the original app and then reupload it as a for-pay app ? It's okay in my case if users aren't notified of updates.

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Where To Get Skype App On Market

I want to download skype but i cant find it in the android market. I want to make wifi calls on skype so bad

Can someone tell me where skype is on the android market.

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App That I Can Use To Access Market

I am new to the forum. I recently bought one of the chinese android devices available on ebay similar to the ipad. It came configured with an app store with most of the apps in chinese. The problem is there is no access to the android market. Does anyone know of an app that i can use to access that? Also, is there any way to download apps that are shown on this website other than thru the android market? The device has a browser and connects to the internet thru my local wireless network.

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How To Get Market App On Wildfire

So i bought my first android, and i have since learned that middle east android phones dont have the market app. I am a newbie to phone stuff so words like rom, flashing etc are hebrew to me. I can follow clear instructions but i don't know what is erin and where i find a command line. But by now i know theres something called rooting and it might be necessary to do in my case.

So, how do i get the market app on my wildfire (2. 1)? Step by step for-dummies instructions (or links to such) would be appreciated. This thread howto: install missing android market on xperia x10 mini ) is "at my level" but the universal root app (universalandroot ? ) Doesnt support wildfire - i tried. I looked around for similar threads but they either get veeery geeky or have advice thats outdated or doesnt't apply to wildfire. Im getting desperate here, i dont want to go back to symbian :s

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Georeader App Is Now On Market

If you love travel and history, this is the app for you! Reads aloud historical markers as you drive by them. Also contains info about historical bridges, towns, and even ufo sighting locations all for you to hear as you approach them. You can also make you own talking points and share with the world your knowledge about local landmarks and events. Download at android market (search under georeader). It's a free app. Go to website at mygeoreader: hear as you near. Learn as you go. For more info.

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Identify Which Region Your Market App Looking At

Does anyone know how to identify which region your market app is looking at ?

I ask because there are apps that others have that i can't see (in the market). These people have phones from the same carrier, in the same country.
Also, if i use qr codes for certain apps i get a message telling me that the nothing was found. I have tested this with an app i had before updating the rom, which is now not available.

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Best Practises To Have More Than One Version Of An App In Market

Any idea how to go about having a free version of an application in the market and a paid version also?

Is it advisable to use the same package name? Different package names would mean code changes just for the sake of the name. Using the same package name, if at all allowed by the market, would mean that queries to the market would show both versions. That would be confusing if the installed app shows that there is an update, but for both versions?!

Two branches in the repository and merging the restrictions of the free edition into the branch of the free edition?

How do you guys are doing it?

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How To Know App Available In Droid Market With All Versions

I uploaded an app built with 1. 5 sdk into market, but someone told me they can not find it in the market in their phone. I do not know why, because i have test it in 2. 1 emulator.

Then how to know if my app is available in android market with all versions, is there any url to test that?

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App Not Showing Up For 1.5 Users In Market?

The app is flash cards max on the android market. I recently updated my app with a 1. 6 only feature. However, i still want the app to work with those that have android 1. 5. I built it using android 1. 6 in eclipse and i have the correct strings in the android manifest file.


Everything works in the emulator fine on 1. 5 just want to be sure it shows up on the android market for those with 1. 5. It does not. This is a market filtering question. Why doesn't my app show up for 1. 5 users?

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Can't Find App In Market / Why Is So

Why can't i find the app in the market? I hear all about it, but i don't see it in the market. I would like to download it to my droid eris. Someone said there is something wrong with the google firmware that won't allow your phone to see copy protected apps in the market. Is this true? Anyone else here anything about this issue. Jetflicks also won't show up when i search for it in the market.

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Cannot Find Missed Call App In Market

My g1 broke recently due to water damage, and my boyfriend gave me a new g1 that his dad bought but did not like. I was trying to re-download all the apps i had on my old g1 but for some reason i can't find the missed call app anywhere in the market. I tried searching for answers in the community forums and i've tried to use the barcode scanner method as well as the dling from the url method but both didn't work. I am in the united states and i was wondering if theres any other way for me to find and download the app? If not, is there another app that works as well as missed call?

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Strange Behavior When Launching App From Market

I'm trying to solve a problem that occurs only when launching my app from the market's post-installation screen.

Suppose i have 3 activities which are accessed in order: a -> b -> c.

Normally, when a user uses my app (by launching from the home screen or app drawer), if she hits the home button while in c, and then launches my app again, then she gets taken back to c (with a and b in the stack). Basically, the activity stack is as she left it. (I do have android:alwaysretaintaskstate="true" in the root activity of my manifest)

However, if she launches my app for the first time directly from the market post-installation screen, then the behavior above does not happen. Instead, if she presses the home button while in c, and then launches my app again (from the app drawer or home screen), she gets taken to a, and the stack is now a -> b-> c -> a.

At this point no matter what she does, whenever she launches my app (from wherever), she always has to start from a (with an activity stack that continues to expand with lots of a's). The only way for her to solve this is to go to the application settings and "force stop" my app. After that, if she launches my app from the app drawer or home screen then things work as expected.

I thought this could be a problem specific to my app, but i tested this with a variety of other apps in the market and it seems to affect them as well.

Here's a really simple example:

1. Install the twitter app

2. Launch from the market's post-installation screen.

3. Enter some stuff in the username field (but don't submit)

4. Press home button

5. Launch twitter from app drawer

6. Notice that the username field is blank

7. Press back button. Notice that you get taken "back" to a login form with the username field filled in.

That's just one random example, it seems all apps behave like this when launched as described above.

Is there something i can do to prevent this behavior?  

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Launching Market To Specific App From Dialog

I am trying to include a dialog in my demo application that will allow the users to purchase my full version.

1. How can i test this using the emulator or browser (i don't have a phone)?

2. Can someone provide me with some sample code or verify that the below will work?  

I currently have:


3. I have seen references using a url in a web browser (shown below).

I get 404 errors when trying. What am i doing wrong? Is this an old reference? Mydomain. Myapp

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Htc Incredible - Something Better Than Latitude In Market App?

Is there something better than latitude out there in the app market? I'd like to see something that uses real-time gps coordinates and not just random updates using cell tower approximation.

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App Not Visible In Market On Htc Hero

I have an app in the market and has been for several months but i just heard from someone that it can't be found with the htc hero. I'm using the g1 and it works fine for me. Does anyone know why it might not be visible?

I've added the supports-screens element but the g1 and the hero have the same screen size so it shouldn't be that anyway. If anyone has the htc hero and wants to try a search then the app is called fingerplay midi.

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Unable To Buy App In Droid Market / What To Do

I finally managed to access market (had to factory reset my handset) but i seem unable to buy stuff. I get an error come back suggesting there is an error with the market place. Tried a few times

Is this likely - anyone else had this?

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Media - Creating Ringtone App For Market

I just got approved for the android app inventor and i want to be able to get my custom automotive ringtones on the android market. I have all the sound files but no app. Future plans are for automotive themes but that's a ways off. Any suggestions or tutorials that people could point me to?

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Search For App On Droid Market (not Browsing It)

How do i search for applications on the market. I have not the patience to browse through thousands of apps until i find a desirable candidate. I simply want to type in my search parameters, then hit "find".

I would prefer using a laptop's browser, but the handheld's will suffice. I can't believe this hasn't been asked already.

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Cannot Find Cherry Rplayer In App Market

Found out about moodio in another topic and have spent all day trying to get my droid up and running on it. I believe i have the m. Yourmuze. Fm stations setup correctly but finding a aac/aac+ player is a pain. My problem is i cannot find cherry rplayer in the app market. Also every other app that is supposed to do it is not listed in the market. Another ex. Is a online radio, and stream live radio. Droid live lite does not work either, but cannot find droid live paid for or i would buy it.

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Best App On Market That Allow To Receive A Fax On Phone

What is the best app on the market that will allow you to receive a fax on your phone?

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Trouble Downloading App From Market

Im having troubles trying to download the app from the market, i try scanning the barcode for the app download but when transferred to the market app a message pops up saying that the app im looking for is not available and i couldn't find it searching on the market app. Im currently located in brazil, maybe its not available in the android market of this region? I hope someone can help me out here, i so love this app.

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Get Installed App's Latest Version From Market

Are there any ways i could use to get the installed app's latest version from market? Just like some version tracking app.

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Motorola Droid - Best Keyboard App In Market For Phone

What is the best keyboard app out there in the market place?

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Htc Hero - Market - Goigo - App Cannot Be Found On 1.5

I have an app in the market which a user is reporting cannot be found on their 1. 5 hero (uk).

I have a lot of 1. 5 users download the app, but would be very grateful if someone can check to see if the app is visable to them using a hero?

Its called goigo, its a game and is free.

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Motorola Droid - Application Killers - App Market

Ive owned my droid for almost a month now. After seeing so-called application killers¯ in the app market, i downloaded a few. Theyre advertised as energy and memory resource saving apps. I was using the advanced task killer¯ which seemed to increase the droids speed. Yesterday, i was skimming through some posts and came across a thread questioning the usefulness of app killers and whether they were a benefit or a detriment to the performance of any android. It does make sense that the android os is designed to run with factory installed apps working with the os and that killing¯ those apps may be worse than not. However, for apps that i installed post factory, is there any benefit or detriment to killing those when i'm through using them?

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App That Shows Up In Droid Market On Htc Tattoo

My app is now showing up on htc tattoo. Many people have complained about this and i don't see any response from google.

Google, you are pathetic!

Could anyone who has a tattoo post the name of one (or preferably a few apps that can show up on htc tattoo? I will pirate them and copy their androidmanifest file.

My app uses only these 3 permissions code.

And i say it again, google, you are pathetic! Thank you for you non- existence development support! I will switch my app to dead oses like windows mobile and symbian, instead of wasting my time on a pile of crap like yours!

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Htc Hero - Locale App Not In Market / Where To Find It

Does anyone know where can i find locale app ?
It is not available in the android market.

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Games - Can't Find Bonsai Blast In App Market / Where To Get It

I've been looking at all of the apps and games i wanted for my new droid and bonsai blast was at the top of the list. Well, i finally got my droid yesterday and now i can't find bonsai blast in the app market. I saw it there on monday when i was playing with my buddie's droid. Does anyone see this or know where it has gone?

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