Twitter App Frozen While Installing / Upgrading - Is This Draining Battery

In the app market, twitter was apparently doing an upgrade, and now appears stuck on "installing" for at least the past few hours. Tried to delete the app entirely but unable to. Is this draining my battery?

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Lg Optimus V - Battery Draining So Fast

I have started to experience horrible battery drain on my optimus v about a month ago. I know some people easily make it through the day with charge but i cant get more than 7 hours out of my battery. I can literally just stand there and watch my percentage go down. I have been going through almost every forum possible and tried almost everything.

Airplane mode toggle upon boot, *#*#4636#*#* cdma only cdma auto trick, battery drain then charge to full and wipe battery stats
Battery calibration
Delete all unnecessary apps
Turn off data
Turn off sync
Delete bloatware
Turn off wifi, gps and bluetooth, install juice defender, install bumblebee rom which comes with tws bug fix
New battery

This is stressing me out.could it be the firmware vm670zv4 bug. For people who have baseband vm670zv5 do you experience battery issues? Is there no fix? If there is no fix then i might have to buy a different phone or possibly move on to a different carrier.

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Battery Draining Fast / Hot Surface

I am ok using my motorola droid for few months, now its having problems. All of a sudden my phone is always hot (at the back), its like its on-use all the time. My battery drains fast. Even using the applications is slowly responding. I have checked all applications, its turned off. (Wifi, bluetooth, vpn settings, application settings, accounts & sync settings). Still its still hot and battery drains fast. I also noticed that it continuously reboots on its own.

I use a motorola milestone (droid) unit.

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Issue: Something Keeps Galaxy S2 Awake, That Cause Draining Battery

I've orange branded galaxy s2 (not rooted yet). Something is keeping it awake, which i think is draining battery. I keep office email receiving active till 11am. Then i don't use phone much during the day. For ex. Yesterday i didn't even switched it on during the day. And yet, by 7pm battery was down to 40%. Earlier i had noticed yahoo mail to be battery drainer. I've already removed it, so not sure what else could be the problem.

Any suggestions on what might this be? I have gmail & gtalk running. But that can't be keeping phone awake without screen being on, can it? I mean, what's the point of having an android phone if i can't keep gtalk and gmail sync active? Any help/suggestions?

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Htc Evo 4g - What's Best Option Without Draining Battery

Been looking around for an answer so figure i would just ask. I had a widget but heard it drained the battery. Is there a way to put it in the notification bar or what's the best option without draining the battery?

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Motorola Droid X - Voice Commands Sensor Usage Draining Battery / Fix It

I've run into an issue that drains my battery faster than normal. When i check spare parts i see the following screens:

This doesn't happen all the time but it does happen every now and then and i'm unsure what is triggering this. I don't ever use voice commands but somehow it's being triggered or thinks it's being triggered.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Battery Drained Suddenly After Installing Updates

I have been getting pretty great battery life with the extended battery. About 15 hrs use a day with moderate use. But, on thursday i got a notification from the market saying i had a few updates, so i selected install. Friday morning i unplug my phone at 0510, by 0527 i had drained the battery down to 78%. And all i did was unplug it and put it in my pocket and drive to work. Once i got off work i installed the battery and it was dead about 5 hrs later with not even hardly being used. I looked at the battery usage and it was all android os, cell stand by and screen usage.

I cant figure out whats going on with this thing? I think one of the updates i installed might have had an issue. But i cant remember which apps i updated. Does anyone know what else i can do find out what the issue is?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Installing A Task Killer To Manage The Battery Consumption

I intended on getting the hero when it came out on the 11th but decided to wait a week or 2 to make sure there were no major problems. I have had sprint service for 10 years and don't really need a new phone but i qualify for the 22 mo upgrade and want a new toy. My question is with all i am reading about the battery drain issue should i wait to get the phone after the issues have been resolved? If i get it now is it possible to use as is without installing a task killer to manage the battery consumption?

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Created A Twitter App - Oauth_callback

I created a twitter app i need user of my android application to authorize its use. I'm at the point where i can call twitter app page in the browser and successfully authorize. However, the callback seem not to be working, i end up with the confirmation message and pin in the browser but my android activity is never called (onresume is not triggered).

Here's what i have:


As i stated - i get confirmation but not redirect so the android app is never called back

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Way To Twitter Music From Droid / App To Do So

I am looking for something like qstatus for iphone, that will let you twitter and facebook a current song you are listening to on the radio. I see that shazam has a twitter feature, but it broadcasts it as music you are "discovering" i want something that broadcasts "now playing" anyone know an app?

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Incredible New Twitter App Touiter

The folks who brought us "beautiful widgets" have now worked their magic with twitter: touiteur. Just hit the app store this morning. Free, and us/ $2. 73 for premium (multiple accounts, more). Beyond awesome! Slick ui, feature-rich and smooth functionally (droid). Hard to believe it's a "1. 0" release. I played around with it @ lunchtime, and can't wait to dig in again after work. But it seems to have every feature desired covered. Be sure to long-press on icons to reach em all.

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Installing Own Developed App

I m trying to understand the different ways you can install your app on your device. It's clear for me that we have to use the .apk file and the command adb install . One of my question is which is the difference between an unsigned app and a signed one? Other doubt is related with eclipse commands. When you "run your app" into a real device, are you installing it?And when you are debugging?I would like to clear these concepts:

1. - Run your app with eclipse plugin is the same that execute the command adb install

2. - Which the difference between debug and run an app if the result is the same: install it on your device

I have been developing an app and i have used the command "run the app" into a real device many times to see the results and i have had no problem but now i finished the app i want the .apk file and install it through the command adb but i get the next error:

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Htc Hero - Best Droid Twitter App

I have a hard choice to make. I like more then one twitter client, but i need one, the best. I like twidroid, it has good options, i like twitter ride's ui and speed and being lightweight, and lastly, swift, awesome options, polished ui, but i don't like the button placement.

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Create Searchbar Just Like Twitter App In Droid

I wounder if there some example on how to create a searchbar just like twitter app in android? Code.

And also i wounder about the popup.
Are there any samples?

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How To Delete Search History In Twitter App

How do you delete the search history in the twitter app? I don't seem to be able to delete the history of people and companies i have searched for.

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Htc Evo 4g - Good Battery App That Give Me All Battery Information

Just got my evo this is my first android. Can someone recommend a good app that give me all battery info. Can not find info in settings.

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How To Get Call Back Url For Registration Of My App In Twitter

I need a call back url for registration of my app in twitter. How to get it?

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Problem With Installing The Tapatalk App On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I having problem with installing the tapatalk app on my galaxy nexus with android 4. 0. 2. In android market i got "a problem occurred. Try again" when i press install on the app. Earlier i have downloaded an apk manually for tapatalk app and installed it. I uninstalled it for a while ago and now i can't install the app from market (i haven't tried to install tapatalk from the market before this). Can that be the problem? Some temp or settings file somewhere i have to remove first? Is there any syslog/information somewhere that i can see why the installation fails?

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Motorola Droid - Liquid Frozen Yogurt - Themes Slow Down A Rom

Do themes slow down a rom? For example i mentioned liquid frozen yogurt 1. 5.

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Twitter App With Internal Picture Viewer / Preview For Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Looking for a twitter app that has the following features - any recommendations?

- Preview pictures (thumbnails) in the tweet no matter the source (moby, twitter, etc)

- Internal picture viewer (doesn't send me to browser to view the pic)

- Can read/expand long tweets inline without having to go to a browser (twitlonger, tmi, etc)

I used to use twitterlator on the iphone that had these features and i really miss them. Oh, also, facebook integration would be a plus, since i've ditched the native fb client cause its sucks my battery too much.

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Htc Desire - App Not Installing Correctly And Screwing Up Memory / Freeing This Up

Okay so i just tried to install the white noise app. The app itself is 17mb, and i had 22 free, so there shouldn't have been a problem.


The installation failed according to my sync app installer, but my memory has just plummeted to only 2mb. Because the app installation failed, there's no app displaying to uninstall.

Is there a way of freeing up this knackard memory?

The same thing happened with nfs shift, and the only way i got around it was to totally wipe my phone, and reinstall the rom. I've got my phone just the way i like it now, and i really dont want to have to start again from scratch.

Even deleting apps doesn't free up any space.

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Htc Incredible - Phone Messed Up After Installing App From Market / Fix It

Installed mylock app from the market and it totally messed up my dinc.

Mylock basically by-passes the lock screen.

My problem seems to be with handcent sms. Pages wont load although it seems to be working now after a delete and re-install.

Now however it seems my phone wont power off. It tries to however it just powers back up after pressing the power off button. Any ideas?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Un-installing App Doesn't Remove From Memory

I downloaded that mythic game. About 2. 5 mb i believe and then i installed it. Checked my memory on sd and phone. Then un installed it and my free space on my phone and sd card were still the same! Does this mean that app is still hiding somewhere on my phone even though i un installed it?

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Motorola Droid X - Where To Shows Messages And Ugrades Is Frozen And Won't Scroll Open

My info bar at the top where it shows messages and ugrades is frozen and won't scroll open.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Disabling Stock Sms App After Installing Handcent (cm6)

N00b question here y'all:

I just flashed cm6, and after installing handcent, i now get txts on 2 apps (handcent plus the stock app). What's the most efficient way to disable that stock app?

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Motorola Droid - Need Best Droid Twitter App

What's the best android twitter app?

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Upgrading 2009 I/o Device From Donut - 1.6 To Eclair - 2.0/2.1

I have periodically attempted to search for information about this, but never really got to the bottom of it. Are there any instructions online for upgrading the 2009 i/o device from donut (1. 6) to eclair (2. 0/2. 1)? I successfully updated from cupcake (1. 5) to donut (1. 6), but every time i have tried to find information on the next upgrade i have not seen anything online. What am i missing?

For i/o 2010 you need eclair to view the conference application from any android device.

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Downloads Lost When Upgrading Os - Reinstall Them From Listing One By One?

If i upgrade from 1. 5 to 2. 1 do i lose the entries in market/my downloads?

Sure would be nice if i didn't because all my apps are listed there and perhaps i could reinstall them from that listing one by one?

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Htc Evo 4g - Is There Guide On Upgrading Recovery File

Is there a guide on upgrading the recovery file. I'm running ra-evo-v1. 7. 0. 2 right now?Also, i've flashed to cm6 and the new snap kernel. Everytime my evo reboots i have to clear the caches and reflash the kernel to get it working. Is there a solution for this?

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Upgrading Rom Brick My Samsung Galaxy Ace Phone

I was upgrading the rom on my phone and was doing a back up using rom manager and now my phone wont do anything, what do i do now? Is there anything i can do to get it working again?

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